Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 vs Apple iPad (3rd gen) – Battle of the High-Resolution Tablets

by: LucianMarch 19, 2012

The new iPad (3rd generation) has just been launched, and it’s time to look at how competitive it is to one of the most expected upcoming Android tablets – the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 (Asus product naming is getting a little out of hand here; it shouldn’t take a full sentence to call a product by its name). The Transformer Pad Infinity will also be a high-resolution tablet like the new iPad and it’s worth looking at their specs and their use cases to see how they compare.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 Specs

  • Processor: Tegra 3 (T33), quad core 1.6 Ghz Cortex A9 / dual core 1.5 Ghz S4 for LTE version
  • Display: 10.1″ Super IPS+, 1920×1200 (224 PPI)
  • Internal storage: 32 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Cameras: 8 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE (in other models)
  • OS: Android 4.0
  • Battery: 25 Whr
  • Dimensions:263 x 180.8 x 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 586 g
  • Price:  $600 Wi-fi only 32 GB version

Apple iPad (3rd gen) Specs

  • Processor: Apple A5X, dual core 1 Ghz Cortex A9
  • Display: 9.7″ IPS, 2048×1536 (264 PPI)
  • Internal storage: 16 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Cameras: 5 MP rear camera, VGA (0.3 MP) front camera
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE (in other models)
  • OS: iOS 5.1
  • Battery: 42.5 Whr
  • Dimensions:241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm
  • Weight: 652 g
  • Price: $500 Wi-Fi only, 16 GB version, $600 Wi-fi only 32 GB version


It looks like Apple didn’t increase the CPU performance at all over the iPad 2, and it’s the same dual core 1 Ghz Cortex A9 CPU as last year. This may pose a problem for the new Retina optimized app, and it will start to seem slower when compared to all the upcoming tablets that will show up within the next year by the time the 4th gen iPad appears. Android tablets are already starting to have either the quad core Tegra 3 chip with 1.3-1.6 Ghz per core or dual core 1.5 Ghz S4 chips, which are more like a dual core 2 Ghz Cortex A9 in terms of performance, to put it in perspective.

I’ve said before that in most cases a dual core processor should outperform a quad core one if it has higher performance on each core, compared to a quad core chip with lower performance for each core. But in this case the iPad has lower performance for the 2 cores as well, and the Transformer Pad Infinity should have at least 60% higher performance in the browser and most other apps, because of its higher clocked cores.

People may be forgetting this with Apple’s marketing of their new GPU, but it’s important to remember that although the GPU is important to push pixels on the screen in games and for the UI, the CPU is still by far the most important chip in the device, and most tasks are handled by it. This means you should pretty much always look for a device with a faster CPU, and the GPU should always be a lower priority.


The iPad has a slightly higher resolution than the Transformer Pad Infinity here, with a 2048×1536 vs a 1920×1200 resolution, or 40 extra PPI (264 vs 224). This will help give text extra crispness for text, but the difference shouldn’t be noticeable. Plus none of them is actually “Retina”, meaning 300 PPI, according to research cited by Steve Jobs himself.

As for movies, the extra resolution does nothing, because movies are still at most at 1080p, and both resolutions can let you run that at native resolution. I would argue one aspect makes the Transformer Pad Infinity even better at watching movies because of its 16:10 ratio. On an 4:3 iPad, the letterbox space will occupy 1/3 of the screen.

The Super IPS+ screen seems to look better as well with higher brightness and less sunlight reflection. The video below also shows that even if Apple’s GPU may run certain (simple) things a lot better, it seems to be lacking in some graphics features, and Nvidia is actually focused on making games look better, rather than just winning benchmark tests for simple GPU tasks:


Both tablets will have 1 GB of RAM, and that’s actually one of the disappointing part for both tablets. 1 GB for tablets is pretty low, especially when it comes to browsing, which you do a lot more than on a phone. Plus, having these high resolutions means apps will run more data through RAM, which means it will feel “less” than before. Other upcoming tablets should have 2 GB of RAM throughout the year.


The Transformer Pad Infinity seems to have higher MP cameras than the iPad in both cases (8 MP vs 5 MP, and 2 MP vs 0.3 MP), and it remains to be seen how the quality will compare, but to be honest I could care less about the rear camera on tablets. Who actually takes pictures with their cameras? And even if they do, it’s probably like a one time per month thing. I just don’t think it’s worth investing a lot of money into competing over this.


Both tablets are priced the same when having the same amount of storage (32 GB), but the iPad also has a 16 GB version. I think it’s unwise for Asus to not release a $500 16 GB version, too. While I agree that now with these high resolutions, apps will be 3-4x bigger in size (a 100 MB app will become 300 or 400 MB), so storage will feel much smaller than before, and it a good move to move towards 32 GB default storage for high-end tablets, it’s just not a very good decision to not have anything to compete at the $500 level. It’s a mistake Motorola already made with the Xoom. But perhaps Asus will release such a version by then.


The new iPad has a 70% bigger battery than both iPad 2 and the Transformer Pad Infinity. This seems to be the fault of a pretty inefficient set-up of a PowerVR SGX543 MP4 GPU, a higher resolution, and a chip that is still made at 45 nm. Even the LTE chip is the same power hungry LTE chip that we had in the HTC Thunberbolt and other LTE devices last year.

So their solution to all of this was to put as big of a battery as possible in the tablet. This also added 50 grams of weight and 6 mm of thickness, when  tablets are supposed to become ever thinner and ever lighter. While thinness is almost always preferable and we should always push for it in the tech industry, just like now twe are pushing for thin ultrabooks, I don’t think it’s that huge of an issue as long as it’s around 9-10 cm for a phone or tablet.

Weight on the other hand, actually is a big issue. Tablets are still very heavy at 600 grams, and the new iPad increases that to 652 grams. An “ideal” 10″ tablet will weight somewhere around 300-400 grams if you want to watch or read something for more than 30 minutes and not be bothered by the weight.

I’m a big supporter of having bigger batteries in smartphones, like in the Droid RAZR Maxx, and I believe all smartphones should have 3000+ mAh batteries, but if tablets can last for around 10 hours of normal use there’s no need to increase the battery life. The Tegra 3 is a pretty efficient processor thanks to the 5th core and power saving modes, so the Transformer Pad Infinity should achieve the same kind of battery life even without a huge battery. Plus, I think simply going after bigger batteries is manufacturer laziness.

Their #1 priority should still be energy efficiency, not using bigger batteries. Smartphones are an exception because you always use them with you so you want them to last as long as possible – days if possible. That means they should keep focusing on both energy efficiency and putting 3000 mAh batteries inside them.


I still believe that by now you’re making a choice of ecosystems, whether it’s Android or iOS, so that should be the #1 decision for most people, but in terms of specs the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity seems like a better tablet in everything except the slightly higher resolution. You get higher performance for most apps thanks to a quad core and higher clocked CPU, and richer graphics thanks to the Tegra 3 GPU. Plus, you get a thinner (8.5 mm vs 9.4 mm) and a lighter tablet (586 g vs 652 g), and if you want to use it as a laptop, there’s no better choice then a Transformer device.

  • wtf

    i want one

    • Psxfun

      I have only 1 question…when will it be in stores???

      • Imca83

        I was going to buy the Transformer Prime, but after hearing about the new Infinity last month decided to wait and buy it. But when is it suppose to come out? The people at Best Buy told me it was coming out in April, but I don’t always believe their sales people. Why does Asus not give a date unless it is not ready yet.

  • Aquanox

    Man this is a biased as it can get. When did browsing start being CPU eaters? Unless you’re using non optimized stuff like flash, browsing is a pleasure to do in any modern platform. Including 2 Flash benchmarks when the iPad doesn’t support flash? Wow!

    As for the gaming comparison, they’re using a game not optimized for the new ipad. You guys have previously posted a news stating how much faster the new ipad is for 3D applications… of course, the A5X has just been released so it won’t just magically make games look better. Devs actually need to get their hands on it to make the most of its power. The horse power is there, it just needs to be exploded.

    • spoken like a true apple-fanboy

    • Doodle

      Browsing? That would depends on the web content isn’t it? And with the new HTML5 and all the new multi media element, it will definitely become more of a resource hog.

      And you know, given that
      1) specs and hardware in the “New” Ipad is not much of an upgrade
      2) Optimisation involves both OS and hardware .. and iOS has not been changed between the switch from Ipad 2 to the “new” IPad,
      you would expect the existing software to be rather optimised.

    • Waaaaa! bohoo, they took what is standard on nearly everything else and compared it to 2 devices pretending to be full computers. Seems like a no brainer that something primarily focused fully on web experience would be able to.. ya know.. experience the full web.

      Your second complaint is funny too, most games aren’t optimized for a quad core device either, but it will still win.

  • Aquanox

    P.D. Increase in resolution is not directly proportional to the weight of the app. You can have the same game with similar weights on PC and Xbox 360 for example, 1080p on the first and 720p on the second. A high resolution texture pack was released afterwards for PC, that was 2GB… 25% more. It doesn’t multiplicate the app weight.

    • Campkuklis

      Well these stats are all well and good except for one big element. What’s being compared and contrasted are reality and a phantom. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not siding with the fruit basket hardware. But, how long are asus and acer going to keep us hanging here. I’m waiting to buy my first tablet. Please don’t keep me hanging. Will we be reading about the specs on the 800 or 900 models before the 700’s arrive?

  • yul

    I have to agree, Processing power is better than Graphics processing power. If I were using a tablet for just games that would be cool, but why would i want an extensive amount of graphics processing power when my tablet is utilized for more than games.

  • olbp

    Hmm! Now if the Infinity came with a Samsung screen, like Apple’s, of equal height, it would have even higher resolution that the iFad3 because of its 16:9 shape, something on the order of 2730 x 1536. Now that would be something to crow about, right Apple? Just THINK of the movies and pictures, fantastic video calls, especially with a decent camera. Something above a .3MP front facing camera, for instance. Well, if not the Infinity something else will do it within the year. Apple product development is so SLOW, and so dependent on other companies for its high tech parts.

    • Livecave144

      It would be useless since support for a retina android tablet would be scarce unlike the iPad wich is updating apps for retina by the day

  • Aquanox

    @Yul: What are the most power hunger processes on a Tablet apart from games? Yes… that’s recording, editing and playing HD movies. All those you can do with the GPU instead of the CPU. Add a much better optimization in iOS Apps and I belive the vast majority of apps will perform better on the new iPad. Android is a great alternative but there’s a lot of catch up to be done to reach Apple’s standards.

  • Anthony

    The Transformer is definitely way better at CPU intensive tasks but the new iPad destroys it in GPU performance. Which is insane seeings how the Tegra 3 has 12 cores and the new iPad only has 4. The Tegra 3 gaming scores already suck, I can’t imagine how horrible it’s going to be at the higher resolution. It’s all a different architecture, with the iPad’s just being better.

    Also Android is the poor man’s Windows OS, it requires more cpu power to get the same performance as an iPad when running apps. Benchmarks will be the only place you can measure that performance. Look at how close the web browsing scores are even!

    The iPad is sorta like a game console developing wise and OS wise. For example the PS3 is using the equivalent to a Geforce 7800 GPU yet is able to pump out amazing graphics that PC gamers need much more powerful systems to run. Not to mention Android doesn’t have anything that takes advantage of all that CPU power, well except the benchmarks. When the web browsing scores are so close and the gaming scores are better on the iPad, that should be a better indication of performance than a benchmark program. As a side note, with the graphic acceleration added in ICS does it finally run buttery smooth? That’s one thing that annoyed me on my Archos 70 compared to the iPad 1. Jittery performance compared to the 60fps input on the iPad. I hope so!

    • SJKel

      The A5X chip is double the size of the Tegra 3, and A5X has a smaller CPU so its GPU must be much much larger than Tegra 3

      • size in technology never means shit, its like me telling you your old ass mac is more powerful than a new slim computer on the market today because all its parts are bigger nub…

        • SJKel

          Transistor count, which greatly affects chip area/size, means in a lot when you talk about processors, especially GPUs You can look it the area of various GeForce and Radeon products, and within the same generation, the larger chip is always faster. On the other hand, the number of “cores” means relative little when you compare different architectures.

          • anonymous

            you really have no idea what you’re talking about. please stop posting.

          • SJKel

            Since the fanboys don’t want to listen to actual engineers that worked on designing GPUs, I will stop posting. It doesn’t invalidate what I wrote, however. Transistor count and thus chip area matters way more than most other factors, unless the engineers are grossly incompetent.

          • Transistor count matters, yes. but if its newer technology guess what? They make smaller transistors, meaning the overall size of a chip is virtually meaningless.

            A coffee mug sized 90nm chip would be less powerful than a quarter sized 32nm chip. And 5 quarters at this level would obviously be better than 2 quarters because separately they would hold and balance more transistors, and reduce the heat. Some engineer..

          • SJKel

            Sure, but we are not comparing chips from different eras, so it’s highly unlikely that one is at 90nm and another at 32nm.

            Now, back on topic,

            A5x is 163mm^2 with 45nm transistors. Tegra 3 is ~80mm^2 with 40nm transistors. Since the 45nm vs 40nm measurement is for one dimension, the actual difference is ~26.6% In other words, theoretically, Tegra 3 at 45nm would be 26.6% larger, at roughly 100mm^2. The A5x would still be over 60% larger with same feature size. The GPU transistor count difference would be even larger, assuming A5x has a smaller CPU (very likely given that A5x is dual core and Tegra 3 has 4+1 cores)

          • Doodle

            mmm .. look who is the ignorant one.

      • Tegra 3 has a different architecture than the A5x the gpu in the a5x is a dual core and the tegra 3 has 8 gpu cores

        • cpc464freak

          Try 12 GPU cores, which if a shader takes full multi-threaded advantage of, should wipe the Apple off the map.

    • anonymous

      do you know why consoles dont need that much power to play a game? its because they only have one job to do: play games. PC’s have to run an os, the game, and allow for full multitasking at the same time. if you knew anything about computers youd realize this. also, thanks to consoles, games nowadays suck ass. all games are based on shit technology consoles, and then ported to PC. do you realize what would happen if they developed a game based on current PC’s then ported them to consoles? consoles wouldnt have a snowballs chance in hell of playing them. consoles dumb down gaming, period.

  • Guest

    I think everyone would agree the ASUS is the better machine. But the IPAD 3 is out and you can buy it! There is something to be said for being the first, what good is a tablet if you can’t have it when you want it, it’s like saying I already love the IPAD 4, it’s better than anything else out there! Great but where is it? Technology buyers are the most fickle consumer on the planet ( I include myself ), if I can’t spend my money on the shiny toy, something else shiny and now sparkly comes along and I want it! I don’t believe manufacturers should rush their launches, but certainly come close to the same time line as your competitor or it always spells doom, ASUS needs to be scared, you can easily go from first to last in a heartbeat! Just look at RIM…..

    • Logic002

      Agreed, plus a launch around tax time when a large mass of people are getting refunds allows for lower income people have the funds to purchase such a device, which is usually an impulse buy for this group of people.

  • Vandel

    You can’t really compare thing that is NOT available. Period. Ipad 3 won

    • Dripping Metal

      you mean ipad 2.5? lol

    • Ipad 3 lost, the marketing strategy was a fail, the reason why asus and samsung put out the weak Tegra 3 tablets first was to lure out apple’s ipad otherwise apple would have had the lead, but since other companies put out a smaller product apple had to release one sooner or later, next step asus had planned was to release the infinity (upgraded prime) so they would know what they had to compete against for the android market. Even apple agreed they had no choice, therefor the ipad 3 is a flail, tegra 3 was much more powerful from the start anyways, its a quad core (12 technical cores) while the a5x is a dual (with 4 technical cores)

      • D V

        Yeah and the reason Microsoft put out weak Windows tablets for a decade was to lure out Apple’s iPad. Give me a break. Also iPad has like 60% of the market so Apple is winning by any measure. Next year you’ll say the Infinity was released to lure out the iPad 4.

        • B69tech

          dude apple’s new iPad was not named an iPad 3 for some reason. It was not worthy of being called an iPad 3! Seriously, the spec updates from the iPad 2 to the new iPad was not a big major difference….sure its got retina display but now because of that apps are going to take up more storage space. In this case the Asus Transformer Prime is a better choice because you don’t need to be carrying around extra devices needed unless you got yourself a freaking Apple TV. What I’m saying here I guess is that for anything big that you want to do on an iPad you need to buy extra accessories and overall it just adds up the price of any iPad. Enough said…….I’m getting myself a new iPad and selling it when the Transformer Infinity comes out lol (kind of hypricitical huh?!?!?!?!)

          • It doesn’t even have Retina Display. Steve Jobs stated himself that it isn’t Retina unless it’s 300 PPI or more. So in reality it isn’t even an iPad 2 + Retina Display, it’s a iPad 2 HD. Learn not to lie to your customer’s faces Apple.

          • Dynamic Footwear Distribution

            I don’t get it… you guys are calling out Apple followers as a bunch of sheep and here you are quoting off of Steve Jobs… the head of the sheep pack? You guys amuse me to no end.

      • Livecave144

        Ps iPad sold more on launch than tpi700 will I’m it’s entire lifetime meaning app support will flood for the iPad as allways making these tegra 3 tablets irrelevant

        • Its sad how true what you just said is. I mean, honestly now. Apple’s name is bigger so therefore it’s better is the general consensus among most under-educated consumers. Because of this, developers hoping to succeed will have to resort to iOS due to its larger fan base. Even though NVIDIA Tegra 3 is superior, It’ll take a ton of Android-dedicated developer to finally put Apple iPad monstrosity to bed.

        • Unknown

          The only reason thats true because people dont actually look at the specs before they buy, and the new ipad is not actually retina, retina displays have 300PPI or more, the new ipad only has about 256PPI

          • Dynamic Footwear Distribution

            300 ppi is the baseline for viewing from a cellphone eye distance less than a foot to foot and a half. With a tablet’s view distance being at least double that, 300PPI is not a mandatory requirement. Now… getting back to your assertion the bottom line is the transformer infinity will have LESS ppi than even the ‘Non-retina’ idisplay… so i don’t know what you guys are getting your jollies up about.

          • Doodlepig

            Actually, I hold my IPad just slightly further away compared to when I view my phone, so the real difference in distance isn’t that much.

    • Well since there’s no such thing as the Ipad 3, i guess your contradicting yourself quite a bit.

  • gixx

    Well I like both platforms, I have an Ipad 1 and a samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone and both are really good to use in different ways.

    As you can see both of these tablets are pretty damn impressive for thier sizes so it comes down to what you like and what is available. Above all, which ever you purchase, you will be happy knowing that you have one very capable device!

    I personally have an ipad but I am very interested in the Asus and have put purchasing an ipad 3 on hold…

  • Steven Vaccaro

    Apple customers are like sheep. Blindly following apple. This new Ipad “whatever version” is a perfect example of this. I can say that because I was once one of you. Once you try Andriod you wont go back to IOS. I have way more freedom with my device. Andriod widgets with the info I want and the size I like are a huge bonus over IOS.

    • Elias

      So true, I was a hard core Apple only person. Once i saw the advertisement for the Asus Transformer Prime i was blown away. I looked down at my iPad 2, and look on the screen at the preview of the Prime and was instantly sold. Android has been a great experience for me, especially with the Prime. It last longer than my iPad 2 ever did, and this is coming from a student who used the device all day. To give an example of how much better the battery life is compared to the iPad 2 or even the New iPad (since they both last “10 hrs”, i would wake up at 6am and use my ipad the whole day until 3:45pm. At the end of the day the iPad 2 would have 34% battery left, on the prime I have 50%ish, and with the dock i go TWO FULL DAYS of school using it for essays, annotating, calculating, web browsing, occasional gaming, and reading books… That is simply amazing.

      • Dynamic Footwear Distribution

        I have no problem with your battery statement… if it were true. But plenty of benchmarks show that the iPad2 has better battery life than the Transformer prime.

        If you’re preaching to your crowd, so be it. But lying to them and hoping they believe your BS really makes me wonder who the ‘sheep’ are.

        • dragonthc

          It’s like this: You’re comparing Liberace to Thelonius Monk on terms of battery life.

          The iPad 3 is like Liberace. Flashy and easy to think of as a great pianist if that’s all you listen to.

          The tegra 3 tablets and Transformer Prime are like Thelonius Monk. There is a depth both grand and subtle to what they provide. It is easily compared to any other, but doesn’t come out on top of a rigged race. Monk wasn’t as famous as Liberace. But that didn’t matter.

          You have to look at the context of what is being provided during those battery hours. If you’re gaming, then tegra 3 does more per battery hour than ipad 3. If it’s video, then tegra 3 and ipad 3 are comparable. If it’s web, then tegra 3 comes out on top.

          Look at what it’s doing for what you get. Then make an informed decision. Lies aren’t necessary, only facts.

        • Stve D

          Where in this article did it say the transformer prime lasted longer?

    • Livecave144

      It dosent matter how much more powerfull the chip is the iPad has an infinite amount of support as opposed to android tablets. Games apps and other content has barely been updated at a microscopic level compared to the iPad. I have a galaxy s 2 and like it but no matter what the specs android tablets are irrelevant for most including me. There are only a few things an android tablet can do that my iPad can’t , pc like file management, widgets, flash, and 3rd party mods. All solved by the following jailbreak and flash browser. I’d go back to its in a flash if they got a bigger screen it’s just easier to use and smooth as hell, widgets are honestly useless and just for show plus they drain battery.

      • Djmakis

        A few things? A few very big deal things really. And your logic? Hmm let’s render something out of warranty by jail breaking it, so it can do something android tablets do right out of the box with out jeopardizing their warranties… oh and also you get 32gb for like 499 android, or 16gb for 499 apple… hmmmm

      • Would you care to support that blatant lie? Android has more apps that work on the tablet than the ipad does actually. Android has always been on a variety of devices, so most of them automatically scale pretty decent, iphone devs have never had to do this on the iphone so their behind the curve.

        Some people will ignore all facts just to believe their favorite brand can’t be beat.

    • To me it’s as simple as a matter of preference at this point. I know this is an Android site and therefore I expect an Android basis but I too am a strong Apple supporter, I ran out and purchased the “new” iPad (3rd gen) but you are ABSOLUTELY right concerning my exposure to an Android tablet particularly the ASUS Transformer Prime. Since I used that Prime iPad have been boring and I have honestly been quite UNIMPRESSED with the “new” iPad, it looks really nice and the thing I like most is the 4G (3G now in our area) but I personally think the Android OS is just a better experience. That said, I still love my iPhone, MacBook Pro and 27″ iMac but when it comes to tables and convenience because of the marriage of iTunes to iOS devices I favor Android, trying to move music and video is a pain not to mention files. I truly regret returning my Prime because GPS issues, minus that flaw it’s easily “IMHO” the best tablet currently on the market. Just my $0.02. MacManLinuxLuva – Jackson, MS.

      • i never understood why the few that had gps issues even cared, if the prime was wifi only, unless you downloaded the maps it wouldnt matter anyway to ever use it as a gps, plus the thing is way to big imho to be used for that in the first place.

        I also kinda think the cameras aren’t all that important, but if the Asus decimates the ipad’s camera’s i guess that’s still a win, even though i cant see myself ever taking pictures with a tablet. The front facing cam is a useful i guess though if you use skype and stuff, its amazing to me that with all the facetime hype apple would stick a pathetic 0.3 MP VGA camera in the ipad, at least a 1.3 would’ve made it decent.

    • Finally, a person with sense. I’m getting sick of Apple’s Sheep as you call them bashing Android with nonsensical statements. Asus really needs to help put the iPad to bed by marketing its products better, Hey, if I had a tablet better than one that sold 3 million units in one weekend, I’d spread the word about it. When I decided to buy a new tablet, it took half an hour sorting through review to even catch word of the Infinity. Come on Asus and educate our blind Apple Sheep in the ways of Android.

    • Robotixguy

      LOL, gimme a break, if you are happy with your purchase why are you harping on the competition?
      Sounds like you have a inferiority complex when it comes to the iPad, get over it.

  • William

    Is the lowest price for the Asus $600???

    • for the new infinity yes :/ and you basically have to get the dock sooo…

  • kappadon

    The Specs on a new Hyundai is better than the latest performance specs on a Bentley or QuatroPro, You can get more food for the money at MCDonalds than you can at a 5 Star Restaurant, There is more people living in Jackson Mississippi than live in Beverly Hills California, so of course if a Android Device Specs are better that means it’s better than any Apple Product.

  • so when can i buy the infinity 700. Anyone have any idea?

    • Shrinil4u

      The estimated release date is probably after June, I dont think it would be coming out in April because Asus hasnt made an official statement or even released a “trailer-ish” thing like they did with the Prime

  • I’d like to give my take. I’m not a luddite, I’m reasonably comfortable with gadgets. However, I value simplicity a lot. I’m not going to “jailbreak” or “root” random mobile devices just for the kick of it. I’m int he market for a tablet but haven’t bought anything yet. I’d like a good sweetspot between price, product support, user experience, and specs. All four are important I’d like the balance.

    Specs are irrelevant for me provided that my tablet is not obsolete in a year. If the Infinity came out with a $499 version I’d jump on that right away. But they’re pricing it higher than the iPad.

    I don’t care about GB as I’m all in with cloud. IPad is tempting, but I worry about no HDMI (though they’re hyping Apple TV) and I cannot stand Itunes.

    I’d wanted a tablet in May. If they can last 3 years, an IPad 2 or Prime look like they’ll be the best value out there.

  • Moomtaz

    Really it boils down to what are you going to use it for. I have an iPad 1st Gen and I purchased it for photo presentations to clients and for that purpose it works. It is not stellar but it works. I will be purchasing the Infinity Pad when it comes out or I may just fold and get the Prime.

    Realistically most new tablets function about at the same level relatively. You can banter about specs and what not until you are blue in the face but Really Dual vs Quad Core, 261 PPI? It is all really useless if it is cumbersome to share data and share ideas quickly.

    For me the iPad misses the mark on so many levels. The New iPad really doesn’t give you anything much more than the old iPad. I still can’t process my photos quickly. Sure they may look better but if I am tied to my computer which I leave at home and only access when I really need to it doesn’t do me much good. PITA. Typing on the iPad is a pain so an external keyboard is a must and currently having the apple keyboard gets me back to carrying too much crap.

    Then there is the PITA about storage with the iPad Steve is selling price points and locking people in and as a data hog I need more data. I need to look at my data and move stuff around. Whether it is files or photos, videos or whatever you simply just can’t swing that on any iteration of ipad.

    With the transformer I can if I wanted to bring along a hard drive of movies. A hard drive to review and back up my photos or whatever data I choose to bring along. I can actually use it for something. As a photographer shooting in Raw one photoshoot or one sports event and the iPad is smoked in terms of storage. I would have more space on my SD card than the iPad could handle where as with the Transformer and dock I can view, move and store my photo shoot to just about anything.

    Then the iPad locks down bluetooth as well. Aren’t you supposed to be able to hook up devices via bluetooth? No you may be able to see something but you can’t really use it. Printers, keyboards, phones all locked down. ridiculous.

    The digital revolution is about freedom and dominion over your data and the iPad just doesn’t give me that and combined with the proprietary shenanigans. I’m Out, so I patiently wait for the Infinity.

    • Honestly it’s a dilemma. I suppose perfection is hard. I see both Android and IPad having major, PITA aspects to them.

      Android–weak product support, the “blown up supersized phone apps” thing.

      iPad/Apple–the world revolving around iTunes, fragmenting my computing habits by introducing yet another ecosystem, new iPad is a resource hog (I worry 16GB might not be enough), and apparently it takes more than a full night to charge fully.

      A Transformer Infinity at $499 would for me be the “perfect” tablet.

  • ajm531

    I know it hasnt quite released yet hope you guys a transformer prime inifinity so you can have a more thorough review. No offense but your battery section turned into more of a hardware/weight section than a real battery comparison

  • dlbark

    I just bought an iPad 3rd gen and I must say that I’m disappointed. If all I will do is examine text at 75% increased zoom then it’s perfect. If Google’s Android developers could stick to ONE (1) uniform OS across cellular, tablet and google tv. We don’t need Android froyo, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich and now jellybean?!? When the OS upgrades, ALL Android devices should receive it on the same day of release. Besides one uniform OS, more app developers need to make android specific apps, this combination would just crush Apple.

  • Madonna

    The tablet with the most powerful processor does not equal the best. All you tech geeks need to stop arguing from that perspective. It’s all about the marriage between software and hardware. When you make a product, you create a user-experience that is provided by the software and supported by the hardware. As long as the hardware supports what the product is supposed to deliver, then the customers will buy it. The perfect example is Kindle Fire. The specs suck but it’s the second best selling tablet. Even Google understands this when they decided to buy Motorola.

  • NightTrader

    Something that seems to be missed from this conversation is that the Snapdragon 1.5 Ghz S4 (MSM8960 – which is what is going into the LTE version of the Infinity 700) outperforms the Tegra 3 and the A5X. The above benchmark doesn’t show this, but it is true.

  • Dynamic Footwear Distribution

    36% resolution difference is hardly “slightly”…. If my TV were 36% bigger than your 40 inch it would be 54-55 inches big. That’s significant. The average person can detect a 10% threshold difference. 36% would be more than obvious.

    • kanaida

      lol preach when all free porn is 1080p on freebie sites. Right now it doesn’t matter because unless you’re watching youtube or netflix, it’s still almost VGA (640×480). Besides the point, it’s retarded watching movies on a tablet when you have a 55′ LCD TV. What amazes me is the fact that my tv is > 100 times the size in materials, chips, etc… and costs only twice as much. And comes with a remote and all the cables :) if you’re just browsing though, you can see more stuff for sure.

  • Albareed2004

    I bought iPad 3 (again apple likes to do the opposite of what every body else wants, give a stupid name like new iPad, why not iPad 3 or HD, the next will be the very new iPad?). This new iPad (rather iBad) works both as a tablet and as an efficient heater. I can not believe how hot it goes. Just try angry birds game and see how angry this iPad does, almost shines red with heat, that you can boil an egg on it. It heats up with web to PDF app as well. Also apple puts a lot of restrictions including no flash plug-in so restricting web browsing. You can not attach an SD and you can not simply link to wireless networked tv or mirror without shelling hundreds of pounds for yet another block under your tv.
    I regret buying this iPad and should have resisted the temptation and waited for the asus transformer, as one needs both an iPad and a laptop. So you can have both in one as asus transformer. You can attach SD and USB and have much longer battery for going away. Apple to so controlling that behave like a dictatorship on its customers, a behaviour that lead to their loss to Microsoft and now they going to lose to Android tablets.

  • dragonthc

    anyone else notice that apple will only compare its product to the previous version of its product? They won’t compete with others. Only with themselves. See, how our new ipad is better than our old one? Now your choice is clear.

    When you compare directly to competitors products, apple just looks like another tablet.

  • Guess

    I have several concerns about both tablets, but my real concern is about support. If you go Ipad you go apple. Apple everything. The only source. That is a concern to me. I will go with Android primarily because it is a community just as I prefer to go with LINUX machines when I can. As the old song goes “Don’t fence me in”. The specs arguments are unimportant because they are comparable. Yes, there are some variations such as screen size, but I think the specs pale in comparison to the monopoly that Apple offers. Having said that for some people the one source is probably the right solution. There is very little thinking involved. ‘Do it the Apple way.” I just don’t want to be locked in to the ONE SOURCE.

    Occupation – Software Engineer

  • it is worth noting too that if you care so much about the ipads quad core gpu (4 cores) the prime, and the prime infinity i believe both have 12 CORES. Idk about you, but to the average person, if they were to actually advertise this, apple would really need to find something new to advertise.
    Transformer, 5 core cpu, 12 core gpu
    Apple Ipad, 2 core cpu, 4 core gpu.

    which looks more impressive?

  • Most of this review was good, but it was obviously extremely biased. If you want to be established as a great tech writer you should probably show more of Apple’s side to the story. For starters, you didn’t even MENTION the 64gb version of the iPad… That’s quite a big thing to leave out.

    Also in various parts you contradicted yourself. “The iPad has a slightly higher resolution than the Transformer Pad Infinity here, with a 2048×1536 vs a 1920×1200 resolution, or 40 extra PPI (264 vs 224). This will help give text extra crispness for text, but the difference shouldn’t be noticeable. Plus none of them is actually “Retina”, meaning 300 PPI, according to research cited by Steve Jobs himself.”

    First, the iPad does not have a “slightly” resolution – it has about 30% MORE than the Infinity on a smaller screen. 3,145,728 pixels vs 2,304,000.

    And then you say that the extra 40ppi isn’t noticeable. Right after that you say that the iPad isn’t even Retina, which by definition is a high density screen that the human eye can’t recognize pixels individually, which basically you’re saying that you CAN see the pixels on an iPad, which would then mean that the 40ppi difference is, indeed, noticeable. You said two different things.

    Also the iPad IS RETINA. Retina wasn’t defined as 300ppi. Retina was defined, by Steve Jobs, as a screen with a high enough pixel density that your eyes can’t distinguish. It is relative of the distance of the object from the eye (basis optical physics). This means that since people don’t hold their tablets as close to their face as their phones, the distance is almost double of what you hold your phone at, which does, in fact, qualify the iPhone for the Retina name.

    Otherwise good review. Just don’t leave out important facts when doing a product battle like this.

  • Jswalker95

    I love apple but this looks better than my ipad( 1st gen) and for the same price. Think will go wirh this but keep iphone

  • Guest

    Well, you’re not an english language major, but you sure know your electronics. Great article!

  • Androidlag

    Android shits lag even if you have 2000 cores and 1 TB of RAM. Admit it. iOS doesnt need monster specs, it’s all in the optimizations. Look at the WP7 mango. It doesnt even need dual core processors. Stupid nerds.

    • holy s*** calm down..nerd

    • Ifad

      really now ??? applenerdoid !

  • Moviestardre

    You got a lot of the specs wrong on the iPad

  • Well for Now Ipad3 is the only tablet we can buy … If i can buy both supposedly i would go with T700 , but for now Ipad3 is in market … thats where Apple has done it better… but why Ipad3 heats up too much ..(only reason i left it, although i really liked the screen) … will have to wait and see … wondering will T700 heat up that much ??

  • Honusnap

    Bad specs :
    Ipad 3 : Battery : 25Wh Under 3.8V => 25/3.8 = 6.5Ah = 6500mah
    Prime Infinity : Battery : 25Wh Under 7.4V => 25/7.4 = 3.38Ah = 3380mah

    => The Ipad has a 90% more capacity battery, NOT 70% … do your job correctly please … !

  • Honusnap

    Well .. you seems to not understand everything about electricity :
    43Wh is not 70% bigger in capacity THAN 25Wh … ! Cause these 43Wh are achieved at 3.7V and these 25Wh at 7.4V So :

    43Wh Under 3.7V = 11600 mah
    25Wh Under 7.4V = 3800 mah

    => The Ipad 3 got a 340% bigger capacity than the prime

    • Honusnap

      OOppps, 300% bad calc.

  • Pstout120409

    so where do you buy asus transformer infinity pad in canada??? is it out yet? when will be available to consumers?

  • T-Bone

    Ladies & Gentlemen, and the all mighty Geeks! I simply (and personally) do not care if its products from Apple with IOS or Android that dazzles me, as long as one does! Unfortunately, neither is to the point where “dazzling” would be an applicable and appropriate term. You see, most are bickering back and forth between the two, not just on this particular Android site, but on most such sites, regardless of fan base. (I’m sure some poor soul or two has probably died of starvation somewhere around the world, since I started typing this message, you know just to put things in perspective as to how good some of us have it.) Anyways, not to get too far off track, i realize that the bickering is due in large to our human nature. To be more precise, our instinctive competitiveness (We all want to win all the time, well most of us anyways. I personally don’t. I think the world has more than enough heroes, they don’t need me.) Our insatiable appetite for attention and the feeding of our egos, not to mention the careful pampering of our pride. With all this said, I think its all OK though, as we are all imperfect. Why all this psycho babble, you may ask? Well, you see, the devices we bicker over are just like us. Imperfect. (Perhaps by design, in some cases.) After all they are made by us. They each have something that’s better in certain areas than their competitor. Whether its the SD card support on one or the “almost” Retina display on the other. Weather its the poor wi-fi versus the lack of the reputable Gorilla glass. (Yes, perhaps part of a big and evil marketing plan, but reality non the less.) When the day comes, where one of these manufacturers decides to grow a pair and at least temporarily put their greed aside for the long-term (and this day may never come), and release a device that just does it all for a fair price, then there will be a new (corporate) hero added to this world. We all know that the bells and whistles are out there. They are just spread out on many different products, rather than being grouped on one. It is just my personal and unbiased opinion (as I am yet to own a tablet or smartphone), that Android based tablets are a step closer to this, as of today. Its not too late for Apple by any means. However the amount of restrictions so far, in regards to their beautiful and very functional devices are discerning as to their future. I mean who likes to be told what, when and how to do it? Come on Apple, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Acer….etc, dazzle us already! (Please)

  • I like the last part! ahahah!

  • hg

    обзор составлял яблокофил, с таким же огрызанным мозгом как и логотип apple, половина здешних тестов юред, в этой схватке выиграл асус, а айпад со своим бешеным никому не нужным разрешением плавится в сторонке( я думаю вы слышпали что он очень сильно перегревается) а такжк прог и игр для андроида (причем бесплатных) дофига, а на айпаде их беспланых с гулькин нос(это я знаю на примере своего одноклассника, котрый взял айпад 3 и теперь плачет крокодильими слезами играя в стандартную игруху на бешеном разрешении и обжигается о заднюю панельку, так что айпад в жопе пусть даст дорогу другим. ИМХО.=))))))))))))b