The Asus Transformer Prime is by far the most hotly anticipated tablet this holiday season, and while it remains to be seen if it will have Android 4.0 on time for Christmas, it should still be highly impressive, especially from a hardware point of view. As you’ll see in the video below, both the tablet part and the keyboard look extremely thin but also durable, thanks to the full aluminum body and the Gorilla Glass screen.

While the HD IPS display and the shape and feel of the device itself will impress you at a first look, what’s inside also impresses as well. the Asus Transformer Prime will be the first tablet with a quad core processor, which should give it somewhere around twice the CPU performance of the original Transformer, and three times the graphic performance.

It will also have 1 GB of fast LDDR2-1066 RAM. The speed improvement is definitely welcome, and it’s a sign that we’ll be finally getting into DDR3 next year for both tablets and phones and also double the amount of RAM – up to 2 GB. But as I said, we won’t be seeing that until next year in Transformer 3 and other tablets.

The tablet will also have 32 GB of internal storage, which is a first for a new $500 tablet. I think it’s good that we’re moving on with the amount of internal storage, but I don’t think it’s that important yet, and I would’ve preferred they included the keyboard dock in the $500 price with a 16 GB tablet instead. But it might be easier to do that with Transformer 3, since with this version they’ve also had to take care of some expensive manufacturing, trying to make it as thin and high quality as possible, much like their Asus Zenbook.

The Asus Transformer Prime should be available next week on December 8th. Now check out the hands-on video from Ritche’s Room TV:

  • Sim

    Nice. Can’t wait. I see gamestop has a release date of 9 December 2011 on their site now.

    Any idea if this is correct and more importantly for me, when will it be released in Australia?

    • Dec 8 is the US release date, and Australia and NZ are Dec 9/10, and UK/Europe is within the same time frame too. I have a feeling they are going to sell out fast – so pre-order is the way to go if you want one of these for the Holidays!

      • Sim

        Thanks for the info. Really pleased Aus is not far behind. Initial reports had it coming a couple months after US release. There is no way of pre-ordering in Aus that I can see yet, will definitely get on board if a retailer here starts taking orders.

  • Pat C

    Don’t know if anyone has touched on this but, the dock has touch sensitive areas to simulate, left and right mouse clicks.. Finally a combo with gamers in mind.

  • Richarddolce

    If u can click on the play button fast enough you can still see the video

  • Humanhazard just shipped mine!!! WOOT!