AT&T Galaxy Note getting Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean tomorrow, adds multi-window and more

by: Andrew GrushMay 2, 2013

Galaxy Note

Earlier today, Verizon announced the Galaxy Note 2 is finally getting Android 4.1.2. Now AT&T owners of the original Galaxy Note are also seeing an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, starting tomorrow.

A jump to Jelly Bean means your Note will soon have Google Now, improved notifications, Project Butter speed improvements and other great Jelly Bean enhancements, but Samsung and AT&T aren’t stopping there.

Quite a few Note-specific updates are also arriving with build I717UCMD3, such as the addition of Popup Note, Popup Video and Browser, and other Samsung enhancements. While not nearly as exciting, Samsung also says that the keyboard and phone call quality is also improved in this latest build.

So how do you get your hands on Jelly Bean for your original Note? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snag an OTA update, as the upgrade will require you to use Samsung Kies. While this might not be as convenient, it’s hard to complain considering the shear amount of improvements making their way over to loyal Note users.

It’s great to see that AT&T and Samsung aren’t forgetting about the folks who adopted Samsung’s massive smartphone long before big-screen phones were the hottest thing in town.

For more details on how to snag the upgrade through Keis, hit up the source link below.

  • This is part of what I hate about AT&T. The push it out to an older device but still haven’t updated the GS3.

    • Cole Raney

      The galaxy s3 on at&t Has android 4.1.2 I have the galaxy s3 running it, and it is not rooted.

      • Robert LaBrayere

        4.1.2 is not available for gs3 on kies or over the air. How did u upgrade on ur gs3?

        • Cole Raney

          Through kies. Quite a while back too. I think back in January or December.

          • Jorge Fernandes

            You have updated 4.1.1 version; check that please on your “about device” options.

          • Cole Raney

            Oops. Well then what the heck AT&T?

    • Robert LaBrayere

      Yes att sucks. Cant believe they would update note before gs3 with 4.1.2. Feel like exploding! Been waiting for along time and watching others get this update.I want to kick someones ass!

  • rickneworleansla

    It’s available now for the i717. I installed it about an hour ago.

    • lollicup04

      wait does that mean you can’t store apps on your sd card anymore?

      • You can store (most) apps on your SD card with the Jellybean release. As before, all apps will leave a small amount of data in the phone storage and some will not let you store them on the SD card at all – but that is the app’s choice, not Samsung’s. I’m more miffed about the lack of multi-window support.

  • lollicup04

    Ill believe it when I see it

    • rickneworleansla

      Go to Kies and download it.

      • I have CMB4…. i have been trying and trying for 2 days… kies will not do it???? Any help from any one would be appreciated!

  • I have an unlocked version of the Note 2 and i am curious as to when could i expect an update from Samsung to 4.2.1 or higher… any news on that side ? Thanks !

  • I have Scotts clean ROM with that version and I like but I don’t use the multi window that much

  • Arsenal™

    almost forgot abt the Note! Still a very good phone IMHO

  • raven sousa

    How do I do multiwindow on the i717 update

  • Can i sue At&t or Samsung for false advertising….. i have installed the update and there is no air view nor multi window and those were the main things that we were waiting on…. the update is nice but with out those things it just feels like another custom rom!!!

  • dave blevins

    I got it yesterday and battery usage seems to be immense !! And where is there a tutorial on new features, e.g. multi-windows?

    • denise phillips

      I noticed that too right off the bat. Downloaded some utility apps to help with the usage and they ate up more so uninstalled them. I like the new OS but not the battery usage. Have everything turned off that I can.

  • kheshawn