ASUS Padfone Available for Preorder in UK, Priced at $1100!

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 10, 2012
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ASUS Padfone

Now this is disappointing. If it’s true. And it probably is.

A few days ago, I wrote about the Padfone and the tremendous impact that the phone/tablet/netbook from ASUS can have on the way we use mobile devices. I speculated that, by offering a simple way to use our data plans the way we see fit, the Padfone can disrupt the carriers’ established extortion business model. I used the word revolution (I am not afraid of big words, you see) more than once.

But I based all my thinking on the assumption that ASUS will make it easy for customers to fall in love with the new all-in-one concept epitomized by the Padfone, by offering the contraption at a decent price. Something like $600.

Well, if one UK online store is to be believed, my whole Padfone revolution article can be classified under the “idealist ravings” tag.

Asus Padfone

900 Bucks before Tax? Please Tell Me This Figure is Made Up

British outlet listed the Padfone as available for preorder. It wouldn’t be the first time a store pulls the trigger on new product listings just a tad too fast. All fine and dandy, until you see the presumed price of the Padfone and realize its enormity – £583.32 or €696.83, or $914.35, before tax. So, depending on where you live, you might have to spend close to $1000 or more to get your hands on ASUS’ 3-in-1 device. UK and European prices are always higher than the prices in the States, but still, that’s a lot of money.

It’s good to note that, for now, the UK store is the only source to suggest the upcoming Padfone’s price, and, that it’s a pre-order listing, so nothing’s official yet. And, according to local tech blog, ASUS has denied that the price is grounded in any official communication from their side. But again, genuine pre-announcement listings are quite common, even if not always accurate.

Testing the Waters?

There’s another hypothesis – perhaps ASUS is simply testing the waters. After all, the Taiwanese have a completely new product to market, one that eliminates the need to buy several devices. That’s a significant added value that is difficult to calculate by simply adding up the manufacturing and marketing costs. Maybe ASUS has leaked the price of the Padfone in order to gauge the reaction of the public.

Hopefully, the outcry that is likely to hit them over the next days will make them realize that a $1000 Padfone will go down like a lead balloon. Seriously, ASUS, you’ve got something beautiful on your hands. Don’t ruin it by being greedy!

How much would you spend on a smartphone-that-you-can-stick-in-a-tablet-and-turn-into-a-laptop?

  • Rob Little

    calm down just a little. Even the site doesn’t claim the price is meaningful. You’ve even captured the text saying official price to be confirmed.

    To be honest, it isn’t actually THAT expensive. A decent android phone on its own is normally not a lot less than £500, without any of the tablet stuff, so I certainly wouldn’t have expected it to be less than that. And we can’t even tell what spec it is. If it’s the 64GB version, then you wouldn’t expect that to be cheap – no other 64GB tablets are. 3G tablets aren’t exactly a lot cheaper than that either!

    Yes, you get stuff cheaper in the states. This isn’t a US retailer. So why draw any conclusions – or accuse Asus of anything – based on a UK site having a stab at what they think the price might be for a spec that isn’t clear of a device that isn’t here yet.

  • arze

    On that price..are all accessories included??

  • Transformer Prime on UK is £500, so I think £700 is ok for a Padfone there.

  • wonshikee

    This is the phone PLUS the tablet right? Even still it’s expensive…

  • Paul Roberts

    Oh how we wish things were priced at that exchange rate, it’s typical to get 1$ = £1 with technology prices

  • tom

    It needs to be priced quite a bit cheaper than the cost of a phone and tablet separately, to balance the disadvantage of the padphone having both eggs in one basket.

    • Rob Little

      disadvantage? It’s meant to be an advantage! and even at this estimated price, that IS still cheaper than a new tablet and a new phone.

      • Do

        But it’s not a tablet and a phone, you can use or the other, not both at the same time. The tablet is just a screen, battery and speakers, not at all like having both a tablet and a phone.

        • Rob Little

          why do you need to be able to use them both at the same time?
          aren’t you just duplicating a load of stuff? do you really need two lots of processor for what simultaneous use you actually make? do you really need twice the memory? twice the radios? twice the storage that you have to manage the content of? twice the apps and settings to manage?

  • Guest

    I would’ve thought the price would be higher… €840 incl tax isn’t that high in the Netherlands!
    The “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N 64GB 3G – black” is €650. That’s without a phone!

    Sure it’s a phone with an accessory (the screen and battery in the ‘tab’) but €200 for such an accessory isn’t thát expensive right? Especially if the keyboard is included with the tab. (but I highly doubt that, as well as the pen/’headset’)

  • meghu

    Assus Padfone is having good feature user can use only one plan with two devices, Cost wise also effective, it provides mobile connectivity to the tablet.Cost is 700 Pounds.Assus Padfone have 8 mega pixel camera.If u thinking on positive side having one dock and one phone is comparatively cheaper, other than buying two separate devices.For more details and video refer

  • Got my Nexus S for ~$200. I could perhaps sell it and get this, but for $1000? Nowai..

    • Rob Little

      $200 totally off contract? do you mean recently, or when it was actually a new product? it’s over a year since it came out after all.

      This is a new product – so new it isn’t even out yet – and the price would be without a contract. For comparison, when the Nexus S came out, it would have been about £500 without a contract.

  • Greg

    I would give top 600 Euro (with taxes).

  • Asus fan

    I was expecting it to be around $800. I hope we can buy it cheaper. I am looking for a phone and a tablet priced under a combo price tag which is hard to find. This is a great idea what Asus is trying to do but we don’t have to forget about the followers like HTC. They will come up with a similar concept soon.

  • JohQ

    Considering that if i wanted a decent tablet and a good phone i would have to pay around 1000-1300€ (tax inc.) that 850€ (tax inc.) doesn’t seem that bad! Also it does matter what’s included in that deal. Does that price cover only the phone/tablet or also the keyboard dock. If that price is with the dock, no question that i would buy it! And also is it 16GB or 32GB that is a major point.

  • Nairmmanu

    well one needs to consider the savings from reduced 3g costs from using such a device. Just saw the AT&T costs for 5gb a month is $50. So the excess $500 can be easily recovered within a year itself through data plan savings. I think the pricing is aggressive. One needs to remember that asus cant afford to sell the device at a loss like the amazon kindle fire.

  • It depends on what ASUS wants to do with the release of Padfone. If it is priced in par with new iPAD, I’m sure that ASUS will attract a huge number of customers ( All android fans, neutral fans, may be even some apple fans), which is really important for them. This will also create some awareness to people in general and change the perception that iPAD is the best and everything else is the worst !

    • Rob Little

      not really, Asus already have plenty of devices competing with the iPad. This is very definitely not intended as a competitor to the iPad.

      There is also the fact that you can’t get away from the underlying costs and overheads. There’s a limit on cheap you can make it without making too much of a loss.

      • Ok Rob, but in my case, I am thinking to get iPhone 5. After looking at the padfone, I would go for it not because padfone will work better than iPhone 5, but because it allows me to convert it into tablet. If the price is even 3/4th of iPhone + iPAD, I would rather buy the apple products because I know about their quality. If ASUS really wants to revolutionize the market, they need to have a competitive price and bear less profits at least untill they establish themself among apple and google.

        • Rob Little

          But even at this made-up price, that’s already LESS than the price of an iPhone and an iPad. The iPhone 4S is currently £600 off contract, and the iPad is £400, so that’s £1000. 3/4 of that would be £750…

  • 700$ with styulus-headset and keyboard dock. May be 750$. It just doesn’t make sense to pay more. If we talk about economy on data plan, just grab a mobile wi-fi hotspot, for 100$ and share you data lan with 1 sim card between 5 devices. What I like in padfone, is sthat I don’t have to configure, and syncrhonize 3 devices, and I have flexibility and don’t overspend resources, etc.. With this money I’ll just get an Atom Netbook (250-300$), a smartphone (500$) and may be a Tablet (though I don’t really need one). Which will give me so much more productivity, platform diversity and flexibility for same money and payload.

  • Norc

    I’d pay 700 USD max. But for a Padfone I would do what I have never: I would sign a two-year contract with some data and voice included (let’s say 20-25 bucks a month) to get it below 500 USD. I just want it.

  • Jonsonm1

    if that price is through then I will rather buy a samsung note or ipad then buy a cheaper phone and it will be better .I think they are listening to the world economy to think people are willing to pay this amount. its stupid

  • Jonsonm1

    If they want to make money with this product then the price should be competitive otherwise they will loose the market because other company are coming up with same products

  • friarduc

    The difficulty that I see here is that Asus needs to make money to keep going (to develop even better products). What they must find a way to do is to create an ecosystem wherein a buyer can get the hardware at a low price and pay extra to get good apps specifically made to take advantage of the Padfone, lots of add ons, etc…

    If the ecosystem is not sound, the price of the Padfone will be too high for it to become a smashing hit.

    I wish Asus all the best. Personally, I am waiting to see the users’ review before jumping on the band wagon. Look at what happened to the Transformer Prime and its wifi + GPS issues.

  • Jeb575sub

    $1000??? You’ve got to be kidding me. Just for the phone? I thought the entire package was going to come in at about $800 for the phone, tablet, keyboard and stylus/headset. So much for my dream of an affordable alternative to rooting my existing phone and purchasing a small netbook!

  • Jeb575sub

    I wonder if Rob Little works for ASUS or owns stock????

    • Rob Little

      er, yeah, that’s right… cos I’d really be posting in this thread if I did.
      I hardly think pointing out that people are being silly for getting in a frenzy over nothing means I must work for them. Even now, the thing still isn’t on sale, and there are still no concrete prices. Look at your post below – you’re still overreacting to something that doesn’t actually exist yet, and we still don’t know the prices of it. But it was never going to be cheap. Why would it be? it’s a totally niche product.