That’s right Transformer Prime owners, download your taste of Ice Cream Sandwich now. This was announced last night during NVIDIA’s press conference at CES, but it was not a full roll out yet. As of now it is fully rolling out to everyone.

As if I need to tell you, but I will anyways, head over to the software update menu on your Transformer Prime and start that ICS download. Instead of waiting two more days for the announced release date of ICS, ASUS decided to do it a bit earlier, anyone upset with that? I didn’t think so.¬†After yesterday’s news of a newer better spec-ed Transformer Prime at CES, a lot of Prime owners were a little upset with ASUS, maybe this will calm them down, but we will see.

Let us know in the comments if you see the download, and let us know how it’s running on your Transformer Prime, and make everyone else jealous.

  • Igal Neshto

    What about the old transformer? Show him some love as well, please…

    • Xavier Arambula

      February time frame for ICS on original Transformer.

      • xavier arambullshit

        not true

  • Neos_brother

    No update yet. Come on asus, sort my prime out with some ICS goodness.

  • Greg

    Updated and installed a couple hours ago. yeeeeeee :D working like a charm. currently trying to figure out if the default browser is in fact better than dolphin hd (some predicted it would be).

  • Azn-stalker

    Wth it says theres no update. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I got mine to upgrade last night and it works great. I am happy!

  • Keybrdmn

    Got ICS last night, and a camera update. Still probably going to return the tablet as I also bought it for GPS. A 10.1 inch GPS.

    • Xavier Arambula

      Wifi connectivity improved significantly with ICS. Maybe GPS has too.

  • Williamj234

    I have a tf201 and as of Jan 15 I still have no update to I cs 4.0