Asus Transformer Pad Infinity gets new firmware: v10.4.4.20

by: Bams SadewoNovember 9, 2012

Boy, the folks at Asus sure love to take good care of Transformer Pad Infinity owners. After pushing out the Jelly Bean update in early October, Asus rolled out firmware v10.4.4.18 for the slate to fix several bugs not long after. Now, a new software update for the TF700T tablet is available to download.

So, what’s on firmware v10.4.4.20, which is intended for the U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan and worldwide models of the Transformer Pad Infinity? Android Police got that covered. Here’s the full changelog:

WiFi Direct

  • Fine-tune WiFi Direct connection behavior.


  • Fix the issue that in certain “aspect ratio” and “picture size” photos, the pixel dimension of the picture would be different if taken in landscape and portrait mode.


  • Fix the issue that, during HDMI output, the output screen will get cropped after chooses “HDMI” item in “Settings”.
  • Fix no items issue in HDMI setting page when output via HDMI.
  • Fix screen flickering issue when rotating the pad after adjusting brightness bar in “Settings”.


  • Fix lingering “Turning Wi-Fi on” status.


  • Improve Bluetooth compatibility.

App Backup

  • Fix lingering backup success status when user removes SD card  during the backup process.

Sound Recorder

  • Fix unplayable Sound Recorder file when inserted in Supernote.


  • Fix garbled typing result when selecting English after Chinese with Zuyin IME.

Third-party App

  • 高德導航Upgrade to 5.1.8001.0033.0033-20121010 (CN SKU only)
  • MyCloud Upgrade to
  • Polaris Upgrade to 3.5_5r14741FV06.
  • Remove掌上百度 (CN SKU only).

The file is here if you want to grab it for your Infinity tablet. Do tell us below how your slate runs with the new firmware installed.

  • Clint Coady

    Installed the update OTA and it worked fine for me. Haven’t test all the fixes yet, but the upgrade itself went fine.

  • cycad007

    Good job, Asus! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to buying another one of your tablets in the near future! :)

  • burge1971

    Hdmi use to crop fine before update, now i get the bottom bar…seems broken to me…use to get a great 1080p picture, now 1080p including the stupid bar…this can’t be how asus want the display to work :-(

  • yommama

    Wrong! they actually removed the wifi direct feature.