AT&T’s $100 new line promotion is back!

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 29, 2014

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Carriers have been all about throwing around cash incentives for the past couple weeks. It all started when T-Mobile offered a free year of unlimited 4G LTE data to those who switch from the other 3 major carriers. Cricket then responded by offering a $100 credit to those who switch from T-Mobile (specifically).

T-Mobile’s archenemy and Cricket Wireless owner was not going to keep its arms crossed, though. Without making much fuzz, the AT&T is now bringing back its $100 credit for new lines. The battle is real, and though AT&T didn’t say much this is probably their way of discretely giving Magenta the finger.

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It’s relatively simple to take advantage of this deal, but it has its conditions. Of course, this is only for new lines, but subscribers must also sign up for AT&T Next to take advantage of this offer. Take care of those two factors and your bill credit will show up on your account 3 months after.

By the way, this bill credit offer has an expiration date.

With all the juicy details out of the way – which company are you giving your cash to? T-Mobile’s deal is very enticing to those who need their unlimited data, but Cricket’s $100 credit may be tempting as an immediate reward. AT&T’s deal is definitely a process, but it’s a good incentive, nonetheless.

By the way, this bill credit offer has an expiration date. You best make a decision quick if you are thinking of going with AT&T! You need to sign up before September 30th, giving you about a month to take care of business.

  • DroidGuy360

    Awesome. Will be getting the note 4 with Next.

  • shadow

    What a rip off. Next is terrible. This is just designed to get you to pay more for their horrible services

    • Rennat

      Actually, if you (1) aren’t grandfathered in to the unlimited data and (2) have at least 10 GB of shared data, it is an amazing deal. Your throwing your hard earned cash away if you are doing a contract and have 10 GB of shared data. If you have less than 10 GB of shared data it depends on what phone your are going to get. Next got a bad wrap when it first came out because the newer data share plans were not out, meaning the whole part where you save money didn’t exist yet (back then it was a horrible idea). Here is a great calculator to help anyone. It helped me understand everything.

      • Anthony Bowman

        I work for AT&T. Next is ALWAYS cheaper on the 10 GB plan. The old data plans were awful. The new ones are very good for consumers.

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  • Flip Jumpman

    I’m never giving up my 2 lines of “[email protected]” plan from AT&T!

  • David Heyden

    AT&T owns cricket wireless one would think the author of this article would do a little research lol but it is apparent that they didn’t bother.

  • RyanBcrazyMon

    I stopped at a Sprint store the other day and they are offering 20 gb’s for $100.00 a month for a limited time anyway. That’s still twice what AT&T, Verizon and everyone else is offering. My last job had Sprint company phones and, the service is actually good to great as long as your near the coastline or in the vicinity of a somewhat populous city. Also, now that Sprint is offering these unique phones on the cheap, Ex.(Sharp Aquos Crystal, HTC E8, etc) with the 5.5″ Aquos Crystal hopefully with some premium specs coming they’ve got my attention at the moment. What do you people think?

  • tiredfingers

    You REALLY have to work for the discount on Cricket! First, you can only pick one phone and one plan at a time. Then you give all your personal information and then your payment and shipping information. Then you pick the second phone and a second plan and repeat with all the same information and payment again. Then the third… then the fourth… then the fifth… but the time you finish the whole process it will be Christmas and someone else will likely have a better plan or you will need a carpal tunnel operation. Yikes. Hey Cricket, if you want to offer a “5 phones/lines for $100” plan let me just choose that plan and then buy the 5 phones at one time and be done with it. I’ll stick with T-Mobile.