AT&T will start taking Galaxy S3 pre-orders on June 6, white, blue and red models to come soon

by: AdrianJune 5, 2012

We’ve been suspecting for a while that Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 will come to all major US carriers in June, so it came as no surprise when hearing from Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile yesterday on the handheld’s availability and pricing.

However, AT&T, the nation’s second major wireless service provider, delayed for some reason its announcement on the S3’s availability. But AT&T has come forward with the much awaited announcement. Furthermore, the carrier has a nice surprise for its faithful customers, as it will be the only US provider to sell a red Galaxy S3.

That’s right, folks, AT&T will be selling the “classic” blue and white S3s, set to come to all other US carriers, but also a sexy red model, which will most likely make you stand out even more. We don’t have any photos with this red S3, and it’s also very possible for it to come later than the blue and white versions, but it’s still nice to see AT&T wanting to be the least bit original, isn’t it?

AT&T’s Galaxy S3 will be up for pre-order starting June 6 (tomorrow that is), exactly like Verizon, but a day later than Sprint, while the official release date is still kept under wraps. We don’t want to start rumors out of thin air, but we’re almost sure that we will be seeing the S3 on AT&T start shipping on 21 or the 22, at the latest.

In terms of pricing, AT&T doesn’t want (or rather it can’t afford) to stand out of the crowd too much, so it will be offering the 16 GB S3 for $199.99 with a two-year carrier agreement. Unfortunately, if The Verge’s sources prove to be trustworthy, the 32 GB model will not come to AT&T. Instead, you will be able to buy a 16 GB S3 with a 16 GB microSD card for $39 more than the phone’s list price.

The S3 on AT&T will come with dual support for the carrier’s 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks, so the quad-core Exynos chip powering the internal version will be replaced with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 proc. The phone will also feature 2 GB of RAM, like all the other US-branded S3s.

Are you satisfied? Will you be pre-ordering the phone in the coming days? Do you think that the red Galaxy S3 will be spectacularly looking or tacky? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

  • Deathknight22

    Yes. I’m super excited about the red and can’t wait to get away from apple.

  • Samin

    I am getting the blue at retail price. Can’t wait.

  • Jodrellwalker

    I’ll be getting the blue one.

  • Oedilby

    I want a gray one or a real blue one. The one they are selling looks purple. Ugly!!!!

  • Jpjmg

    Im ordering mine tomorrow

  • red is for pussies.

  • Ranpaq

    Put the quad core back that’s the only reason this phone was better than all others…

    • CoolAid

      T-mobile will have the quadcore, faster internet or quadcore. its one or the other

    • Akoangdaan

      true, only got bigger scren thats it…

      never had android… will try this for a year…

  • Bob

    where’s the 64gb model?

    • Terrence Greene

      Seeing a no one else has it yet.. my guess is it will come out around the same time as the red s3 which increases the chance of a “high capacity” ultra red S3 coming out late summerish..

  • cant decide if i should wait till iphone 5

    • Philip Reece

      Or another surprise…. iPhone 4GS

      • IPman

        maybe another iphone 4.9s

  • Charlottegator

    I just placed my preorder. The red phone was not an option for my preorder at my AT&T store. They said it should come in on june21. They also did not give me any options other than the 16 gig.

  • Elcaballote716

    This’s for the cock sucker they say red is for pussies…u are the pussie roberta jajajaja.punk.

  • DanieGirl

    I pre-ordered with ATT on the 6th and was informed at check out it would ship on or around the 18th of this month. I love the design of the phone. Was getting so bored with the same ol same ol with just about every bar phone out there. And so glad it will come in colors other than grey black and white (also over done).