Asus reportedly preparing two new Transformer Pads, models TF103 and TF303

by: Andrew GrushMarch 5, 2014


It looks like Asus is gearing up to release two new members to the Asus Transformer Pad family, the TF103 and TF303. Although Asus has yet to officially announce either of these tablet/laptop hybrids, evidence of the upcoming devices comes to us from a design directory listing from Red Dot 21.

Aside from these alleged press images, not much is known about the upcoming tablets, other than Red Dot 21 describes them as “renovated from last generation”. Turning our attention to a report from Notebook Italia, however, we learn at least a few other possible details.

Reportedly, the TF303 will feature an Intel Bay Trail CPU, a full HD display, Android OS, and a “long battery life”. While no spec details are divulged for the TF103, it is believed to essentially have the same overall looks but with cheaper, less powerful specs.


Now that renders of the tablets have surfaced, it’s probably just a matter of time before an official announcement is made. Of course, it’s important to note that we really can’t confirm the existence of either tablets just yet, or the validity of the renders. Bottom-line, speculation is advised.

At least based on their outer-designs, what do you think of the aesthetics for the upcoming Transformer Pad models? Are you a fan of the Asus Transformer series in general?

  • nhu

    please let one of them be 13+ inch screen

    • Humberto Hernandez

      More than 13″ for a tablet??? wow, that seems to be pretty heavy…
      Well, i’d like to try them, i like big screens on tablets, but there’s the thing with the weigth.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    This could make me think about getting the Z2 tablet..
    Let’s see what asus has to offer and what price.

  • Henry Lao

    Im hoping for a Tegra4/2GB/32GB/1080p android tab with a price tag of roughly $350; in other words, a slightly watered down TF701.

  • John Doe

    Sorry, these guys never upgrade anything, so my answer to this is ….. NO!
    Their support channel says that their major complaint/request is for OS upgrades.
    My suggestion would be to go for a manufacturer the actually cares about their
    customers requests and does not leave them hanging after taking their money!!
    Look at the Nexus line, or some other company … don’t waste your money!!

    • Steve Jobless

      Everyone wants the latest and greatest. Of course they “complain” – Asus has an excellent record for upgrades and has often been the first to put out tablets with the latest OS. They also have provided upgrades quicker than other tablet makers. I would expect given the track record with earlier Transformers that these new devices will be supported and get upgrades – Cheer up. Sorry about your problems with Samsung.

      • ratnok

        Nope. I have the Transformer Prime, and it’s still stuck on 4.1. Without 4.3’s fsTRIM features, and the tablet over time has become unusable. I bought a Chromebook because my Transformer was so bad.

        • PRHdroid

          I completely agree with this. I had a tough time unlocking, rooting, flashing custom rom and putting 4.4.2 on it through CM11 (unofficial). Not only has the performance increased SIGNIFICANTLY where I can actually use it again, but it runs nearly flawlessly. ASUS was great about getting it from 4.0 to 4.1, but that was because they released it right as the new OS was rolling out. After that update…..crickets. They most certainly DO NOT update their products.

          • Steve Jobless

            They DO update their tablets. Just not forever. LOL
            Everyone wants the latest and greatest.
            No tablet manufacturer is obligated to continue updating your OS. Sometimes the OS becomes incompatible and thus can’t be updated. A little research goes a long way.

          • PRHdroid

            No. They updated 1 time because the OS came out right before the tablet came out. They promised it would have that update in order to sell the tablet. After that update it never received any more support. I don’t know why I am trying to make any point to you, it’s obvious you have no idea what updating a product really is. They should be good for at least 2 updates. Losing support on a product less than 6 months in is not getting updates. Perhaps some of their other products were supported better, but this was supposed to be the best tablet they were to release for a year. Also, hoping that now that hardware has slowed way down since those times it is better. But updates give performance boosts, security updates, additional features, etc. In today’s tech you would hope your purchase of hundreds of dollars could get support for at least 2 years. I guess I’m asking way too much. It’s not like my 7 year old PC doesn’t have windows 8, oh wait it does. At least we have options like rooting and putting on a custom ROM.

          • Steve Jobless

            Here’s a typical post about Asus updates:

            The TF201 Prime was the first Quad-Core tablet released. It was shipped with Honeycomb 3.2

            Yes they updated the TF201 Prime twice. Once in January 2012 and again at the end of Sept. (almost 9 months later) so it was good for 2 updates and was supported longer than “less than 6 months”

            Thanks Asus for the Unlock bootloader tool.

            It’s obvious you are complaining in a vacuum… No one knows what OS updates will be available and what update schedule would appy. Welcome to 2014.

            Have fun with your PC – the topic here is rumored Asus Android devices.

      • pablouk

        Rubbish, most of their tablets get one update and thats it.

  • AndroidBoss

    Nexus 10.

  • Jan Morrida

    Looks like they at least put the speakers are the front.

  • Be Cool

    Android hybrids are not so interesting as W8 hybrids.
    Still waiting for Asus and Samsung answer to Dell Venue 11 Pro, to decide what to buy. DV11Pro looks best so far , but one (or two) inches more, will be perfect for me

  • Otto Andersson

    I want these so bad, because my nexus 10 is a pain with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. But it does seem like Asus never really upgrades their products, so I guess I’m gonna have to pass still :-

  • anonymous

    Asus CFO: “OK guys, nobody is buying more of these things… Lets make more!”

  • Rimshot

    I have a tx300 w8 transformer. It’s a beautiful thing. A bit wobbly on the hinge but I am advised that this is due to the angle I was using and it’s going well. A 13 ” tablet is great for presentation. Awesome piece of kit.

  • Cao Meo

    very beautiful!

  • Key Lime Pie

    Can anyone tell me when the transformer book duet will be available or if really is cancelled?
    If it is cancelled, SCREW YOU GOOGLE!! Dx

    • Humberto Hernandez

      I think google had it cancelled.
      A shame, i was looking forward to it.

  • Jmdolphin

    I am sure something even better will be sold outside the USA. They send the i7 chromebook box to world and give USA the i3. Really?

  • pablouk

    So yet more tablets which asus will not be updating 6 months after release. If your thinking of spending any money on a new tablet I would suggest looking at a company who gives a feke to its customer support.

  • Gerald chavez

    Will never buy another ASUS tablet again or anything ASUS for that matter. Bought a transformer prime when it first came out with matching keyboard totaling 600$. Was happy but two years later new android platforms and no word from ASUS on updates. DONT GET LEFT BEHIND. AVOID!!