The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket has been out for over nine months now (it was released back in November 2011). At the same time, Android 4 ICS has been available since about the same time, giving carriers plenty of time to take care of the nitty-gritty bits of rolling out an operating system update.

Now, there are reports that the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is finally getting the long awaited 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update. The reports have come from the XDA Developers forums, stating that Skyrocket users can get the update through Samsung Kies PC companion software. Android Police states that “rooted users would be advised to wait for a pre-rooted build of the update. Everyone else needs only to fire up Kies, look for build i727UCLF6, and grab the update”.

The AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich update is definitely a nice treat for those of you who will be stepping up from Gingerbread. However, isn’t it a bit disappointing that this update is rolling out just after Google I/O and the announcement of Jelly Bean? Is this the day that you have been waiting for much too long? Let us know in the comments below.

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • chris

    i installed last night seems to be running great with apex launcher. yea wish i could get jelly bean but im not complaining too much glad i at least got ics now.

  • Keeps asking me for battery code. Is the OTA coming soon?

    • NBP

      don’t read much do you.

  • Williams

    The update is great coming from gingerbred but still some issues.
    If you use an animated wallpaper you will notice the lag in the hole phone. Using Facebook messenger I couldn’t take a picture and poste it… The only way is if you take the picture and select it from the gallery. Email app from ATT take 10 seconds to open and some apps are not opening at all. Gmail up is alot better i can say that.Battery drains faster with ICS but maybe some tweaks can be made. Have NFC you can enable… With the keyboard I can’t find the way to lock the upper cases(use to be done double click on the arrow UP).
    I am a little desappointed as overall doesn’t give any speed improvement as promissed… but will continue trying.

    • Williams

      BTW… couldn’t capture the screen. Power+volume down doesn’t work

      • hb

        Hold it for 4 seconds

        • Is still home + power but u have to hold it for a few sec

          • mike

            Mine only brings up task manager when I hold the home button and power button.

      • tim

        Power and home button on skyrocket

    • isaac

      Root your phone and install a custom from. Usually the developers offer improvements and fixes to factory bugs etc.

  • I must say the new keyboards. SUCK! They are way slower and don’t really have all the stuff I was used to. Kind of pointless. :-/

    • Ive noticed this as well. And i use swiftkey 3. Which shouldn’t lag at all. Frustrating.

  • ron

    You all are ridiculous….first you complain that you all don’t have ics and now you’re complaining you don’t have jelly bean.

    • We are complaining in general that the update process is too slow!

      • NBP

        it doesn’t work or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones.

    • NBP

      he just wants to be like an apple user..supported by the company whose product he purchased. that’s all.

  • john

    how do i update it

    • NBP

      load kies, upgrade that download, take gun and shoot self in face….

  • Rosquilliam

    Running well with Nova Launcher

  • Armando Gonzalez

    Ihave problems to conect the bluetooth in my car. With sync soft waew

  • Radio Guy

    Email not working on android 4.0.4 galaxy s2 Skyrocket & Use of Ram went from 330 to 602MB WTF? 4.0.4 Come too soon?

    • Same problem here. I Just spent the last hour on the phone with AT&T and Samsung– typical no help and unwilling to exchange the phone. Anyway, have you found a resolution yet? Not only is 85% RAM being used up with ZERO applications running, the entire phone is a Lagasaurus Rex; nothing is smooth and it is driving me nuts. They better have a fix for this soon!

      • NBP

        You might as well be talking to reh-tarded monkeys…you would get better results. They should have taken to time to see how Apple updates and done that, what usless IT crap they are.

      • I had the same problem until l contacted my service provider which in my case is IO through Cable-vision. When l called them they had me change my server settings. Now l no longer have this issue. Everythings fine. Perhaps you need to do that. Good luck.

      • superbrotha

        I agree…I’m having similar issues.

    • Franki

      Same Freaking problems! And nothing works on my fone now! The fone hangs up every few minutes and of course no apps works. Just hangs the whole fone and I can’t even make calls. I restarted more times than you would get a blue screen of death from old windows. I am hating ICS big time until they fixes it!!!

    • Zinful

      You can get the email to work by resetting the phone to factory settings. But the slowness of it remains the same

  • sgtpricemarines

    To fix a majority of those issues stated below. After the update do a factory data reset. Be sure to back up all your photos and music etc. When the phone reboots everything should work fine. The scrolling background is forever gone I’m afraid.

  • mikel dams

    hi good day?i just want to ask someone,if i upgrade to ics,will my skyrocket back to att lock? cause i openline it,so that i can use any sim or any carrier i want.

  • Aaron

    it keeps asking me to update my kies, i did it 30 times already somebody please help me

    • I get the same message, and i tried to uninstall and then reinstall the kies program, but no luck. I can’t even have the boot loader work properly. I called the samsung help desk, the person over the phone stated that since there are lot of people downlaoding they didn’t have enough servers pushing out he firmwares properly, and to try again later, maybe in a day or two, this is day two and no resolution.

    • sb

      Is the battery on ur phone fully charged? If not then it will not download.

  • beau

    is it worth updating?

    • NBP

      question sb will it upgrade? lots of geniuses freeballin it and screwing up their phones.

  • mikel dams

    hey can someone answer me, skyrocket is unlock, i can use any sim or any cariier, but if i will update to ics firmware,would it be back to at & t lock? pls answer me guys.thnx n advance

    • Moto_v_ AOL

      Yes you can use any SIM.

  • Pete

    won’t let me open gallery or camera after i installed the update…help please?

  • NBP

    Download of Kies, once you can get it, requires an upgrade that freezes at 91 percent. Two days now. This could be no less cluster fucked if the IT people tried. What useless crap they are. Samsung is making me want to go Apple real quick.

    • i agree, i was with the iphone 3gs, still a good piece of hardware, and i am able to update firmware real simple. No hassle as i’m getting with skyrocket and firmware update, first it was the wait of getting the update and now i can’t update with the instruction they have provided.

  • JRob

    Ive tried downloading Kies and it wont install the update. It just closes out and opens again saying I need to get the latest update. Ive been trying for three days now. Apple is about to gain a customer especially if the Iphone 5 has a larger screen. I wanna say screw samsung.

    • i’m with ya, but before i jump to iphone i’m heading over to HTC, i think they have a better android ROM as well.

  • LilBiTLibra

    Im staying with GB. AT&T and Samsung arent getting another sucker

  • LilBiTLibra

    I hear this upgrade messes up bluetooth and drains bettery. The battery already sucks! I say if it isnt broken dont try to fix it.

    • Kruss

      I hear ya! My Rocket kicks ass just the way it came! ICS has some people doubting ….

  • Lrey

    I am about to throw my phone out the window. I’ve never had a problem with this phone since Oct 2011 after the upgrade I have problem after problem. Let’s see I can’t make phone calls. If I’m thinking about calling somebody I better do 5 mins before I actually want to talk to them because it takes that long for the phone to actually dial. I turned off my text message tone but when I’m on the phone I still get the song I had and ant turn it off so I have to wait for the ringtone to finish. Half the time I can’t write a text message

  • atish

    I have had it with Android phones, waiting on the sidelines for nearly a year to receive an OS update that is obsolete by the time we get it. I am jumping ship when iPhone 5 is released, period.

  • despindle

    how the heck do I get it? ATT texted me a link for the update it but when I go to it I get taken to a Samsung site advertising the S3.

  • Harold

    Did not update for me as the instructions directed. Once I opened Klies I did not have any pop up message asking for an update. Anyone having this problem?

  • Viccc

    Will it come to the original i777??

  • fucking sucks double ram usage slow as hell. copy paste functions changed or gone. hate it.

  • TylerD

    My phone was perfectly fine before but not it is terribly laggy, it won’t let me open a lot of my applications most of the time, and now I cannot screen capture. This ICS has ruined my phone.

    • hope you figured out how to use screen capture by now

      • sbg

        how? power volume down not working.

      • tanyab63653

        Power n volume down doesn’t work for me either. Also home + power home + volume down back + volume down. Nothing works.

    • tanyab63653

      I have the same problem. Wish I would of never upgraded. Took my phone from one I love to one that is a constant sourch of aggrevation. Hate my phone now.

    • Poca

      I feel the same way. Right now as I’m typing the screen is blinking. ICS IS THE WORST!!! My apps crash or don’t open. How do u remove this crap???

      • Jeff Harris

        Me too! Is there a fix?

  • zebradog

    I upgraded my phone to a Skyrocket about 2 months ago. It’s a straight AT&T phone, not rooted.
    This update to ICS HOSED my email client and Tethering. NEITHER WORK NOW!
    Others are having the same problem. Until this is fixed, DO NOT upgrade to ICS!
    I have 3 email accounts that worked fine, but now then I run the email client, it says it’s loading emails, and then displays a white blank screen.
    I discovered that all my emails are showing up in the Social Hub client under Messages.
    This update didn’t do anything but trash my phone!!!

  • okorukoi

    WOW no issues with kies or updates or updating the phone.
    Only issues I have had was a screw up of contacts on the updated phone, person who owns it has 3 emails with contacts related to each as well as sim card contacts and stuff loaded from a non android phone. So it was a mess to start with. WORST of it all is all the leftover gingerbread crap I am guessing is due to touchwiz. Things like the gallery are not the new ICS versions but the old Gingerbread crap. The gallery is the best example it is still laggy and slow to load one from gingerbread. I have heard on other phones you can choose between these galleries but I have not found a way to do this on the skyrocket.

    • okorukoi

      I had issues prior to this with cables and connecting these newer phones to the pc. Either charging or data or getting Kies to see the devices. All the older micro usb cables would cause a tonne of errors or things would just not work. The skyrocket prior to the update would not initiate a charge 90% of the time. This was due to using older chargers not providing 1amp(1000mah) to the phone and old cables. So far only the default cables that came with the samsung phones work. (the skyrocket was the most finiky about this) These cables also seem to transfer data faster when used with other devices vs my other cables. When updating connect the phone via a good cable directly to the motherboard usb. Do not use any external ports or ports on a pci expansion or anything on a hub or other external device. I had issues prior getting KIES to see the phone and had a lot of system errors related to usb when the phone was plugged in via a KB, monitor, or USB hubs.
      I also updated the phone the day the update went live.
      Ram use is higher but no lag or other issues mentioned. Best bet is to back up everything wipe the phone then do the update. For those who have updated I’d suggest clearing out the installed apps. I updated a 2week old phone so it did not have months of use and installed/uninstalled crap on. Likely most issues are related to installed apps.

  • reggie62

    Totally useless update, nothing works properly, so slow, won’t keep charge. Fix immediately

  • Jim miller

    Upgrade has not made my skyrocket better. It is slower, a great deal of glitches with apps, wifi doesn’t connect as well, and when sound is required it now does not work some apps.

  • Cyndi Elrod

    I hate the new ICS update, nothing on my phone works now, its slow as crap and reception sucks. Some of the features I had with GB are no longer available, the keyboard is also different. I called Samsung and asked how I can go back to GB and they said I would have to mail my phone in to their service center and they will upload the GB OS for me. Seriously? If I am capable of doing the upgrade through Kies via my laptop shouldnt I also be capable enough to revert it back to GB? Ridiculous…

  • yellow

    I recently got the ics 4.0 on my GALAXY SII SkRkt ..I like it everything is more smooth on my phone and the app work better and look better . . But it is a bit frustrating to know that AT&T took so long to roll out the update … and now these rumors that Jelly Bean is going to roll out ..just a bit frustrating

    • yyy

      can u tell me the process?

  • Tiffany

    I installed the leaked version of ICS on my att s2 and so far no problems. Works great.

  • greeneyedgirl

    Hey guys!!
    Was having the same email problem after upgrade to ICS 4.0 today and even after I deleted my mail and re added it I couldnt see anything but a blank screen and grey bars …BUT after playing with it ..I went into the email settings from your email (little button to left of home key) …scrolled down to FONT SIZE…pressed on “TINY” and TADAAAA… all in life was grand again!! ALL my emails were there and after that I went into email settings and set it up how I wanted it to look… apparently if u have to see it in tiny view…in order for the screen to show up… SO GLAD PROBLEM SOLVED!! I havent had any problem with lag time or apps and as a matter of fact..ALL of my emails were syncd and they are all working… TRY IT FOLKS!!
    Im just glad it was that simple!

    • greeneyedgirl

      ps.. I have the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket … :)

  • No

    If I updated my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket to Ice Cream Sandwich, can I revert it back to Gingerbread?

  • xojenniferox09

    My phone hasn’t been the same since I did this update. Half the time my camera won’t load and texting is so slow. Phone random ally freezes and I only receive about 50% of my calls. I have ppl all the time saying they tried calling me and it never rang. Samsung was no help to me either.

  • stoneal

    Ginger bread working just fine for me. My advise is to wait for system update from at&t too many problems otherwise

  • wildkats

    Do you get the twLauncher crash message? GO into Applications, find the app, force close, clear cache, and that should help.

  • melindalynn2001

    I Purchased my Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket phone brand new with Gingerbread a month or so ago and I LOVED it…then updated to ICS 4.0.4. I
    downloaded official version through Kies.
    After the update I have had NUMEROUS problems (freezing apps, blackout screen, text not working, battery draining fast etc). After extensive research and weighing my options, decided
    to see if I can fix most of them until Jellybean, and I don’t want to
    root at this time. I have fixed almost every bug, but one keeps
    coming back. My texts keep showing as
    new/unread on the stock app notification. In addition to this I delete emails
    from the stock email widget, and an hour later they are back as “new.” I
    only use stock messenger, and none of the social or media hubs, chats, talk apps, etc -most of which
    of course can’t be removed from the phone (without rooting of course).
    have deleted all cache, and history for any apps that also use
    media/email (Gmail, social hub), and disabled them. I have done a
    complete factory reset twice since this ICS update. I have hard
    rebooted… I don’t know how many times, it’s been so much. I know there
    is something, somewhere telling the stock messenger AND email app that
    these messages/emails are still there. Please….any suggestions? Now I’m on a mission to figure
    this out!

    Here is my Version info-

    PDA: I727UCLF6

    Phone: I727UCLF6

    CSC: I727ATTLF6

    Build Info: Sat June 23 20:19:08KST 2012

  • Mike

    If anyone is having issues with the email, where it just gives you the grey bars do this…
    Maybe you can try going to [Settings] > [Applications] > [Manage applications], select the [All] tab on top, scroll down to [Email], tap on it and then [Clear data].

    After that restart your device and try creating your email accounts again.

    Totally worked for me! Good luck! That issue was tickin me off when I couldn’t figur it out.


    I have 2 skyrockets, one from the release last november and another from about 2-3 months ago, so a newer build.
    I upgraded both phones to ICS, The first releaseed skyrocket reboots and crashes non stop after the upgrade. I cant even hardley use it as a smart phone anymore with out terrible issues and constant crashing, the other skyrocket (a white one) which was again, purchased only a couple months ago has taken the upgrade flawlessly. Both phones have the same apps, except the one with no problems has more junk/ crap apps on it, games and what not. I only use the other for work so the apps on it are nothing major. Which makes no sense at all. this is either 1- AT&T’s way of making older phone users be forced to buy a whole new phone, and pay the $600-$700 because there for sure wont be an upgrade option available. Which would not suprise me with they’re efforts to force people off unlimited DATA plans, Or a problem with the compatibility of first builds of the skyrocket and ICS not working together. It would not suprise me at all with all the crap I went through with AT&T and having the unlimited plan on my phone if this is they’re way to force unlimited data users to have to purchase another phone to make up for potentially lost dollars. My newer skyrocket runs on a limited data plan, no issues from upgrade, and my unlimited data plan skyrocket, FUCKED, something is fishy to me.
    Heres the kicker, are you skyrocket users with all the problems on a grandfathered unlimited data plan?
    its too weird that I just so happen to own 2 of these and only the one on unlimited data is having the crazy crashing issues.

    What ever it is, makes little sense,
    Both phones are rooted with the exact same software and have had 0 (zero) issues until this upgrade where only ONE of the phones is recieving terrible problems from the upgrade,

    I also completely factory rebooted the phone with the problems today.
    The results is having to reset up the whole phone all over again, with the exact same issues as before, nothing better was noticed after wiping the whole phone and reprogramming to start completely over as if it was a new phone, except it rebooted with the ICS software that started causing all these terrible problems,


      Also, all the same clogged up ram issues as everyone else, whle the other phone if flawless, makes no sense

  • Dawn

    Anyone having issues with sound? My sound is half of what it used to be.. I’ve checked ALL my settings and all is at MAX! ??? ERRR… music.. ringtones.. videos … notifications all the above!

  • Ice Cream Sandwhich works fine on my Skyrocket but all text messages speak out loud not sure how to shut that feature off.

  • fantasy82

    I’ve tried to update but it wont for some reason

  • rmcgough

    Ok guys I hope this helps someone. It seems to have worked for me!

    I had upgraded my ATT Skyrocket GS2 from 2.3.6 to the official 4.0.4 ICS. And I immediately experienced all the issues mentioned below as well as the emotions of wanting to throw the phone against the wall !!

    I was just about to downgrade or try another firmware yesterday and I went into the Recovery Mode and looked at advanced settings and decided to run the FIX PERMISSIONS and then Reboot from Recovery screen.

    when the phone started up I noticed the lock screen looked a little different and almost 24hrs with no freezing or locking up !

    Hope this helps someone. I did not see this single solution mentioned anywhere on any forum so putting this here since it would have helped me.

    Recovery mode: with phone off, hold both up down volume and then press power. when phone vibrates let go of power only, when screen goes black after samsung let go of volume keys.

    move around with volume and select with power.

  • Steve

    I just got a new Skyrocket 2 days ago and have spent the past 2 days trying to install Ice Cream Sandwich using the Kies software. But, Kies will not even recognize my phone when I connect it with the USB cable provided. I have run the Troubleshoot routine, rebooted, reinstalled the Kies software, and tried to manually search for the drivers, but nothing works. My company’s tech support spent 4 hours on this (on top of my 4 hours) without success. Does anyone have a solution or workaround for this?

    • Steve

      This is a follow-up to my problem with Kies on my company PC. I installed Kies on my older PC at home and had no problem installing the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on my Skyrocket. When I reconnect my phone to my company PC, Kies still cannot connect. I suspect that there is some type of security/firewall issue. I would still like to get this resolved. Any suggestions?

  • superbrotha

    I’m having lag issues. What can I do to correct this?

  • I have been living with ICS on my SkyRocket for a month now. The upgrade did not go smoothly at all. Nothing worked after the upgrade and it took almost 700 meg of RAM to load the OS. WTF?

    I had to do a factory reset to get my apps and email, movies and music to start working again then load all my contacts and download new apps. Everything works now but the phone continues to be glitchy and laggy and uses over 400 meg of RAM to boot OS. The screen that says “Tap to enter text” will not respond 90% of the time. I just have to keep tapping it until the keyboard shows up. VERY frustrating!!!

    With the old OS it would load in a little as 320 meg and ran perfectly smooth, not a single problem. I certainly wish I would not have done this update and as usually AT&T will NOT help at all. There is no way to go back to the old OS.

  • The childish mentality of carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, and/or Verizon and their continuing “Americanization” of Cellphones IS why I have been buying CP’s overseas for almost 7 years now. Why anyone would spend a single dime on technology that has been so downgraded, is beyond me.

    Example: The Original Galaxy S left the factory with 2 cameras. Yet, the Americanized version didn’t have the front facing one. So true 3G video calls were out the window. Since 2005 I have owned a number of Nokia’s that have NEVER been seen in the U.S, such as the 6260. N71 and N93 to name a few.

    Anyway folks. Enjoy whatever you “think” you may be getting for your hard-earned dollar. You may find you are getting far less than you deserve. Kind of like freedom. But that’s another story…

  • yusien

    dear sir. thanks provide all the inrmation helping us to upgrade version for 2.3.3 to 4.0.3. i happy to use it. problem first feel sad an dont want use it but now feel better fast and nice and battery will large longer that before. now i have feel camera cant use say the media in scanning make my camera stop fuctionly. what happen?

  • TeaZe

    That ragey child

  • john james badger

    i noticed since how i updated to the new ICS there is a flaw in the camera. go ahead and take a picture and you will see that there is a dark spot in the lens but there really isn’t. its portraying that there is something there. i took over 2k pictures and i realized when i loaded it to the computer that they are all there.