Official: Asus Padfone 2 confirmed for “early 2013” UK release

by: AdrianOctober 18, 2012

We saw it unveiled, we saw it unveiled again, we heard the first details about its “international” release and pricing, and we even got a quick taste of what Asus is planning for it in terms of advertising. Was there any piece of the Padfone 2 puzzle left?

Well, of course there was, as there was still no mention about the hybrid device’s launch in North America, but also in parts of the “Old Continent”. And even if there wasn’t, I for one can’t get enough of the 2-in-1 phone/tablet combo, so any excuse to keep talking about it would have been nice.

But I don’t have just any excuse for this post, as TechRadar claims to have gotten confirmation of the Padfone 2’s UK launch. The online publication spoke with Asus UK technical PR Adam King who said that “we will definitely be getting it early next year” and “we’ll hopefully have some more details before the end of this year”.

“Early next year” could mean January and it could also mean March, and, while the uncertainties are killing us, it’s still nice to be ensured that, unlike the first gen Padfone, the new one will reach Brits. It should be frustrating to know that the Padfone 2 will be available in most other European countries by the end of 2012, but hey, glass half full, right?


  • Mahender

    Galaxy Note 2, which should be (is) the main competition to Asus Phonepad 2, is already out in the UK available on contract and the online reviews actually show almost all aspects of the device (how to use the S-Pen to increase productivity etc.). Asus Phonepad 2 is poorly marketed (can’t find more than an overview of the device – e.g., it is not explained what all is possible using its stylus) and a very late launch (a few ‘months’ (not weeks) after the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch. Needless to say, when launched, it will be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be at that time (as new launches are more expensive, Note 2 would have ‘settled’ in the market by then.

    All this means a product which should have really sold well won’t (or so it appears). Heck, Asus couldn’t even promise a pre-Christmas shopping season launch for the UK – it is to hard to setup sales outlet(s) in the UK for this phone?

    The hype around operators not favouring it because of the possibility it offers (one SIM usable on both phone and tablet, so need to go for two contracts) is just that – hype; as most users I know of buy wifi-only versions of tablets to go with their phones, so they have only one SIM plan (contract) anyway. Are the operators trying to keep this product of shelves in the UK based on these baseless conjectures?