August 19, 2014


Just last week Focus Taiwan reported that Asus’ CEO Jerry Shen had revealed to investors that the company would be outing its first smartwatch at IFA. Right on schedule, Asus has now released its first IFA teaser on Google+, proudly announcing that “something incredible is going to happen at IFA 2014″. As you can see above, it also shows the obvious outline of a smartwatch.

So what do we actually know about this smartwatch? Not a whole lot, other than it will obviously run on the Android Wear platform. We have heard several rumors suggesting that the device could also end up being priced more aggressively than existing watches and even Shen’s own comments at an investor’s conference seem to back up this sentiment, bragging that their watch “looks better than competitors’ products but comes with a relatively low price tag.”

Just how low is anyone’s guess, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if Asus aims at $150 or less, considering the current cheapest watch is just $199 (Gear Live). What do you think, if Asus can price the watch around $100 – $150 and it has a design that’s at least as good as the Gear Live and G Watch, would you be interested? Be sure to stay tuned to Android Authority, as we’ll be live at IFA when it kicks off during the first week of September to bring you all the latest news!

Andrew Grush
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