asus transformer all in one

All week, Android Authority was live on-the-ground at Computex 2012 in Taipei, represented by our own editor-in-chief, Darcy LaCouvee. He’s got hands-on time with some amazing devices!

Last week, when ASUS teased the “next transformations” that would be showcased at Computex 2012, very few people expected what was finally revealed by ASUS, the Transformer AiO. The dual OS device featuring Android 4.0 and Windows 8 works as an all-in-one PC as well a tablet. Very impressively, it allows a simple transition between the two – switching between OSs is as simple pushing a button.

Here’s a video of Darcy’s hands-on with the ASUS Transformer AiO:

As you can see, the HUGE tablet featuring a massive 18.4″ display feels very heavy, even though we were informed that the device weighs only 2.2 kgs. We have no information on the specifications of the device apart from the screen size, and the fact that the processor is based on ARM architecture.

I’ll be honest, as a technology enthusiast and professional tech blogger, there is very little that can surprise me. I try to keep up with the latest trends, and I am definitely up to speed with the world of Android. In some cases, the rumor mill and the occasional leak can paint quite an accurate picture of what’s to come. But, without doubt, the Transformer AiO is, at least for me, completely out of the blue.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about using an 18.4″ tablet? Are we heading towards the decline of the PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • AppleFUD

    This is one of those things that confuses me a bit. . .

    I can see it as an all in one. And I guess the user has a choice to use Win or Android or both if they like. The confusion for me is, I have yet to see a desktop with touch screen in which I would use the touch screen — sorry to all the touch fans that think touch is ‘easier’ or faster, it just isn’t most of the time. I get more done quicker on a desktop via keyboard & mouse.

    Sure, I can plop this thing on my lap and try and play some games but wouldn’t a normal person just use a controller? And seriously, browsing the web on this while kicking back on the couch?

    And it isn’t big enough to be something you would use for presentations, thus it’s this middle ground where I just don’t see touch being applicable — sometimes all you need is a monitor.

    Still rather have a ~6″ Android handset that can dock (preferably via WiFi) to my peripherals — HDTV, monitor, keyboard, mouse, HDD, etc. . .

    • Litlprince2

      I think its pretty cool. Dont think so much that they are trying to make touchscreen the only way to interact with it.

      I mean imaging well say right now. Im typing this with a keyboard and mouse and hmm.. I wanna go lie on couch. I guess i could just grab my monitor.(given its a bit bigger the this thing) and take it with me.. finish this comment typing it up as i would on a tablet.

      Its cool and useful if you think of it like that..And in that case i guess that goes for windows8 as a whole as well. In this kind of application its perfect.

      So lets see… this can be used like a desktop or with touch like a tablet. thats a win no matter how you look at it.

      As for gaming im sure there will be tablet like games and PC games. I dont see anything stopping you from paring a controller with it. And as i said i dont see a problem with using it like a tablet around the house. It may be on the larger side of things but thats a small price to pay for the added functionality.

      I dont know what you mean by presentations. I mean i dont think you would use a 19,23,24 inch monitor for presentations or a small 10.1 tablet. Im sure you could pair it to a monitor or device for video output and in that case its a win win..

      This is amazing and i like it. A smaller tablet will be necessary for traveling and convenience but for an in home item this would be great.

      • AppleFUD

        I get what you are saying.

        I’m saying the size of this particular touch all-in-one is to big for the scenario you talk about imo — taking it to the couch to finish off your web experience — and isn’t large enough to use for presentations where using touch would be great (in certain cases), you would want a much larger screen in the last case and a more reasonable size in the former, say ~14 maybe.

        I do like the idea as a whole but the size of this “all-in-one” touch and “mobile” device just makes me go. . . hu?!?!? — am I really going to take that 18.4″ 2.2 Kg “tablet” anywhere? Even to the couch? Probably not. Thus my mind goes back to something like a 6″ that can be docked for a desktop experience or something like the Asus Transformer up to ~14″ that can actually be a laptop and tablet, IMO.

        In other words, would I buy it? No. Do I think it’s a cool prototype? Yes.

        • Litlprince2

          But what would be the use of a 14in screen for desktop purposes. I want this huge screen. Its no longer a true tablet. I mean yes its big but honestly its not supposed to be small.

          Sure there is a market for people who want a smaller screen like you and your right for that application it most likely wont be a desktop but a laptop style dock. And that will be cool to.

          But i still feel there will be a greater asking for larger screens and more true desktop style experiences.

          I simply cant agree that anything smaller then 18″ will be of any true value. I mean a small tablet screen is fine for traveling and such but in no matter how you look at it its tiny. I dont really like using my laptop(14in screen) around the house cause yes its a small screen to me.

          Considering some of the functions this might do for me as well its hard to say smaller is better. I imagine watching a movie on the 2nd screen and well hmm i wanna start cooking so i just grab my 24in monitor and place it on a tiny stand in the kitchen and continue on. Mean while some one else comes and uses the computer on the one screen thats left.

          You want small and light.. I get it.. But thats not gonna cut it as an all in one for me… and at the size and functionality level your asking for its not gonna stand out distinctly enough from a regular laptop or basic tablet to be noticed.

          OH.. and what are these presentation your talking about.. Im most confused by what you mean.

          • AppleFUD

            I’m saying that this big of a screen is a waste of a touch screen, not that the size of a monitor isn’t needed — I’m sure there are some use case scenarios that will use it especially artists but in general the extra cost will dissuade purchasers.

            Since it is so large am I going to really need touch? Not IMO because 1) it’ll be docked all the time with keyboard & mouse, and 2) it’s just too big for me to use it in any “portable” way such as laying around on the couch — I’m sure I could but I would most likely just finish up at the desk. Maybe touch will be in all LCDs in the future so it won’t even be a consideration, who knows.

            Of course we all love our larger monitors but we don’t want to lug those around the house like a tablet, that’s my whole point. I would just pick up my smartphone or tablet for the kitchen, etc. . and leave that 18+” monitor sitting.

            So, are you saying that you would actually buy a 24in *Touch screen* all-in-one that separated out as a tablet and actually use it as a tablet on the couch, etc. . . especially considering the extra cost? Or would you rather have a smaller portable device that docks to your large monitor and can do multiple things (true multi-tasking)? I think the average buyer will go with the smaller device and dock it to a cheap large monitor instead of buying a much more expensive touch all-in-one, IMO.

            Your kitchen scenario brings up a big flaw in Android. If I use a PlayBook and I’m streaming a movie from the PlayBook I can also use the PlayBook to do something else while it continues to push a movie to the HDTV — Android really needs to get this working. So, in this scenario if WiFi is enable for streaming I use my tablet or phone to push a 1080P out to the HDTV while I go to the kitchen with the same device to look up that recipe. . . and then when I want that big screen desktop experience I just dock it to my 24″ monitor that only cost $150 while I continue to stream that HD movie to my HDTV — RIM still has a chance to bring something very cool to market since no one else seems to be stepping up in this area in the same way.

            btw. . . love the discussion. Totally not trying to say I’m correct and you are wrong, just differences of how we see things unfolding and these are great discussions — as opposed to the ridiculous bashing that takes place far too often (e.g. ios vs android).

        • Kevin Tweedy

          I’m with you, AppleFUD — 2.2 kg is almost 5 pounds. Where’s the middle ground? The 10.6″ screens of the iPads and Android tablets is too small and a diagonal 8 1/2 by 11 page is around 13.5 inches — that’s the size I want!

  • MikeInOr

    I have a original ASUS transformer and love it! But with its 10″ screen it is definitely just the wrong size!!!! It is too big to lug around out in the world day to day and too small for surfing the net at home.

    This device is exactly what I have been looking for! As a .Net developer I sit in front of 4 monitors all day long. Most of what I do at home is just surfing the internet. I can not get enough information on the 10″ Transformer screen to effectively use it for surfing. I could foresee a 18″ tablet for home use and a 5″~7″ tablet/phone for packing around on a daily basis. I will say the 10″ screen form factor seems perfect when I am traveling but doesn’t fill any niches very well day to day.

    The combination of the Windows 8 dock will be perfect for all those windows apps I use at home on occasion. I would certainly pair the windows dock with at least one and probably more ~28″ class monitors.

    The Transformer AIO and the 22″ Viewsonic tablet definitely have my interest peaked! If they can hit around the $500 price range I am willing to form over my hard earned $$$.