Asus teases smartwatch is on its way to IFA 2014

by: Andrew GrushAugust 19, 2014


Just last week Focus Taiwan reported that Asus’ CEO Jerry Shen had revealed to investors that the company would be outing its first smartwatch at IFA. Right on schedule, Asus has now released its first IFA teaser on Google+, proudly announcing that “something incredible is going to happen at IFA 2014″. As you can see above, it also shows the obvious outline of a smartwatch.

So what do we actually know about this smartwatch? Not a whole lot, other than it will obviously run on the Android Wear platform. We have heard several rumors suggesting that the device could also end up being priced more aggressively than existing watches and even Shen’s own comments at an investor’s conference seem to back up this sentiment, bragging that their watch “looks better than competitors’ products but comes with a relatively low price tag.”

Just how low is anyone’s guess, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if Asus aims at $150 or less, considering the current cheapest watch is just $199 (Gear Live). What do you think, if Asus can price the watch around $100 – $150 and it has a design that’s at least as good as the Gear Live and G Watch, would you be interested? Be sure to stay tuned to Android Authority, as we’ll be live at IFA when it kicks off during the first week of September to bring you all the latest news!

  • João Grácio

    100$ is the sweet spot, it will help the penetration of smartwatchs in the market which is being hard so far due to the high price of current devices

    • Luka Mlinar

      The devices are packed with a crap ton more hardware vs a 100$ Casio watch. I kind of feel the (for example) Moto 360 250$ price tag is more than justified.

      • Bruce

        Just because Casio is over pricing it’s $100 watch doesn’t mean that smartwatches have to be overpriced as well. If they are, they will end up with similar sales figures. When you can get smart phones and tablets for around $100, you can surely get smartwatches for $100. Agreed that the $100 smartphones are not that great. But the Nexus 7 and HP tablets for $150-$200 are pretty good. And they have a lot more internals than watches.

        I’m always amazed at how Apple managed to turn itself around on the backs of the iPod. Of course they had no real competition. But the first company to make an appealing affordable smartwatch will have a huge headstart and will probably make a killing.

        • Sean Badoud

          But you do realize making a tablet and a watch are completely different. Miniaturization is the biggest driving factor on price. Yeah is $250 for a smart watch expensive…Depends on what it can do and it’s life expectancy

          • Bruce

            Sure. But I’m not convinced that the cost of miniaturization is the reason for the high price. From all these iFixit breakdowns, the largest cost in phone components always seems to be the displays. So in this case, miniaturization should actually be working in the favor of lower costs.

            At this point, I think the price really stems from the cost of research, low volumes etc. And trying to decide what the market will bear. I just hope that this doesn’t turn out to be another Android tablet scenario where it took the manufacturers a couple of years to realize that they can’t simply price the tablets the same as an iPad and expect to sell them without the same brand value. It wasn’t until the Nexus 7 that Android tablets really started selling well. It may take some Chinese manufacturers to come in with a $50-$100 smart watch before it gathers any mainstream success.

            It’s also still very much a first generation product. I’m really surprised that none of these guys have decided to use Qualcomm’s Mirasol display. I used the Toq for a couple of weeks and the battery used to last me for a week. Plus it looked really good out in sunlight. In fact, it looked the worst indoors with poor contrast. Hopefully Qualcomm’s done some more work on it and we will see a few smartwatches with the Mirasol display.

      • thelastguyX20

        If you think that 250 is justified for a smart watch, then smart watches aren’t going lift off anytime soon.

        And how is the moto 360 justified for 250? The last I heard, the only reason it’s that expensive is the gimmicky circle design. Is there anymore functionality than a Samsung Galaxy gear live can do?

  • Fabian Taveras

    Believe all android wear devices should be priced around 100 to 50 dollars I can’t really imagine why a I would have to pay 199$ for a device that’s merely an add on to enhance my android experience. I mean 199$ for an android wear device is pretty steep if I’m correct that’s more money than the moto E.

  • Ryan Web

    Now This is the watch i’m waiting for. And if the rumors are true that this smartwatch will come in at $99 to $150 then i’m all over this thing.