AT&T expands 4G LTE coverage in six new markets

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 20, 2013

AT&T logo [aa] (2) gruntzooki/Flickr

Good news for AT&T customers – the company has expanded its 4G LTE coverage in more markets in Ohio, Florida, Tennessee and Connecticut.

According to a series of press releases issued on Thursday, AT&T customers in Athens, Ohio are now getting 4G LTE coverage, joined by subscribers in Sebring, Florida, as well as Dyersburg and Ripley, Tennessee.

The coverage has also been expanded to the Waterbury and Meridien areas in Connecticut, as part of a continuous AT&T LTE development in the region.

A week ago, AT&T announced turning on the LTE network in Augusta, Georgia, Williamsburg, Virginia and Cleveland, Tennessee, but also the expansion of its 4G LTE coverage in Middle Georgia areas including Warner Robins, Gray and Fort Valley,  as part of its aggressive 4G LTE rollout strategy.

  • 1baddad

    Please…Sell that BS to the idiots…AT&T has been talking about pushing out the new Advanced 4G LTE. Thats just another way to delay 4G LTE ROLLOUTS
    Hell, Theres places that still use 2 and 3G and will probably never see any type of 4G but you’ll pay 4G prices