Galaxy Note 8.0

AT&T on Monday announced that it will start selling the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Note 8.0 on June 21, offering pricing details in the process.

Interestingly, the 8-inch tablet will be priced at $399.99, which is what the Wi-Fi-only version costs. But you will have to ink a new two-year deal with the carrier to take advantage of that price. The 4G LTE version of the tablet will be available exclusively from AT&T.

In case you’re also looking for a new smartphone, you’d better check out the deal AT&T is offering, a deal that also includes the Galaxy Note 8.0. The tablet will cost $199.99 on-contract when purchased at the same time with a new Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active or Galaxy Note 2.

It’s not necessarily the best deal, considering that you’d have to sign at least one new agreement with the carrier – although you may end up getting two contracts, one for the tablet and one for a new smartphone – but it’s still an offer to consider for those of you looking for new hardware.

For what it’s worth, you should know that AT&T sells the Galaxy S4 for $199.99 on contract (16GB version) or $249.99 on contract (32GB version), the Galaxy S4 Active costs $199.99 on contract (16GB version), while the Galaxy Note 2 costs $199.99 on contract (16GB version).

On top of that, AT&T will also offer users “for a limited time” 50GB of free storage in the AT&T Locker cloud with the Galaxy Note 8.0 purchase.

Before you purchase Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note family member, make sure you check out our review of the Wi-Fi version (video version available above).

  • Bone

    So a device that should be $300 on the shelves comes at $400… ON CONTRACT?!

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Might be a nice device…for someone. GN7 still a better value, and the Nook Color that recently added full Android Play store. And to those who say: “What about S-pen and removable storage?” I ask, “Is it a nearly $200 upgrade?” I added usb flash drive support for $2 and a dongle for $5. But, that’s just my .02