Jelly Bean update available for the ASUS Transformer Prime in Sweden

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 25, 2012

Users who have been waiting for the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 to get an official update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean finally got their wish today. At least, they did if they live in Sweden.

While the ASUS Transformer Pad got an update to Jelly Bean last month, users have been waiting for the more powerful Transformer Prime to be updated. While the rollout of the update in Sweden is reason to be hopeful, ASUS hasn’t said anything about Jelly Bean for Transformer Prime users in other countries.

ASUS announced the update today on its Swedish Facebook page. The post is brief, only mentioning a few caveats of the update. Those of us waiting for news on when Jelly Bean will be coming to the Transformer Prime in other parts of the world will have to wait for now.

Those of you who aren’t quite so patient may already be running Jelly Bean, however, as it’s been available for the Transformer Prime via CyanogenMod 10 for some time now. While this is the fastest way to get Jelly Bean running on your Prime, it isn’t without risks, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt the upgrade.

The official update is optional, and while the vast majority of users will probably opt to install it, there are a few reasons why they might want to stick with their trusty Ice Cream Sandwich. This update removes the ability to install Flash from the Play Store. Asus has provided a link to install Flash from the Adobe website, but this may cause Flash to work incorrectly at times.

The update also removes support for Wi-Fi Direct as well, so users of this feature will want to refrain from updating.

Are you waiting for the official Asus Transformer Prime Jelly Bean update, or are you already using it via less-than-official means?

  • MasterMuffin

    Why these small countries like sweden and poland always get these first!? Example, poland got JB for SGS3 first…

    • because poland is fuckwin awesome!:D

      • MasterMuffin


    • Swedes early with Jellybean for Samsung Galaxy III

      Swedes are among the first in the world to get their Galaxy S III upgraded to Android 4.1, the version with the nickname Jellybean.

      – Samsung prioritize our Nordic customers, says Andreas Norberg, Nordic Product Manager for Samsung mobiles.

      Samsung’s successful mobile Galaxy S III upgraded to Android 4.1. At Samsung we know of that interest in upgrades are big in Scandinavia. Therefore, try to as much as possible to prioritize Nordic customers. This makes Nordic one of the first in the world to get the latest androidmjukvaran Jellybean for Galaxy S III.

      – I am proud that we have such knowledgeable and dedicated customers in the Nordic countries that despite we are only about one percent of Samsung’s total sales, we put such an impression that Samsung gives priority to us and ensures that we are among the first, says Mr Norberg.

      In an initial phase released 10,000 downloads. A week later a further 50 000. After more than two weeks is expected all Nordic Galaxy S III with Android 4.1. The downloads are done in stages, including to relieve the server of the requested onslaught.

      – Our upgrades are very popular. Our aim is to give the user a completely new functionality, which I think we have succeeded this time too, says Andreas Norberg.

      Once you have downloaded the Jellybean to its Galaxy S III may, for example, find that the menus are much softer, enjoy a better start screen icons himself resizes automatically as well as gain access to a more precise keyboard.

      Jellybean the Galaxy S III is scheduled to be available via Kies and FOTA starting in October.

      • MasterMuffin

        Then why finland and norway get it so much later than sweden JAG GILLAR INTE

    • They release in smaller markets first so that if there if there is a problem, it’ll be quick for them to pull out and reassess their firmware isolating the problem. If they release to a large market such as the US first and it ends up being very unstable, then imagine the masses that would flock to their facebook site trolling about how shit they are.

  • Chris

    Bout freaking time!

  • As a developer, I would always choose to deploy to smaller audiences first. Asus has taken their time, but ultimately the U.S. and other countries will have a stable release when the time comes. I’m just stoked Asus is fairly responsive to Android OS updates!

  • Guest

    because poland is fuckwin awesome

  • Jelly Bean update is also available for the Galaxy S3 I9300 since 24th Sept. Will you write an article about it?

  • amid2d3d

    Well, sweden hasn’t had the update yet… (furiously tapping “search for update” on my TF201