ICS update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 possibly delayed until June 23

by: Bams SadewoJune 22, 2012

Good news doesn’t seem to last long when it comes to that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, does it? We reported yesterday that the long awaited ICS update is finally coming to Samsung Galaxy S2 owners on AT&T, which they were supposed to get via Kies. While some users have been able to get the update with no trouble, some haven’t been as lucky. What gives?

As reported by Phandroid, one of their readers was able to get in contact with an AT&T rep, who then confirmed that the ICS update was put on hold due to technical reasons. The problem apparently lies in the Kies server, which forced AT&T to delay the ICS roll out. Fret not though, as the update will (hopefully) be back in full force this Saturday. What’s a day more when you’ve waited more or less 6 months already for ICS.

So pour some more water into that glass and stop saying that it’s half empty. Saturday is not a bad day to be installing ICS on your phone – what with all the free time you’ll have trying out the new features of the latest Android OS.

As for folks who have luckily got the ICS update on their Samsung Galaxy S2, mind sharing with the rest of the readers how you dig the new look of the phone? Please let us know as well if you see the ICS update back on Kies.

  • Jason

    Clockworkmod! I have had ICS for months..lol

  • Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in the upgrade. Except for the new unlock screen, the touchwiz overlay almost completely hides the fact that it is ICS, or that there was any kind of upgrade at all! It does, however have a better battery life, and doesn’t seem less zippy.

    • AppleFUD

      This is true. . . while many bitch about the Android upgrade issue (including myself) often it is completely irrelevant as the OEM’s overlay usually minimizes or obstructs the new features thus the only real “upgrades” the user gets are behind the scenes, like hardware acceleration.

      Just one more reason why Android “fragmentation” isn’t the issue competitors are trying to make it out to be and most “average users” never have a clue what version of Android they are using because, their interaction with the device is TouchWiz, Sence, etc. . . and when those are upgraded that’s when they notice an “upgrade” took place.

  • Well, that’s not completely fair. The task manager is different, and the gmail app. I was just hoping for a feeling of novelty and was left uninpressed

  • Brian

    Yeah… I’d say the sources are completely wrong and the update that may have occurred was an accident. I contacted both our AT&T rep and our Samsung rep and they both said there are no immediate plans for this update but that the SGH-i777 would definitely get it sometime in the future.

  • Alan Newman

    t does just download the kies desktop app then right click on it hit open it will install kies desktop app . Once done open kies desktop go to tools you will see a option for firmware upgrade and initialization click it it will ask for you s/n and make very straight forward you will find this behind the battery. And with your phone not connected put the info it ask in and hit OK. Caps and everything must be the same… after that without your battery in connect it and press both volume keys down it will ask you to hit volume up button to proceed or volume down button to not go into d/l mode put your battery in and then hit volume + button to proceed and then all you gotta do is hit OK on your computer to proceed.a little green android will appear on your phone showing download progress once your comp goes through process of getting your firmware.ics is our new stock firmware does not root and this is our ics from kies only for the galaxy s2 i777

  • Alan Newman

    All your doing is force flashing what come stock with the gs2 i777 only! Ics is stock firmware so go to kies get the latest kies desktop and follow instructions above. Your welcome.

  • Alan Newman

    Or below sorry.

  • Tom

    Just logged into Kies and firmware update is available. Downloading components took four tries though.

    • Mogera

      Same here then I uninstalled and reinstalled Kies. No problems after that

  • Mogera

    The ICS update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 is now available via Kies. Just did mine and it’s pretty sweet

  • David L

    battery seems to drain a lot quicker. I hated the previous update for gingerbread because of the battery life, but then did the charger reset (drain, charge till full, battery out, battery in, charge to full) and it helped. Tried doing that for ICS, and that wasn’t the issue. Battery lasts half a day now. ICS upgrade appears to be a failure in my experience.

  • ben

    clockword mod custom rom = fail n buggy roms ….stock rom is great n battey seems good must be bad for people who have no life n always on there fone 24/7