Well, it hasn’t been a good week for Samsung Galaxy S3 fans in North America. It all started with Samsung announcing that the Canadian release of the device will be delayed to June 27, with T-Mobile and Sprint also confirming a few days back a delay in the release of the device, other than in certain cases. The delay is, of course, for the same reason – issues with “overwhelming demand” and limited supply.

Yesterday, there was a report that stated that AT&T may be joining the bandwagon as well, and we now have official confirmation of the same. According to a statement received by The Verge, due to supply constraints, some AT&T customers that have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the highly anticipated device. Customers who will face this delay will receive confirmation via email and text. The good news is AT&T promises that the device should arrive no later than Monday, June 25. Just one more weekend before you can show off Samsung’s “latest and greatest” to friends, colleagues, and family.

As for those who haven’t pre-ordered the device before June 21, but are planning to do so now, they will have to wait a further 10 business days before the order can be fulfilled. And even that is dependent on availability of stock.

Some of you will, of course, be receiving the Galaxy S3 soon, if you haven’t got it already. But for the unlucky ones who have to wait a little longer, you know how the saying goes. Patience is a virtue. My only question is, with the incredible hype surrounding the launch of the Galaxy S3 and the amazing reception the device has received, did Samsung really not prepare for the “overwhelming demand” that was guaranteed to happen?

What are your thoughts? Are you one of the unlucky folks who have to wait it out for a while longer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • friend

    I received my phone yesterday. White. Baltimore MD

    • Nylee

      When did you pre-order and which carrier are you with?

      • friend

        AT&T 6/7 before noon.

  • Was informed via email(from AT&T) that my S3 is en route from fedex and will be received today.
    Can’t complain about it being 1 day late.

    • asian

      when did you order it?

  • Lee

    When I went to my local AT&T store the sales representative informed me she didn’t know anything about the release and i couldn’t order it, the manager then came over and corrected her, however when they tried to put in my pre-order the system would not accept it, I called 4 days later and they still could not order the phone!!This was June 11th ,So yes Samsung dropped the ball and grossly missed the mark on demand especially with all the the marketing hype they put out on the phone and AT&T was definitely not prepared. However that said I am now leaning towards the HTC 1x because of the many issues I am reading about regarding the S3 (I.E. S voice is basically a marketing gimmick does not work, Poor volume, Apps freezing, Face time works some of the time and more…) Think I will wait and let them get all the bugs out..maybe next year?

    • Private Private

      Great point. The sloppiness of the release, and failure to get the phone to US consumers sooner WILL cost Samasung some sales. How much? I do not know. But they are starting to follow Apple into the field of Marketecture. The creation of illusions and myst to increase sales. Samsung already has “borrowed” from Apple more than enough they have walked into lawsuits. Now they figure they can adapt their business model. Lookout, next Samasung starts suing everyone too.

  • Jamey

    I got an email from AT&T yesterday saying I would receive my phone on or before the 25th. This morning I received an email saying it had shipped and the FedEx tracking number shows I will receive it tomorrow Saturday 6/23/12. I ordered the phone over the phone direct from At&T on the 15th

  • poot

    I preorsered at best buy. They wont tell me shit of when its coming in to pick up.

  • fsscoke

    Recieved my GS3 yesterday at the AT&T store, switched from iphone 4 , love the Galaxy S3 , so much more of a smart phone.

    • friend

      Did they charge your card yet? I don’t have any pending charges. Mine arrived yesterday

    • friendd

      wait so you picked it up in store?!

      • Joe att

        Stop lying to yourself. If I can’t order it to my store. You must have gotten yours in ebay.

  • Mine will be here tomorrow by Noon! Can’t wait to toss my Blackberry in the trash! Well. not really because I plan to sell it but can’t wait to stop using it!

  • tom

    I wish that ATT and Samsung weren’t so secretive about it. I’d be a lot happier if I just knew what was going on….

  • Got mine yesterday 6/22 friday 3pm .. pre-ordered 6/8

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bunch of bullshit. DON’T claim to be the next big thing if you can’t even keep up with the supply/demand. Stick your phone up your ass, Samsung. I’m going with the HTC One X.

  • Valdeaze

    Received mine a couple of days, Preordered on June 12 at Best Buy. I love it! Lived up to the hype IMO!

    • Valdeaze

      A couple of days AGO. :-) sorry, typo.

  • Private Private

    ROFL…Can anyone say manufactured shortage? Of course they knew the demand would be high. They are milking the hype by delaying availability. Believe it or not, this is actually a real marketing strategy that has been used before. Only in America is the denial of instant gratification used to increase desire and sales. In other countries, especially Asian countries, it only creates disappointment followed by loss of sales. Notice how there were no significant delays in other countries. Notice how so many phones and techno devices are “suddenly” delayed when they are about to hit the US market. Hmmm…I suppose that’s just a coincidence.

  • Andy

    It’s hard to understand how Samsung can manage to get screw up a phone release. Seems like a joke company….Maybe they can copy Apple’s business practices.