Asus teases new tablet, probably a refreshed Transformer Pad Infinity

by: Kyle WiggersSeptember 1, 2013


You’ve got to hand it to Asus: their precocity brought quality to an Android tablet market previously relegated to cheap, underpowered, plastic nastiness. Though the company is perhaps best known for the Nexus 7, the Google-branded budget tablet, its first blockbuster brand catered almost exclusively to spec enthusiasts, packing then high-end internals into a 10-inch form factor. Despite quality control issues, they proved a favorite of Googlers and bleeding edge tech adopters alike. It comes as no surprise, then, that Asus released follow-up devices to continue to fill that profitable niche, most recently the Transformer Pad TF300 and Transformer Pad Infinity. The company’s latest offering might be just around the corner: Asus intends to reveal a new Transformer Pad on September 4th, according to the company’s Facebook page.

Most likely, the tablet is the Transformer Pad Infinity model Asus revealed in June – the Infinity line hasn’t seen refresh since last July. According to information the company provided at this year’s Computex, the new Transformer Pad Infinity features an impressive 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 IPS display, a 4K-capable HDMI-out port, USB 3.0, a 5-megapixel rear shooter, and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera. Internally, the tablet sports a Tegra 4 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage expandable via SD card slot. A redesigned QWERTY keyboard dock provides additional juice and extra ports, and will be available bundled for $499. (The tablet alone will retail for $399.)

Asus has a solid reputation for producing quality Android tablets, so the teaser is certainly something to get excited about. Are you in the market for a new 10-inch, Tegra tablet? Are you considering Asus’s offering? Let us know.

  • Maxime Tremblay

    Can’t wait! :D

  • Anfronie

    release it already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Meira

    What about the Transformer Book Trio?!
    We had no more news on that since the announce!

  • Lucas Izaguirre

    Hell yeah I’m excited about this, but also I was in the market for the pad infinity but I would wait For this without a doubt

  • lil bit

    Wish i knew what to use these 10 inch tablets for, ours is just collecting dust, everybody in the house has their own 5 inch + phones which are much better for surfing and games and everything.

    One of my broinlaw never uses his Transformer tablet, he prefer his Galaxy S2 for surfing, news reading, watching sports videos, anything.

    One of my sisters had an older 4 inch phone, she liked to use her iPad3 then, but after she upgrade to 5 inch Full HD phone the iPad is no longer useful.

    Tablets are good for iPhone owners, iPhones does not have display or battery suitable for certain things, then a tablet can be justified, but for anyone with a fairly modern Android phone, say Galaxy S3 and up, what on earth are they going to do with a 10 inch tablet?

    Im sure a lot of readers here have tablets they dont use as much as they intended to. To say it frankly, big tablets sux, and so does iPad.

    • renz

      Personally i think 10 inch is too big to my liking especially on mobile. For me i like 7 inch more for web surfing. I tried with my bro S3 and felt that 5 inch is still to small for web surfing. Also my N7 fit nicely into my pocket. So its not too small and not too bulky when i’m mobile

    • najiy91

      agreed.maximum for tablet is just 7″ for me..i use a lot surfing,games,and medias on 5″.

    • MasterMuffin

      bigger is better! I wouldn’t have any need for a 7″ tablet, because my phone is 5″, but 10″ is perfect because I watch videos a lot!

    • Annie

      If it’s just collecting dust then can I have it?

    • Tom Pengilly

      I guess if you can only read at the speed of a snail and don’t care about seeing graphics on your web pages a phone is fine. Hey I know why not use your phone for word processing! I use my pad far more thanmy phone. I guess I like a big screen. BTW do you have a 10″ TV? You can still see whats happening, just not so good:-)

  • anGel_pLayer

    CMIIW but why would they make a refresh of the pad infinity when they still haven’t released the tegra 4 version?

    • wollac11

      The refreshed Infinity IS the Tegra 4 version

  • renz

    Seems nice but personally 10 inch is too big for me. Keep the spec and shrink the size around 8 or 7 inch then i’m in :)

    • najiy91

      7″ is palm use.10″ nope.(“,)

  • bandanajack

    i don’t know who you people are, i liked my original transformer 100 so much, when the bargain priced 300 came out i robbed peter to pay asus to get it, with its quad core processor and new ports for hdmi and expansion. i love the 10 inch form factor, and its keyboard is easier to use than my 17 inch laptop. i appreciate not having to worry about a charge all day no matter what i use. i use them for everything, watching videos, movies in bed, facebook entries from a recliner, book reading in the doctors office, and playing jewels. it makes a pretty good clock radio too, using i heart radio and the clock function… i have a smart phone, but the screen it too small to be really enjoyable, although i appreciate the extra terrain when i am trying to read something. i am shopping now for apps that will let me use the tablet for a phone, a ridiculous idea i find appealing. i wouldn’t mind that dusty transformer either.