Rumors: AT&T to cut HTC One X price by half, red Galaxy S3 to start selling

by: AdrianJuly 27, 2012
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Although it was hailed as HTC’s comeback and it supposedly started off more than decently, the One X couldn’t stand the Galaxy S3 charge and saw its sales rapidly drop. No, that’s not an official story, but earlier rumors, combined with a new one, certainly make the scenario trustworthy.

The new rumor comes from an XDA-Developers forum user, who supposedly got his hands on an AT&T e-mail announcing the upcoming price slashing of the One X. “Surflamj”, a junior member of the forum, has stated that he works “for AT&T as a sales rep”, and says that the One X’s discount won’t be part of a temporary “special or deal”.

That means that, starting this Sunday, July 29, anyone with a passion for high-end Android technology will be able to get a spanking new HTC One X for just $99.99 with a two-year contract, and no (other) strings attached.

AT&T’s discount, if it proves to be real, will reduce One X’s price by half (from the current $199.99 price tag), which would be one of the most generous offers made by the carrier in… probably ever. Sure, it wouldn’t be the first time to see a high-end phone discounted this way, but HTC’s flagship is not even three months old.

The rumor should be taken with one large grain of salt, as it’s almost impossible to check if Surflamj is in fact an AT&T employee, but fortunately we will learn about its accuracy fairly soon. One thing is certain, nevertheless, and that is if you’re considering getting a One X from AT&T, you should wait for a few more days.

The supposed internal e-mail makes some light on the red Galaxy S3’s coming, too, which will be scheduled on the exact same day as the One X’s price slashing. The “beast” will be available for some sort of “special order” on Sunday, which is not exactly news and has been confirmed by AT&T officials a while back. However, it remains to be seen what will that “special order” mean. Could it possibly be another discount?

Which one of these two deals sounds more tempting to you? Would you rather go for a $99 HTC One X or a likely $199 snazzy red Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • anon

    Spending this last spring shopping and going into brick and mortar to look at the OS skins, I had seen my fill of people blow off the HTC because of no SD slot and fixed battery. I did as well. The phone itself was great the feel and materials but the lack of add on storage put me off no matter how nice the phone was. Fixed battery came in a close second since I suffered poor battery performance on my OG Droid. (wifi or tether would drain the battery, latter faster than the phone could often charge.) (1amp~700mah) So after all these words, I am not surprised and I would opt for the Red S3 or what I got in the end a Blue S3.

  • James j

    My galaxy s3 was a total dud outdoors. The one x is superb and can be used in direct sunlight quit easily. I don’t understand how folks can flock to the s3 with that glaring limitation

  • FYI, the price drop is live now if you go to the at&t online store: