The original Asus Transformer TF101 was one of the best of the initial Honeycomb tablets, although it wasn’t as polished and thin as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It was also $100 cheaper, selling for only $400, and with specs and display quality just as good as any other $500 tablet.

The Asus Transformer TF101 got the ICS upgrade quickly earlier on this year, ahead of many other devices on the market. That was possible because the code base for ICS was not much different than the one for Honeycomb, compared to the one for Gingerbread. It might also be due to the fact Asus and Nvidia worked hard to bring ICS to their devices, which is one of the reasons why Asus is now one of the most loved Android manufacturers.

The ICS upgrade brought a big improvement to the Asus Transformer TF101, especially since the Tegra 2 was not a great chip to begin with, that would compensate for Honeycomb’s own software flaws. Although earlier rumors said the Asus Transformer TF101 would not get the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade, it seems that it will, according to an Asus official from Germany. Both the TF101 and the Slider SL1 will get the Android 4.1 upgrade, as well as all the newer Asus tablets.

The Jelly Bean upgrade should be an even bigger boost in performance than ICS was for the Asus Transformer TF101, and if there was one last upgrade that the device should receive, it should be this one.

  • IceBeam

    Interesting :)

  • Sam Chambers

    They haven’t gotten ICS to run on the TF101 without serious problems. (See the 300+ page thread over at XDA.) I have no confidence that they’ll get JB right.

    • Polkaroo

      ICS runs fine on my TF101. No issues to report and I’ve used it quite a bit. That said, I only bought it a few months ago and 4.0.3 was the build it updated to after a couple minutes out of the box.

      • Aars1

        Apparently there are some that run okay, some are practically unusable, even with factory settings and apps. there must be hardware differences, especially with Tegra2. Nobody knows including Asus. consider yourself lucky.

    • I’m guessing you’ve never tried Revolver or one of the many other nice ICS ROMs out there?

      They work fine for me.

      • Sam Chambers

        No, my TF101 is completely stock, not even rooted. I may get to the point where I start trying other ROMs, but I really shouldn’t have to do that to get around an OEM ROM that has issues.

        • Ura Tool

          Anyone ever tell you that you are kind of a tool? You might be better suited to a Kindle Fire actually.

          • AArs1

            Thank you. You have been very helpful for so many of us who have been having serious issues with the Transformer after ICS. JB or no JB, I’ll never buy another Asus again.

          • willywonka


        • It’s Android. Get used to it. Either flash a readily-available custom ROM or don’t whine about not having the latest software.

          • Aars1

            Can you read? Give it another try. I have more than 5 Android devices but I shouldnt have flash custom ROMs because the factory ROM is beyond useless. What does it say about Asus?

          • dog

            Says they’re better hardware manufacturers than software writers.

    • leoingle

      There is 300+ threads on every device with problems. Doesnt mean something is wrong with the ROM. I have had the official and several custom roms on my tf101 and never had any problems. Maybe an iPad is more to your suiting.

      • Sam Chambers

        ASUS has recognized there are issues with ICS, and they keep trying to fix them. I’m glad some of you haven’t had any trouble, but many of us haven’t been so lucky. And if I wanted an iPad, that’s what I would have bought.

      • Aars1

        You should read a couple of pages before commenting. Given your arrogance, ignorance and fanboyism you are more suited for Apple stuff.

    • Shawn Willment

      I have ICS running perfectly on mine with no issues whatsoever.

    • smartroad

      I had no end of issues from upgrading to ICS. Random reboots, lookups, application closures. I then decide to bite the bullet and factory restore my tab. Obviously this deletes everything, but I have yet to have any lookups or reboots yet. Another thing that I found out about is installing too many apps. When I got my machine I went app mad, having only had a HTC Desire before which couldn’t install that many. Now I have slimmed it down to only the essentials as and when I need them. Not saying that the XDA postings aren’t valid, but how many other people are out there who have had no issues at all?

  • TechGuy21

    woot,. cant wait to get the update and ARHD 4.0 :D

  • Jully Agoylo

    Such great informative post. ASUS Transformer presented well. Two

    thumbs up!

  • Michael R Moore

    I too was able too get my stock TF101 to upgrade from Honeycomb to ICS with no problems. . .The only thing I hope that is addressed with Jellybean has to do with the keyboard dock and the TF101… the response is still very sluggish with no explanation as too whyy.

  • I’ve had issues with the keyboard dock rebooting the tablet randomly(TF101). I really hope they fix the dock issues for the Jelly Bean update, otherwise the keyboard dock is pretty much useless. It’s a disappointment for sure. It would cause me to look somewhere else if I were to upgrade from my TF101. I would be happy if they got that issue resolved and would have much more faith in Asus. If they address this issue I would certainly look into buying an Infinity pad or another Asus pad down the line. I want the Jelly Bean update so I can confidently hand this tablet down to my wife.