Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 Gets a Price Tag, Release Date Looms Closer – Is This the First Quad-Core Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet?

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 9, 2011

Have you always wanted that perfect combo of tablet and laptop? Well hang in there, because Asus may have finally cracked the code. With detachable keyboard and all, this might be the perfect fit for users on the go that still want that incredible power and access to a nifty keyboard for some content creation on the move.

There is not much detail surrounding this device yet, but that doesn’t mean we have not heard credible rumors. Here are some of the best rumors and the ones we are most confident about:

  • Ice Cream Sandwich?
  • Kal-El Quad-Core Processor
  • Connecting Keyboard (Hence “Transformer”)
  • $499 Price-Tag
  • Estimated 2 Million+ of original Asus Transformer sold in 2011
  • The release date will be in time for the holidays – so before the end of 2011
  • 16/32GB Internal Storage
  • 1GB memory
  • 5MP+ Rear-Camera
  • 720p+ Video Capture
  • No word on keyboard dock compatibility from previous Transformer, but it’s likely.
  • November 7 European debut is looking likely
The Asus Slider (left) next to its kin, the Transformer (right)

The Asus Slider (left) next to its kin, the Transformer (right)


In general, due to the recent release of the Kindle Fire Tablet, the $499 price-tag comes off as a bit pricy. However, packing what is expected to be the first Kal-El Quad-Core Processor and the ability to attach a full keyboard, $499 is not looking too bad anymore. Furthermore, the Original Asus Eee Pad Transformer lasted a ridiculous 9.5 hours by itself and an even more un-fathomable 16 hours when docked to the keyboard. Additionally, you could see the Transformer 2 going above and beyond those numbers now that it will be packing the Kal-El Quad and possibly Ice-Cream Sandwich.

Tegra 3 will have the same performance of a midrange computer from last year - but with the battery savings of ARM!

Check out the amazing benchmarks of Tegra 3 – Project Kal-El, simply shocking performance increases – and battery savings too!

After reading all that this super-tab has to offer, the price tag does not look that bad. However, to get the full keyboard, Asus is making customers cough up another $100-$150. Now, that does not sound that bad for a tablet and laptop together along with a Quad-Core.

We had reported earlier that Transformer 2 could be debuted as early as the end of October, and with other quad core Tegra 3 tablets already coming into the public sphere from lower tier manufacturer ZTE, we think that this date could still potentially pan out. That being said, we think it’s likelier that Asus will begin shipping the Transformer 2 sometime closer to the middle of November, in time for the holidays. CEO of ASUS, Jerry Shen, said to Digitimes, that the Transformer 2 is due to be outed soon, and will land with Ice Cream Sandwich. Furthermore, he also went public with the pricing a few days ago, and the company is still enjoying considerable success with their original Transfomer.

What do you think?

Via Digitimes

  • Misleading title, Q4 2011 doesn’t really count as release date.

  • R Buckton

    I agree with Alex, a misleading article as there is no formal release date as suggested by this articles description,

    That aside lets look at the pricing argument of this article. Do we think $499 is too much, personally i say yes and the name of the device is misleading in itself. The device is called a transformer but if you actually want it to transform then it’s going to cost you another $100-$150, so the real cost could be as much as $650 and seeing that i can buy a good Intel Sandy Bridge Core I5 quad core laptop for the same money or less then the numbers don’t stack up any more.

    As we’ve all seen with HP’s doomed pad, when you reduce the price they fly off the shelf, unfortunately ASUS is not in a position to reduce it’s costs much as it’s simply a hardware manufacturer and doesn’t have any back end services like amazon, so it has nothing to offset the costs reduction against.

    Step in Amazon………..This is where i think we’ll see true dominance of the android market as amazon will be able to bring the tablet to market at a lower price due to all it’s service offerings where it can recoup the money, and i just don’t think Asus or any other android tablet manufacturer can complete with this.

    The other part of the problem is that Asus is only a household name in the world of tech people, i’m whilst Amazon like apple is a global brand where you could take just about any person in the world and ask them who amazon is and they will be able to, try that with asus and it’s a different story.

    So for me, whilst i’ve always been a Asus fan, using their pc components for the last 10 years, i’m afraid knowing amazon will likely have a much lower price point and the fact that i’ll probably be able to buy a cheap $25 wireless keyboard to work with the amazon tablet and the likely huge price difference of around $250+ then i have to say i’m holding out for amazon all the way.

    • Smityjoe

      any person in the world? people who doesn’t have an internet connection all the time would opt to buy the transformer cause you can use the services offline compared to amazon kindle wherein you heavily rely on the internet. i suggest you do the research first cause there are lots of countries in the ‘world’ that is not connected to the internet constantly.

  • Baz

    What a stupid article – you clearly have absolutely no idea of release date or price for the TF2. So, well done for generating a few extra clicks, but don’t expect my of your readers to stick around if this is the standard of your articles when there are plenty of other Android news sites out there.

    Incidently I have a Transformer 1 which I love, and I will happily pay a premium for the TF2 over the Kindle Fire since it will be a superior and more capable device in every way.

  • Lindsay Reid

    With no specs published, how can you possibly state…. “perfect combo of a smartphone and laptop” – I tend to agree with the previous posters.

  • TrailorParkKid

    No more news than I already knew. Waste of my time

  • great tablet from asus

  • Prior Nerd posts suck!

    Who cares what you other NERDS think. It’s coming out this year with 4 cores, hence the higher price! Duh. What do you expect. Damn. Your reading the Article for free. You guys are like a bunch of Medi-Cal recipients. Complaining about something they are getting for free like they paid for it!

  • Danieltranowski

    This has all the features. This is clearly going to be one of the hot properties for the December season.

  • Volksair

    If the rumors of the Tegra 3 being able to run Windows 8, I’m buying. *

  • $499 ??? Too much for a tablet. The reason Transformer 1 got good sales is the price tag. $499 is too much for a Android tablet. I’m going for Kindle Fire.

  • you better share rumours somewhere else

    an informative (official?) forum can be found here: