Asus Padfone 2 inching closer to its release, packs quad-core S4 CPU in leaked benchmark

by: AdrianSeptember 18, 2012

As excited as we were about the Asus Padfone concept when we first spotted it more than a year ago, we quickly realized it had very slim chances of getting released on a wide scale and gain much traction. Unfortunately, we were right on the money with our predictions, and the smartphone/tablet hybrid remains a sweet dream that still needs serious work (not to mention “leniency” from major carriers).

Fortunately (and quite surprisingly), Asus seems to still believe in the Padfone, and, according to a leaked benchmark, it is now pushing forward with a revamped version of the two-in-one gadget. We first heard about the Padfone 2 back in May, but pretty much no one thought the new hybrid was good to go after the production issues and limited release of the first-edition model.

According to the new leak, Asus is not just looking to go forward with the Padfone concept, but it also plans to considerably up the ante spec-wise. The Padfone 2 caught flexing its muscles in an AnTuTu benchmark has a quad-core 1512MHz processor and 2GB of RAM, which is a major progress over the first phone equipped with a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM.

The Padfone had a Snapdragon S4 processor under its hood, so it’s very likely the new phone will come with the S4 Pro CPU we are sooo waiting for. On the flipside, the benchmark lists the new Padfone as running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which would be a terrible disappointment for a gadget rumored to see the light of day sometime in 2013. It’s obvious though that this is only a pre-production unit, and that it will most likely have Jelly Bean on board by the time of its release.

As for the actual benchmark results, the Padfone 2 scored a total of 13,950, which, according to, might be an all-time record. There’s no other device around with a quad-core S4 Pro chip and 2GB of RAM though, so any comparison with existent gadgets would be a bit unfair.

We can compare however the Padfone 2 with the freshly unveiled Galaxy Note 2, which we saw not long ago scoring an inferior 13,500 in the exact same AnTuTu benchmark. The Galaxy Note 2 packs a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so the Padfone 2’s results might actually be quite impressive after all. Of course, the Note 2 benchmarked was itself a pre-production unit, but it should have been a far more advanced version than the Padfone 2, considering the two gadget’s ETAs.

Talking about ETAs, let’s say that we still have no idea when might the Padfone 2 hit the market, although the initial predictions don’t seem very trustworthy anymore. It’s very hard to believe that Asus will wait until the second part of next year to make this official, and we’re almost ready to bet we will be seeing a lot of the Padfone 2 at the CES or MWC 2013, in January and February.

What we want to hear from you is what do you expect from the Padfone 2 (aside from enjoying a wider release than its predecessor). Do a quad-core S4 Pro CPU and 2GB of RAM sound snappy enough for 2013 technology? Are you expecting the phone to come with a better display or a slimmer profile? How about the “Padfone Station”? Should that also be slimmer and lighter with a crisper screen? Is a battery bump also needed? Let us know down below.

  • Carloser

    The Padfone 1 battery is too weak. The Padfone 2 removable battery should have minimum 2500 mAh, better if 3300 mAh like Motorola Razr MAXX.

  • DrumComp

    Im sick of waiting for Asus to make a major push in the U.S. cell market. Therefore I will be getting the Note 2. It’s a shame really, I waited for almost a year for the Padfone to come to the US and still nothing. I have lost all faith in Asus.

    • Thomas

      I understand. But can’t you buy it abroad? from the UK for example providing it can use the LTE 4g in the U.S ofcourse. Ofcourse warrenty and such is not easy to deal with when the device is bought abroad.

  • aaaaa

    They need to release it this time!

    I would even get padfone 1, if I could find it in UK, but its not here!

    I really hope that during announcement they will also say how they will distribute it, because if not, im afraid its Galaxy Note 2 for me.

    • Thomas

      Same here, I was considering a Note II until, I saw the Padfone 2 (it will come to the UK in the beginning of 2013). I was also considering the upcomming LG nexus, but thats a disapointment to me with only 8 or 16 GB storage :( good and out of the question. Now I see today the HTC J Butterfly with a 5 inch 1080p display and the same wooping snapdragon s4 pro CPU as Padfone 2… and sigh! Padfone 2 or HTC J ? damn hard choises :-)

  • Ubuntu for Android would be a killer feature for this kit.

    When you dock the tablet into the keyboard, it transforms into a full-fledged netbook with Ubuntu.

    That would be some serious innovation.

    I am not even sure what I would use 2GB RAM and such a quad-core beast in the role of a mobile phone. My Galaxy S2 perfectly serves mobile browsing needs with its 2 cores and 1GB RAM. It is fast but it is limited by the screen.

    The keyboard dock of the Padfone and the Transformers simply scream for a desktop environment.

    • thomas

      I have ran ubuntu on my sgs2 and sgs3 in the emulator. its a bit to lacky to use. but that because its emulated.
      Btw. theres also the “Clambook” to consider

      • Yes, chrooted Ubuntus are very slow typically because of the VNC frontend which makes their graphics dead-slow.

        The Clambook is great but it would be nice to learn about the price before anyone gets enthusiastic.

        Actually, the clambook may be usable with a PC stick like those new quad-core i.MX6 SOCs. Those will likely have direct Ubuntu support as well so we don’t even need to wait for Ubuntu for Android.

  • I’m a padfone user.

    The problem with Android is that it is not quite developed for desktop experience. You dont get truely multi tasking performance. It is just so unnatural. You can’t open multiple windows to work. There is a limit to the number of browser tabs you can open without triggering the browser to redraw or refresh – even with 1GB RAM (actual you can see being used is running is less than700MB.

    I wish they found a better solution to attach the phone to the tablet. Right now it feels lobsided and unbalanced.

    They also need to find a way to attach the stlyus to the pad station.

    They should also design a proper sleave/jacket to accomodate the padstation with attached keyboard

    • Thomas

      Yes you can. You can run multipli “windows” on android for example Overskreen browser (check it out, its awesome and especially useful for tablets) , hoovernotes etc. but true enough, theres not developed much window/linux like features at this time. But the it is true multitasking many apps kan run at once.