AT&T changes rewards program for pre-paid subs to match T-Mobile

by: William Neilson JrAugust 26, 2014

t-mobile-unlimited-4g-data GeekSays

Last week, T-Mobile offered subscribers on other wireless carriers a year’s worth of free unlimited data if they switched to T-Mobile. Additionally, if a T-Mobile subscriber referred that new customer, they got the same free data.

Now, AT&T is responding by offering $100 worth of bill credit to users who switch from T-Mobile to Cricket Wireless, AT&T’s main prepaid subsidiary. Subscribers will get $100 in credit for every active line that they refer to AT&T’s network.

While T-Mobile’s basic plans are more expensive than Cricket, they have more price ranges and offer unlimited data plans for $80 a month. Last month, T-Mobile announced that they had 15.64 pre-paid subscribers.

  • Jerry Rich

    I’ll think AT&T might regret making the first move as the push-back from T-Mobile will be better.

  • Nick

    If I go to att from Verizon will I get anything?

  • Nick

    Any savings for switching from Verizon to a main AT&T line

  • Iskandar

    this deal aimed towards Metro/Tmobile customers only