ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is FCC-approved. Release to follow soon?

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 22, 2012

The high-end tablet market has been largely ignored over the past few months, with a slew of low-cost, but impressive Android 4.0 tablets hitting the stores. While there are a lot of such budget-friendly options, there is obviously something far more attractive about those quad-cored, high-resolution tablets, regardless of the much higher price point.

ASUS has been slowly circling the high-end tablet market with the release of the Transformer Prime last year, which is slated to be  followed by the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. The flagship device, first spotted at CES 2012 as the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF700T, boasts an amazing set of specifications including:

  • 10.1″ multi-touch Super IPS+ display
  • 1920×1200 resolution
  • 1.6Ghz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor (WiFi only)
  • 16/32/64GB internal storage, expandable via microSD
  • 25Whr (~6757 mAH) battery
  • 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera

The good news that we bring today is that, according to a report from Engadget, the WiFi edition of the Transformer Pad Infinity has just received FCC approval, which usually indicates that a release is soon to follow. Granted, the 4G LTE version, expected to feature a 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm  dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, was nowhere to be seen, but that is likely to arrive soon as well.

With the device expected to show up in Europe on July 10, the FCC-approval is just in time for a similar release date in the US . On the down side, the Transformer Pad Infinity comes with the hefty price tag of approximately $780 in Europe, and will likely feature a similar price in the US.

What are your thoughts? Will you be picking up the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity when it is released? Would you rather own the WiFi only quad-core tablet or wait for the dual-core 3G/4G LTE version? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Gowkrat

    Overpriced from my point of view why?
    Well we have windows 8 coming besides this is just a iPad-notebook
    There is no way how a notebook can replace a laptop but I they make a real laptop 15″ with windows 8 and optical disk iPad transformer this would be awesome and the price fair.

    • Alex Fromm

      Don’t windows 8! Don’t need windows on a pad!

    • Svashtar

      What the hell are you talking about man? Get your thoughts sorted :)
      Firstly, this is not even close to iPad. With all the extensions (usb for example) it blows iPad out the window. Secondly, notebook = laptop – what are you even comparing? I don’t get your comment at all.

      • Striderevil

        probably comparing the Asus transformer book thats upcoming. i7 spec tablet thats basically a ultrabook tablet hybrid

  • Alex Fromm

    Waiting for the 3G/4G Version. Hope comes as soon as possible. Found is the best pad!

  • alex2792

    Only a true moron would buy an Android tablet at that price. Any tablet priced higher than the iPad is DOA.

    • it’ll decrease as time passes by. there are some people willing to pay that much at first.

      • Sicarium

        And they’ll get screwed by Asus, again.

        • that’s business for you

        • Derp

          Nah, signals should be okay on this one.

    • If it includes the keyboard, then it would be worth it.

  • Pierre

    Funny comments. I have been waiting for something like this…If it comes out before something else (similar) I will pick this up. IPAD? NO WAY. TOO RESTRICTIVE. You get what you pay for on Android. And NO—no 3 or 4G.

  • Cyril

    As answer to the question above:
    A tablet is IMHO a transportable device with the main purpose to allow connectivity to
    1. other devices
    2. the web
    at any place and at any time. But it does explicitely not require another device in order to do this.
    So it has to provide at least UMTS, Wifi and Bluetoth. A Wifi only Pad is of no use for me.
    But if it comes with LTE _and_ an additional keyboard dock then that’s absolutely awesome.

    • Striderevil

      I don’t need an extra mobile connection when I’m already carrying a mobile phone which can be tethered to. Also the chipsets offered by the 4g version of the tablets are in my books below par and not worth the price tag

  • Hope it has 2 speakers. There tablets have bad sound…

    • it would be better if it had them on the front and not the back like in the galaxy 2 10.1

      • RepliertoChristian

        That would look ugly though

    • AndroidInfinityFan

      I don’t think it has two speakers – sorry.

  • Trese

    July 10? Is this a typo? should be out June 10 according to some site (italy)

  • Stephen Sucena

    That price is pretty steep when in essence, all you are really getting is a higher resolution screen and a slightly faster CPU. I’m sure the screen will look fantastic but will the pixel density have a corresponding increase? It better if ASUS wants to justify that price. I’m sorry, but I’m not Bill Gates so My Prime will have to do….250 bucks is not worth the better screen. If it was say only 100 bucks more, then yes, I would have waited and bought the Infinity instead. As for the speakers, I agree. The Primes sound system sucks (and considering it is a heavily advertised point I was very surprised at how bad it sounds) but I would remind you that it does have 2 speakers. The problem is they are mounted right next to each other and they are positioned where they fire off behind the tablet and the speaker grill is in such a position as to be blocked by he users hand when being held. I have alleviated the poor sound somewhat by installing Volume+ so the loudness is much better but in my opinion, the designer who thought it was a good idea to mount the speakers like that should be fired.

  • function69


    • Eli Yazdi

      If it’s 599 Euros in Italy, and they sell the Prime there for that price, and here it’s $500, expect a 64 gig model for the price of 16!

  • It won’t cost that much here. Electronics are way overpriced over there. It’ll probably be the same in $$ as it is in pounds, despite the exchange rate. What is that, ~$600?

    • Fishin

      I agree, but the pricing is to heavy. I am saving though.

    • Lenn Liggins

      Agree, I’m setting my limit at around $650 with taxes.

  • If it’s more than $600 I’ll probably either go with the TF300 or wait for the next lineup of Ultrabooks running windows 8.

  • oldtimer

    Why wi fi? My wants and needs are continous access. Will wait or get different model that has similar features if available

  • Jssihs

    asus, acer, and huawei r all promising the world with their COMING tablet attractions. apple ipad 3 is already here with a resolution these late comers will not even match whenever they do come out. then, apple will b due for another upgrade and again smoke asus, acer, and huawei.
    it is literally pitiful they r so slow.

    • Hai

      do you know how close 4k screens are ? intel wants to have 11-13 inch devices at resolutions 2560*1440 at arround 250-300ppi in 2013. only one year away. trust me apple wont be sitting on the top block for long, that resolution is rediculouse and the new ipad (not ipad 3 as so many wrongly mistake ) wont be very resolutionary as apple says for very much longer.and when they do come apple wont stand a chance

      rediculously high res screens bring it on :),15329.html

    • Striderevil

      4:3 screen vs. Android 16:9 HD screens. Ipad can be an expensive picture viewer. The difference in ppi for the two is 26 – 30. Trust me hold them side by side and you wont be able to tell the difference. In fact hold and ipad2 next to the new ipad and you wont be able to tell the difference

  • James6478

    People you have to relies that this is the 64gb price the 32gb will be 600… same as the iPad really… only thing is that there won’t be a 16gb version.

  • malocclu

    WiFi only and yes I want one!

  • Buncos7490

    I will take the Wi-Fi only version. I can always connect thru use of my smartphone when Wi-Fi is unavailable and I need to connect. It also answers the question of what to do if I ever changed phone carriers.

  • Crossbow30

    Definitely the dual-core 3G/4G LTE version. I love the 3G feature with my iPad…wouldn’t know what to do without it. Now I’m ready for the Asus…but with 3G/4G.

  • Whydoyouwantoknowmyemail

    I think that is heavily over priced but I will be saving for it. I love android, I had an iPad 3 and sold it in a week because it was drastically boring. I would get the WiFi, quad-core version, only as the more applications and widgets running, the quad-core tablets lag in simple tasks. I will only be getting 3G/LTE if it has that quad-core desire of mine.

  • Motosh2k

    I hope to get the wifi only version. The price is however on the high side! They can’t put the price at par with ipad price if they really want to compete with or better still outsmart apple. $700.00 for a pad/tablet is far too high. No matter how beautiful a product might be in term of specification.. when it’s overpriced..the price factor will definately overshadow it’s popularity at the end. They need to consider sales in terms of volume at a reasonable price versus sales at a high price to a few individuals that can aford it. I thought they say they were aiming at making up for a low price with the sales from the duck? that I think will be a better consideration.

  • Jayden Wiancko

    To answer the question, wifi for sure!

    But i have something to add, lots of people seem to be complaining about the speaker system. Maybe they should redesign the speakers on the tablet, and also add two more speakers onto the keyboard. That way four speakers would have a decent sound quality and the speakers in the tablet by itself could be made better.

  • Eman Thoreson

    Thats a high price…. Usually if the europe price is 599 euros then the American price is 599 dollars. I dont expect such a high price.

  • Sam Marzano

    Not at $780. At almost $300 difference between the Infifnity and the Prime, there isn’t enough upgrade to pay that much more. $300 for an HD screen, .1 faster processor and not much more, no I’ll stay with my Prime.

  • Jssihs

    wait, wait, wait. promises and no action. asus blows. example. go to their site and try to get a response from their chat section for info. nada thing. no news. only promises of the next big thing. also, when the promised product finally looks like it will appear, it is already a dinosaur because we r being promised the next big thing, which never shows up…i am thinking…go apple

  • Piemaster10013

    it better not be $700 for 32gb or ill be pretty mad