AT&T Galaxy S3 release date set for July 6

by: Chris SmithJuly 2, 2012

We have just learned that Sprint’s Galaxy S3 is available in the carrier’s stores and it’s now time to check out AT&T’s launch plans for this Samsung flagship device, as the mobile operator made them official in a post on its Consumer Blog earlier today.

Without further ado, here’s the news you were waiting for: the AT&T Galaxy S3 will finally arrive in AT&T stores, with the launch date set for July 6, or next Friday. Pricing starts at $199.99 for the 16GB model, and a new two-year contract is required. The 16GB model will set you back $549.99 should you decide to purchase it for full price from the carrier. The carrier will not stock the 32GB version of the phone, but it will offer users microSD cards in case they need more storage.

The phone has been available for pre-order for a few weeks now, but that’s not enough for potential buyers who want to check out the device before committing to it. They can do so starting this week when the AT&T Galaxy S3 will finally make it to stores.

The U.S. Galaxy S3 versions are slowly coming out of hiding, after a few unexpected delays caused by high demand, in what has been a far from perfect almost simultaneous launch in the country. The handset will be available in America from six carriers – the Big Four and two regional operators – but not every operator has the device in stores at this time.

Samsung is said to hit 10 million Galaxy S3 sales this month, but that number could have been significantly higher. Unfortunately Samsung had to deal with various supply chain issues that will cost them millions in potential sales.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy S3 appears to be the best sold Android handset of the year, at least so far, and it’s going to be the main rival of the new iPhone that’s coming out this fall – a deja-vu battle that’s been fought in the last couple of years by their predecessors.

Have you purchased your Galaxy S3 yet?

  • Anthony Staffa

    I do not get it? I got mine last week on Tuesday through AT&T…

    • did you pre-order? if yes thats why. Pre-orders and site sales were the only things that were going through. AT&T has yet to do an in store release which is what this is

  • homesick

    it makes no sense why at&t is not offering the 32gb variant especially after opting out of the dropbox deal.

    • Terrence Greene

      here are my thoughts…

      1. As we know they chose not to get the 32gb model in favor of a red version to release late summer. I believe that either they intend to simply offer a new color. or Perhaps that red version will be either a 32gb version or maybe the so far rumored and unseen high capacity 64gb GS3.. Samsung said it was an option yet they have yet to start selling them.

      2. ATT doesn’t care some much for it given they can sell us all a 16gb sd card in the store for a ridiculous price.

      3. They realize it doesn’t matter given its expandable with up to a 64gig sd card and so as i said preferred to offer us options more with a different color.

      all in all…. an extra 16gb for $50 is insane when you think about it. amazon has a 64gb sd card for 80 and im sure you can find cheaper. thats $3.125/gb vs $1.25/gb… even better yet if all you want is 16gbs more then thats only $8-9 online which is $0.50/gb…

      all in all i got over it and im sure everyone else who stops to think about it will too.

  • dat ng

    Uh? I am AT&T customer and i have using the galaxy s3 (i747) since June 23rd.

    • Terrence Greene

      does anyone read anymore… if your gonna skim… skim properly..

  • DaGr8Pnoy

    hold on a minute i pre-ordered mine at target and they said i could pick it up on june 26 but it wasnt there. then they called me late afternoon on july 1 to tell me that it was there and it wasnt because they confused it with a sprint version. if i pre-ordered june 15, how come it never showed up in the store?

    • Terrence Greene

      Cause you went to target….

      • Sara

        That’s true lol

  • cleftjaw

    Just called the local AT&T store and was told they know nothing of it being sold at the store this friday 7/6/2012. The store employee then told me that they never know what they are getting until they open the boxes.

    I then did a live chat with an AT&T rep and was told the same thing basically. That they have no idea when the phone will be available in the stores.

    • cleftjaw


      So just called Best Buy (about 50 feet away from the AT&T store) and
      was told they already have the phones and I would be able to purchase
      on Friday morning starting at 10am.

      Way to go AT&T!