Asus Releases “1 + 1 + 1” Padfone Advert, You Do the Math

by: GeneFebruary 24, 2012
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Asus is aware of the fact that they are trying to implement a paradigm shift in the realm of mobile technology. Unfortunately, change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s exactly the case with Asus. Perhaps you do remember the Asus Padfone, the half-tablet, half-smartphone that was first advertised last year. But it didn’t appeal much to us at first. After all, a phone that can be inserted into a tablet was unimaginable, and the thought of just didn’t make any sense.

What was certain though is the fact that it was something radical, cool and interesting, judging from the advert that Asus first revealed last year. But it took Asus to launch the Transformer tablet series to finally convince us that the Padfone was indeed special. It was then that we realized that Asus is revolutionizing the future of smartphones and tablets. And what could be a better way to do that than to combine both. Asus has recently revamped the design of the Padfone.

Last month, Asus declared that they are planning to finally release the device at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress next week. As the rumors have suggested, the Padfone will either sport a Tegra 3 or an S4. If you want to get a closer look at the Padfone, our very own resident Android guru, Darcy LaCouvee, was invited by ASUS at the CES last month and he was able to grab a bunch of awesome photos of the device. What’s even more interesting is its support for a keyboard dock, similar to that of the Asus Transformer.

It was not until a couple of days ago when our speculations were confirmed. Asus is building up the excitement for MWC by releasing a video entitled “Divided We Stand. Together We Rock.” The teaser showed three Russian Matryoshka dolls piled up one over the other with a “1 + 1 + 1 = ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES” caption at the end of the 17-second ad. If our mathematics is right, that equates to 1 smartphone, 1 tablet and 1 keyboard dock all in all. Check out the cool teaser below and tell us your own answers to the equation.

  • KC+NFC

    As long as the phone has an NFC, I’m ok with it.

  • Chuck Angel

    I have been interested in this concept since in tried my Atrix with it’s lapdock. the idea of a tabdock made so much more sense….forget sync between your phone and tablet…your tablet and your phone are one.

  • Jose

    Kudos to ASUS! Just hope their final product execution is with quality and beta-tested to death prior to public release. Please do not put out a full-of-bugs piece of equipment. Also, the ultimate question – who will be the carrier to take this on and for how much?

  • Trebor Rude

    I’ve liked this idea ever since hearing about it early last year. I just hope it actually gets released in the US, or at least has capabilities sufficient to be used on 3G GSM networks in the States (yes, LTE would be preferable, but if I’ve got to get a UK Padfone, I’ll settle for 3G).

  • Graham Laight

    Sorry for being negative, but IMO synchronisation has become so good now (and so essential to use) that you’d be better off having separate devices for phone and tablet computer.

    However – credit to Asus for offering consumers this choice!

  • Sandy

    I would love to see an unlocked version. Thenn buy a simcard from StraightTalk ($45/month). If a carrier won’t picki it up then sell the equipment via online. FCC needs to start steppig in – phones should not be linked to carriers (anyone remember MA Bell?)

  • Krisanaoneill

    I wonder when is go to the market and where i can buy it and how much for the price .please can any one let me know .thank