AT&T Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update now available via Kies

by: Chris SmithJune 21, 2012

Just yesterday we heard that Rogers’ Samsung Galaxy S2 received its own Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, and it now looks like certain Galaxy S2 owners south of the Canadian border should be very happy to hear it’s their turn to download the ICS update.

Unfortunately for you, we’re not looking at an over-the-air (OTA) download and you’ll have to have Samsung’s Kies utility program installed on your PC or Mac in order to upgrade your smartphone. Like always, before updating your device make sure you back up your sensitive data just in case something goes wrong in the process.

According to Android Forums, you’ll get Android 4.0.3 installed on your device, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not going to see the update appear in Kies from the first try. Apparently we’re looking at a gradual roll out meant to prevent server crashes following an increased number of simultaneous downloads. But the ICS update will eventually be available to all AT&T Galaxy S2 users, so hang in there!

AT&T has not provided a changlog for its Galaxy S2 ICS build, so we have no idea whether the update will bring any other stability and performance improvements in addition to the ICS features you’ve been waiting for.

Have you upgraded your AT&T Galaxy S2 handset yet?

  • Looks like I’m one of the ones waiting. Hopefully I get it before kies undergoes maintenance on Friday.

  • been waiting since last night..all these releases of instructions yet nothing happening when phone is connected..please before friday…

  • I checked another site and someone else claims they spoke to a att Rep and they said it is officially available Saturday after the kies maintenance update. We’ll see

  • So the update is Satturday… are we sure??

    • Not sure at all. It’s what I saw another user say who spoke to at&t. Take it with a grain of salt but I’m going to keep checking kies every few hours.

      • Jibran

        is there a way to check with Kies periodically without plugging in the phone? the Kies main page says that firmware is current as of 20 minutes ago. jibran – galaxys2 ATT

        • Not that I know of. Looks like it does the firmware check every time it’s connected

    • Rich

      As of 6.23.2012 @7:00 AM EDT, it is still not available.

  • Allan Lemieux

    Hi, I’m from Canada and on the Telus network, and when I plugged my Galaxy SII X into my laptop with Kies installed, it offered me the update which I did. There’s quite a few changes in this new platform.. Still getting used to them… Hope you guys get yours soon also..

    • JB

      Hi I have the same phone as you and I’m on the same network. But when I plugged in my phone to my desktop and connected Kies I got no prompt for the software upgrade. Can you install Kies on the PC? I tried restarting my phone but I still don’t get the prompt for an update. Is there something I’m doing wrong?+

      • Allan Lemieux

        Hi JB, yes I installed Kies on my desktop and laptop, and when I happened to plug in my phone this past Monday, Kies showed a message telling me that there was an update available. So try installing Kies on your desktop, and then plug your phone in. Kies should recognize your phone, and help you along to configure everything. Hope this helps… Let me know if you have any more problems, and I’ll try and help as much as I can… Good luck!!

  • I downloaded Keis on my laptop today and it wasn’t showing the update. Crossing my fingers for Saturday. Waited this long, what’s 2 more days?

  • so if its saturday, then why say today ??

  • Carla Valle

    Mine upgraded yesterday “OTA” I didnt have to connect it to my computer at all.. I just recieved a notification and it downloaded and installed :)

    • gigfy

      OTA? How is this possible? All I’ve read is that updates are only possible thru Kies. Are you in the US?

  • this just for the S2 or the S2 Skyrocket as well?

    • J. Rob

      I have a Skyrocket and I couldn’t get it as of 10:30 pm Central time.

      • Not for the
        Skyrocket for those of you checking.

        • Mike Berhanu

          Thank you for the clarification.

  • chad stowe

    I got it last night. It upgrades to 4.0.3. I used a new install of Kies using
    the link you gave last night. It works smooth as butter. You will loose all
    your icons and have to reinstall everything. Make sure you back up via Keis
    before you install!

  • chad stowe

    Oh, the tirck might have been that I was on version 2.3.5, not 2.3.6.

  • J. Rob

    I tried to do it through Kies on my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket from At&t but it would not allow it. Anyone know when/if I will be able to get it?

  • Kirbee

    My kies says my device does not support firmware upgrades. (USA AT&T SGS2_SR)

    • MREFAE


  • rondeaux51

    My phone won’t connect to kies.

  • Jay

    Why in the heck must they give us the update via the crappy Kies and not OTA? I’ve never been able to back up my phone, even with repeated new installs.

  • I think at&t is just toying with us now.Seeing how much longer they can make us wait before we gather the pitch forks and start to form an angry mob.

  • palo reyes

    I just got it and I’m in p.a. threw Samsung kies in the tools section, n put your phone in download mode the same time u plug it into PC… I love it

  • Just finished a chat with at&t support. The official update is coming June 26th.

    • Mike Berhanu

      Hi, I’m sorry, I’m trying to figure out if you’re in Canada or in the US, and if you have The Samsung Galaxy SII or the SII Skyrocket? Thanks

  • Stevvenn

    I have an AT&T skyrocket phone that is unlocked and used on the straight talk network. where does that leave me? will I get the update and will I still be able to use it on straight talk?

  • Ryan

    Just hooked my S2 to Kies and the update is installing now!

  • Ty

    Just updated to ice cream sandwich today. Went into keis and it was there. I think this time its pretty stable. They fixed the bugs I’m pretty sure. This deffinantly isn’t a misleading statement. You guys, go to Kies and update! The initial download time for it to download to the phone itself took a while but after that it went pretty quickly.

  • HatesAT&T

    yes ics for galaxy s2 is finally here. STUPID AT&T! Thanks you lazy sacks of sh*t! If i could get another provider in my town i would switch.

  • Gabby

    the pop up doesn’t show up, i have the latest kies and my phone is plugged in and recognized pleaseeee help

  • I got ICS via Kies plug in and installed it. At one point my computer told me it had failed and to try again but the plugged in phone said “Updating, Don’t Unplug” or something like that and I could see the progress bar moving so I ignored the computer and let the phone continue. It uploaded with no problem.

    As someone said, you lose all your selected programs on your screens and have to move them from apps to the home screens again. TIP: Take screenshots of your home screens before updating so you don’t have to remember where everything was. I wish I had thought of that before updating. I still haven’t gotten my home screens back to the way they were.

    Overall, I like ICS much better with the exception of accepting a call. When I get the circle to accept and swipe right, it stops part way across. I wish I could just tap the circle to answer.

    I’m on AT&T.

  • Dom

    Ugh i updated a week ago and now instead of tapping the status bar to get the date it just says AT&T. Thanks. Also Swype is completely screwed up and doesn’t show predictions most of the time. Also the lock screen now says AT&T in 2 places, and says Swipe to unlock like I’m an idiot iphone user. This has left a really bad taste in my mouth :/

    • ry

      same here. Nothing good has come from this. It’s pretty bad on all fronts. Any way we can switch back?

  • i plug my skyrocket into kies and click upgrade but it keeps poping up a message saying to disconnect all other device except target device… but i dont have anything else plugged in , anyone have same issue or can help ?

  • Nancy

    I tried to update my At&t Samsung Galaxy S2. AT & T told me it might fix some of my glitzes. The Kies that I down loaded to my PC said I had firm ware upgrades when I plugged my phone in. It started it’s process and said it was complete (It attempted to process a few times before I got this message). Now my phone freezes at the AT&T log in screen. The Kies saysthat my phone is not support. I am not happy. If course AT&T is now close since I have spend hours trying to resolve this issue. I wish I would have never tried to upgrade my phone now.

  • nishil

    Follow this it helped me

  • josh

    Ics firmware OK but I can’t seem to do screen captures!!

  • rk

    After ice cram sandwich update on att s2 skyrocket my tethering and hotspot will not work. Screen goes black, phone locks up and 30 sec later it says settings has stopped responding. I have power cycled the phone, removed the battery, called att and been in the att store for a new sim (nothing helped) Anyone know a fix?

  • hi my galaxy s2 GTI9100G doesnot complete upgrade on kies

  • matt

    The update sucks don’t do it. It just slows the phone down its not worth it

  • When I downloaded kies… update available .. yet no successful download of software. HELP!
    Sgs2 i-777

  • DeDE

    I updated my samsung galaxy s2 yesterday in Australia and I wished I checked the forums first. This update SUCKS and has screwed up a perfectly good working phone. If you haven’t updated yet don’t least you will have a phone that still works and connects, instead of one that doesn’t connect, shuts down and uses excessive battery life.

  • chris

    Worst update ever! This phone was awesome, now it sucks. Battery goes dead right away, no signal, graphics look like something from the 90’s. Phone is slow at everything now. This phone is now junk, What a joke

  • shamnad

    No pop-up for updates is coming in my KIES for my S2

  • nick

    had to send my S 2 to samsung to get updated to 4.0 ICS. Havent got it back but im sure it will be fine.