Asus Padfone to start shipping in Taiwan on April 20 for $980, no words on US availability yet

by: AdrianApril 5, 2012

Asus padfone

Some called it innovative, some revolutionary, and many just couldn’t believe their eyes. The Asus Padfone took us all by surprise back at the MWC in February, but much of the hype surrounding the smartphone/tablet/netbook hybrid was quickly cooled down by rumors about its pricing.

An online UK store had the Padfone available for preorder starting a few weeks back and it was pretty obvious that most of us will never be able to afford the gadget. However, until today, we didn’t have any official word on the device’s pricing, so some of us still hoped for the best. Well, today we finally have some official details about the Padfone’s pricing and availability and, unfortunately, while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I am unable to deliver anything other than that.

The Asus Padfone will be hitting Taiwan on April 20, with pre-orders starting as soon as tomorrow, and, as far as I can tell, only few technology geeks will afford to get their hands on the hybrid. The smartphone alone (a beautiful 4.3-incher with a qHD Super AMOLED display and a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor under the hood) will cost the good people from Taiwan a hefty NT$ 17,999 (around US $610).

If you want added functionality and the freedom to adapt your gadget to your needs (and I know you do), you’ll have to either pay NT$ 24,980 (US $850, give or take), for the smartphone, tablet-style dock, bluetooth earpiece and stylus, or no less than NT$ 28,901 (US $980, that is), for the all-inclusive package, that comes with a Transformer-style keyboard dock.

Asus, y u no sell Padfone cheaper?

While the $1,100 price tag hinted about a month ago proved to be just a tad inaccurate, you’ll still have to pay big bucks for what many consider one of the greatest innovations of the past couple of years.

And, despite the fact that playing the currency conversion game can be misleading, as we know that gadgets are priced differently depending on each market’s profile, it’s pretty obvious that the Padfone will not be affordable (or at least reasonably priced) in any part of the world, anytime soon.

When and if the hybrid will hit the US, it will probably not go for as much as $980. However, it’s impossible to hope for the Padfone to be priced at anything less than, say, $850, or, best-case scenario, $800. Is anyone willing to pay that much in the United States for the Padfone? I would certainly not, but I wouldn’t mind being contradicted, so if any of you thinks about picking this up in the US, I would love to hear your reasoning behind the decision.

On the other hand, it has to be said that the Asus Padfone has not been officially confirmed to come to the US, with only Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore on the release list for the time being. No launch dates are available for any other market than the Taiwanese one, so stay tuned on our website to find out more about the Padfone!

  • Ghplatt1

    Disgusting! Y u write pidgeon English!

    • Anony

      I agree. Quite racist really as it would be trying to imitate broken english spoken by an Asian individual.

      • Melvinflamingo

        While the title could be thought to be in poor taste is not definitively racist. It is making light of a true and common occurrence in linguistics. I often warn people of being uber-picky in their accusations (as in this instance) of racism, as it often leads to hyper-sensitive postings on the internet. It would be a much happier/friendlier world society if we could all laugh at life’s little peccadilloes instead of throwing around accusations and getting bent out of shape when someone points out the differences in people (even if these are generalizations). …. obviously there is a limit….
        Laugh a little!!!!!

  • I will get the padfone and i am in canada. I will buy a unlocked bversion beceaus i wont be supprised if it doesnt come to us or canada.

    • You will be order this overseas, but it will probably run you $1000 for the whole setup for at least 2 months. By the time it does get to North America, expect it to retail for around $800, but I would be VERY surprised if any carrier touches this.

      it would be amazing, and they should. $199 for two year contract, $50 unlimited 4G data. That would be perfect, but there is absolutely no way it is going to happen. We can dream though…. Just import it and put your SIM in there, and go to town.

  • Adrian

    I will buy it for sure… an unlocked, unsponsored Galaxy S was also $600 as are most of the higher end phones so no real big difference there. Another $200 for the screen dock might be a bit high but then it makes up in convenience. It would help a lot if the original TF101 keyboard is compatible as it was rumoured to be

  • Cube

    They have to sell it for that much because they have 2 screens and any other electronics the tablet dock has in it.

  • Noyfb

    I have been waiting for this for over a year when it was announced in early 2011. I watched their wep page every month to see when it would be for sale. Also I didn’t see if it was gsm or cdma, but i’ll guess gsm if it’s going to europe. This is a great Idea. They need to make a universal pad that can fit any smartphone. All you would need is a plug that conncts to the tablet and phone, and an adjuster to slide to fit the phone size in the tablet.
    Even an 800 price tag is too expensive in this economy. But It does serve a dual purpose. Considering a good tablet is $400 and a good phone is $300 it is within the realm of that pricetag. If it comes to Verizon I’ll be the first in line to get one, as long as I save up for 3 months in advance.

  • Although the initial outlay is a bit high, you have to remember, you’re getting two devices in one, which means only one data plan. When compared with an iPad and iPhone over three years (roughly how long a phone lasts me), it’ll save me an astonishing £1,260.

    If Asus can keep its faults down, I would definitely get one because it covers all my needs, and will save me over £1,200, which, as a student, is more than welcomed.

  • Bryan Couperthwaite

    Easy.. I own Iphone want to change to droid and tablet i can get both and it will have intent access anywhere…

    • Bryan Couperthwaite

      800-1000 is not that much…

  • Kevin

    Well a lot of you guys are talking about the oooh soo expensive pricing…. but if you buy a netbook, tablet en phone separate… you will always exceed the price of even a $1000.. if you for instance buy a galaxy tab, galaxy S2 and a cheap netbook… So actually the price is not that bad;)

  • Kalvin Tu

    two points
    1. This will fly or die by the hands of the data carriers.
    2. Value logically if each device were able to have its own processor and clustering improvements this is a great value and RnD may be moving toward this idea. However in current design purchasing the various devices separately may cost more but they all can function if one were to break, not so with the PADPone once the phone is dead you’re dead.