At long last, Nike+ Running app comes to Android

by: Bams SadewoJune 23, 2012

It took them long enough, but Nike has finally made its popular running app available on the Android platform. The Nike+ Running app can now be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Using the app, runners will not only be able to track their progress, but they can also share and compare their runs with over 7 million runners on Nike+ community website. The Android version of Nike+ Running app is optimized to run on the platform and comes with an intuitive user interface. With a seamless and simple in-run navigation, runners can easily check their stats, in-progress GPS maps, change songs to fit with the mood and more – all without losing their pace. There’s also an in-run audio feedback that tells the distance as they run.

Here are other features of Nike+ Running app:

  • Run Summary — makes it easy to view your route and track how you felt, the terrain you tackled, and the weather you endured.
  • Rotate your phone while viewing the Run Summary to see the breakdown of your run into mile splits.
  • See how your last run stacks up against your previous seven, and get fresh insights based on your latest activity every time you come back to the app.
  • Swipe upwards on the Home Screen to view your next moves.
  • Visualize all your runs side-by-side and see your progress in a bar graph history view.
  • Syncing your run to the website allows you to view your maps on a larger screen, set a new goal, and find Nike+ Top Routes in your area.
  • Shoe tagging — type in the name of your running shoes to track the distance they’re logging and see when it’s time to lace up a new pair.
  • Add a widget to your phone’s home screen to show when you ran last, display your total mileage, and for even quicker access into a run.

As we are about to enter the third quarter of the year, there’s still time to meet those New Year’s resolutions. Though Google Play isn’t short on running apps, the Nike+ Running app will be a fine addition to the list that can help keep track of your progress and even provide motivation.

What are your thoughts on this handy little app? Let us know in the comments below.

  • ‘Droid

    Not available in Finland by 24.6.2012…Are you writing about the US-version?

    • ‘Droid

      …sorry for above, it’s available allright, my sgs1’s just toooooo old ;D so the app doesn’t support it.

  • Android User

    It is not available in the UK, and I have a Galaxy note, not too old, just not available in the UK. On the app store it states, “this is not available in your country or by your operator”

  • Carol

    On one of the permissions, you allow the app to make phone calls. “Allow the applicationto access the phone fetures of the device. An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.” Why is ths necessary?

  • IainH

    Looks to be available now. Im in the UK and using a Galaxy S2.

  • lcl

    Im in the UK and using a Galaxy S2 on 3 and cannot install as it states it is not compatible…

  • khoset

    I’m in UK and using a htc sensation on orange. Still not available in play store and my phone is completely up to date.

  • Svend

    I still can’t get it on T-Mobile. My phone is a Galaxy S2, but the problem (according to the Google Play website) is that it’s not available “on my carrier”.

    • tat2roo

      Its not compatible with the s2… the list is pretty limited…mostly vzw phones and the s3

  • Redders

    Only available on 02 in uk until after christmas!

  • APai

    working fine on the xperia T. a fine app , I must say for a free one!