AT&T Galaxy Note 2 release date set for October 21?

by: Chris SmithSeptember 14, 2012

The Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung’s latest addition to its high-end Galaxy-branded smartphone lineup, but we still have no idea when the device will hit stores. A recent leak revealed that German customers may get the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 2 LTE version in October and November, respectively, confirming what Samsung said on stage during its special Unpacked IFA 2012 event that we attended a few weeks back.

Samsung also confirmed that the U.S. Galaxy Note 2 versions will hit U.S. stores by the end of the year, but, again, it did not provide any launch dates. Meanwhile, we spotted a variety of leaks that seemed to confirmed that every major U.S. mobile operator, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, but also U.S. Cellular, will get the phablet at some point in the coming months.

Now we hear that the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 may be launched on October 21, precisely one month after Apple’s iPhone 5 hits stores in the U.S. and several other markets, although the new phablet’s release date is yet to be confirmed by the carrier:

BGR has confirmed with a trusted source that AT&T’s (T) upcoming flagship smartphones for the holidays — besides that flagship smartphone, of course — will be launching on October 21st. This will include the Nokia(NOK) Lumia 920 and the Samsung (005930) Galaxy Note II. An AT&T spokesperson had no comment.

We’ll be back with more details on the matter as soon as we have them. In the mean time, let’s hear it from you, AT&T subscribers, are you buying this device first chance you get?

  • Galaxy

    Been using Galaxy 3s and it doesn’t feel right. The apps, design feels bulky. iPhone 5 is coming out and my friend has the 4s and I love how it operator their apps, safari, etc so smoothly. I had to replace my Galaxy 3s 3 times already so I decided to pre order the iPhone 5. Looking forward to it and must say farewell to android family.

    • Dave McGuire

      Having used the Iphone 4s and looking to replace to replace my LG Windows phone I am leaning towards to the Galaxy note II. what do you mean when you say “it doesn’t fel wright”? I have not used an android device before so would love some more feedback. (theIphone 4s was a b-day gift for my wife. I used the an older 4 for about 8 months but it was part of the company I was with)

      • ftyj

        wat a bad husb u shud buy a gn2 for ur wife

    • I don’t mind small screen. But Apple make the whole iPhone 5 longer with the screen, this looks ugly and Apple still called it a beauty. Check how Samsung and HTC design phones with 16:9 screen. Not even mention how overpriced iPhone is for the hardware. Small screen, 16 GB flash, 1GB memory, come one, Apple, is this the best you can do? They should sell only half the price for iPhone 5.

      I only have trouble decide between Galaxy s3 and Galaxy Note 2.

  • ogtomasx

    Android is the greatest thats hands down APPLE time is gone making iCOPY no new features what so ever just straight copy from android.

    • Android

      On which patent? Android didn’t have any of these until iPhone was released. That goes with iPad. Samsung was found guilty recently.

      • sadf

        thats apple lose couldn’t think of new stuff

      • TrentBradley

        Android didn’t have any of what? How about what Apple didn’t have with out Android? Like Notification center, OTA updates, voice to text services, panorama photography or cloud based storage? Get with it dude…

  • Damn tmobile get your slow ass in gear! First one to launch android, and always the last one to the table. Damn. I swear if I did t have such a great plan I leave your late asses, Damn.

  • Sebastian

    As soon as its available I’m buying this phone. I am constantly on the road and this device will allow me to be more productive with a single easily portable and convenient device.

  • Mike T.

    I will making the move…

  • SugaBear

    counting down until galaxy note 2 is available on AT&T!! Whoo Hoo!