Atheer One smart glasses transform your Android phone into an immersive 3D and AR experience

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 14, 2014


When you think of “smart glasses”, more than likely the first device that pops into your mind is Google Glass. While there are a few other computerized headsets being developed, it’s true that Google Glass is the most well-known and most actively developed and supported.

Of course Google Glass is still in the early stages, and isn’t quite ready for prime-time. Among several hurdles that Glass faces is the pricing. At least until their full commercial push, the Explorer Edition headsets currently run $1,500. Looking for something with a somewhat similar experience, but a much more affordable price point? Atheer Labs is hoping to fit the bill with their new Atheer One smart glasses.

You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of the Atheer One. The new computerized headset is still very much in the early development stages just like Glass, though the company is hoping to get the Atheer One into the hands of consumer’s by the end of this year.

To further their efforts, Atheer Labs is currently raising funds through crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where the campaign has already reached $27k more than its original $100,000 goal, with 18 days left to go. Through Indiegogo, Atheer One can be yours for a pledge of $500, with an estimated shipping date of December of 2014.

The real difference between Google Glass and Atheer One is that the latter gets its “brains” from your existing smartphone. The Atheer One connects to your phone using micro-USB, and from there your phone is transformed into a 26-inch HD floating display that is just 50 centimeters from your face.

Using air gestures, you can reach out to the display and use any Android app just like you would with a normal smartphone or tablet. That means a augmented reality Angry Birds experience or even just a floating chat session over Skype. There’s also an integrated camera so you can snap some pictures, just like Glass. The lenses that ship with the device will be fully see-through so you can still see the world around you while using the glasses, though the company also plans to introduce opaque lenses for applications like gaming.

Aside from using standard Android apps, the Atheer One will also have a special SDK and API that allow special 3D compatible apps to be created that will provide a much deeper, immersive experience while using the Atheer One. Finally, it is possible to use PC applications on the Atheer One using remote desktop software.

For those that are interested in developing for the Atheer One, the company is offering an Atheer Development Kit, which will set developers back $850 to secure the kit by June, or $1000 to receive it in April. Unlike the final commercial version, the developer model has an already-attached Android system that includes a Snapdragon CPU, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and everything needed to dive in and start developing. On the downside, this earlier hardware will only project a 15-inch floating display.

What do you think of the Atheer One, something you’d be interested in getting your hands on or not? For more details, be sure to check out their Indiegogo campaign page.

  • nebsif

    All the companies: LETS NAME EVERYTHING “ONE”!! 1111

  • monica thomas

    I like the idea of ‘smart glasses’, but I see them as a distraction. People might use them while driving and other unsafe times.

    • melhiore

      yeah, yeah, yeah… people may be distracted while having a wank. The same stupid argument again and again. If people want to be distracted they will find the way. Many ways… It is got nothing to do with google glass or any other type of accesories…

  • These things are amazing and I would love to get a pair anyday.

  • Mike Newitt

    Now we’re talking!
    I’ve waited a long time for the future that I was promised as a kid to arrive.
    Is it finally here? The Chinese on the way to Mars, commercial space flight, and now it seems like proper AR.
    But where is my jet pack, man.

  • Jayfeather787

    This just lookos so cool.

  • Angel Luna

    Loving the idea and the UI, but the appeal of the device is not as good looking or futuristic as a device like Google glass. If they were to change the design, I would definitely but
    Buy it.

  • The idea is interesting, but just like when the Google Glass, the aesthetics are not. Before smart glasses become widely adopted, they will need to be redesigned to not look like you are wearing a computer on your face. This is better than Google Glass but there is still a ways to go. Plus – How can everything the video promises be true? Like many new pieces of tech, features rarely are implemented as advertised.

  • metronome

    They are amazing and really are the next gen of AR/VR, pocketable and just take it where ever you go! I can’t wait to grab mine :D