Asus Transformer Pad TF300T in-depth review [video]

by: ClaytonJuly 24, 2012

asus transformer pad tf300t review

When it comes to manufacturing high quality tablet devices, Asus doesn’t cut corners. From build quality, to hardware and software, Asus tends to hit the nail on the head when creating tablets. Their recent onslaught of devices have all been well received by almost everyone who’s had a chance to use them. I had the pleasure of receiving the Transformer Pad TF300T, which is basically the TF201 Prime’s little brother.

But, make no mistake, the TF300T holds it’s own against any competitor, thanks to an impressive arsenal of specs, software, and accessories.


The TF300T is no underdog. In fact, it’s packing the specs to compete with the absolute newest and hottest tablets on the market. It’s internals are as such:

  • Size: 263 × 180.8 × 9.9mm ; 635g
  • Display: 10.1″ WXGA (1280 × 800) LED with IPS
  • Processor: Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3, 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM DDR3
  • Storage: 16GB, microSD slot expandable
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Wi-Fi, micro HDMI
  • Camera: 8MP rear facing, 1.2MP front-facing
  • Video: 1080p HD
  • OS: Android 4.0.3
  • Available with a full mobile dock/keyboard
The device is slightly thicker than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Lenovo Ideatab S2110. It felt no heavier in the hands, I must say. Here are the three tablets stacked, with the Asus being on top.

The Tegra 3 is a massive CPU, and was capable of handling the most taxing actions I could hit at it. Nvidia, of course, pushes the gaming abilities of the Tegra 3, so I was sure to test that thoroughly as well. ShadowGun, Dead Trigger, Riptide, and the preloaded Glowball were no match for Tegra 3’s quad-core intensity. The Tegra 3 within the TF300T obtained benchmark scores that are slightly under the scores of the Tegra 3 chip found in the Transformer Prime and the HTC One X.


The TF300T is running Android 4.0.3 with the Asus Launcher running on top. The Asus Launcher is much less noticeable than TouchWiz or other manufacturer overlays, and keeps in-line with AOSP Android. Asus has also included three different modes of operation to complement the Tegra 3 processor – Power Saver, Balanced, and Performance. You will also find a bundle of native widgets that are quite useful and attractive.

Design and display

The 10.1″ IPS display on the Transformer Pad 300 is surrounded by a somewhat large bezel, but still provides a hefty amount of screen real estate. The 1280 x 800 resolution looks incredible when gaming or watching videos. The brightness is quite impressive as well, due to the additional backlights embedded in the device. The pixel density is equal to that of the Transformer Prime, coming in at 149 ppi.

Mobile Dock/Keyboard

In my opinion, the keyboard dock is an incredible addition to the tablet. The dock is extremely easy to use, lightweight, and basically turns the tablet into a quad-core netbook. Not too shabby, right? My only complaint is that it’s a bit on the small size, so it will take some getting used to, typing-wise.

The hinge between the TF300T and the keyboard is extremely strong, and offers the same adjustability as most laptops.


At 8MP, the Asus’ camera is not something to shake a finger at. The five element lens aids with focus, and produces impressive images. The camera software has the general configuration of most ICS devices, with multiple settings and effects to choose from. Here are some images taken using the rear-facing camera.

Video Review

Many of the TF300T’s features are better left to be experienced by seeing them. So here is our full Transformer Pad 300 video review !


The Asus TF300T is easily one of the best tablet devices I have had the pleasure of using. The UI, the hardware, and the keyboard dock all solidify the TF300T as a top contender for today’s tablet race.

What are your thoughts on this tablet? Does Google’s Nexus 7, with its smaller 7-inch form factor and extremely attractive price tag, appeal to you more? Or does ASUS still have a winner on its hands with the TF300T going at $399? Let us know! What’s a reasonable price to pay for a 10-inch quad core-tablet?

  • Mike McIntosh

    I really like this tablet and enjoy the dock keyboard much more than I thought I would.

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      I agree! I almost never use the tablet without the dock now.

      • Pål Tofte

        And for us old school people: putting a mouse in the USB port also works, making it an adequate alternative to a small form factor laptop.

    • Does this have nfc?

      • StanDP

        speak english dork off head

        • are you a retard? what part of that is not in english….

  • I picked this over the Nexus 7 16gb model. I got the tf300t 16GB model for 350 that about a 100 dollars more then the nexus. For that price I get full DDR3 speed as apposed to ddr3l(which many people forget, hence it translates into more speeds) expandable memory micro hdmi and optional doc not to mention then 10.1 inch screen. One thing you you mention here is that there is nfc in this in your system specs( as I am still waiting for mine) are you sure that’s true cause I haven’t read about it anywhere

  • rj

    Granted that I do miss that 10 inch goodness but ever since I received the Nexus 7, I don’t see myself going back to that unless I’m going to buy a new laptop. I don’t miss the 8mp camera because I have a phone for that, it has an expandable memory option via adapter which you could purchase off amazon and I used mostly cloud integrated storage. I love the Nexus 7! Its just a matter of time before the cloud storage thing goes into affect. I couldn’t be happier.

    • well worldwide its not a good thing. We have slow internet connections here so going for cloud anything beyond contacts and pics storage makes it a problem. You said that you can get an adapter for the nexus 7 for more memory?

    • Steve Rodrigue

      Internal tablet storage space is depending a lot on how you use your tablet. On my 32Gb TF201, I never got more than 5-8Gb used because I don’t store any videos, music or photos on it. I’m using it at home. All my photos are synced with Picasa, my music is available through Google Music (and I don’t listen to music my tablet either) and I prefer to watch videos/movies on the big screen. For general documents, there is Google Drive and/or Dropbox (or any other cloud storage application).

      But, for commuters the extra storage can be convenient to watch TV series/movies. Or for people who travels a lot and don’t have easy acces to WiFi.

      Don’t buy “wasted” storage space, but it if you need it and plan to use it.

  • WishingforaSamsung

    I have this tablet and the keyboard and I have to say I like it, bit it has it’s issues. The stock browser is HORRIBLY slow and I’ve not yet found one to match the speed of myDROID RAZR’s stock browser, and that is SO frustrating. When I have open multiple browser tabs it becomes that much slower. I expected mich better from ASUS. And honestly I see no benefit in the quad core speed on this tablet versus the dual core processor in my RAZR.

    • StanDP

      you dumb *u*k*n* idiot, it has it’s issues (no it does NOT, not if you maintain the TF300T Asus Pad properly You *u**i*g idiot! OH MY GOD get a clue, this is one of the greatest pad’s ever to hit the android scene EVER, so go get a clue, and once You figure out how to stop saying things have issues and become a device maintenance guru THENNNNN You’ll see, fore tweaked just right and optimized, security suite running, maintained FULLY the TF300T is not the issue dewdett it’s YOU!

  • Steve Rodrigue

    I own a Transformer Prime and a Nexus 7. Two of my colleagues have bought the TF300T under my recommendation. Actually, I would have boutht the TF300T if it was available when I was on the market to buy a tablet. But the TF201 was the only (and the first) Tegra3 tablet available. I bought it knowing Asus was doing a good job with the TF101 in terms of software support.

    But since I got my Nexus 7, my TF201 (and the TF300T) feels sluggish, buggy and slow. I can’t wait for the official JB update on the Transformer series. Then, these tablets will really shines again.

    The small Nexus 7 is so smooth and lightweight, it’s the perfect companion!

    At the moment, the Transformer series with ICS is not very well optimized, it’ their Achilles’ heel.

  • tapmytab