Leak suggests ASUS Padfone 2 is in the works

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 12, 2012

ASUS Padfone

With the excitement over the Samsung Galaxy S3 dying down (or is it?), it is once again time to look forward to the next device to create waves in the Android device world.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note has been dubbed a “phablet” due to it’s large tablet-like screen size and phone capabilities, the ASUS Padfone is in a class of its own. The Padfone features an Android smartphone that docks into a tablet shell, which then functions as a tablet. This setup can further be connected to a keyboard dock, to work as a laptop. And it has a stylus too. In which you can talk!

The ASUS Padfone has not yet been released worldwide, with rumors suggesting that the delayed shipping is caused by the Qualcomm/TSMC Snapdragon S4 production problems. Not unlike a movie studio announcing the sequel before the first flick is even released, it appears that ASUS is hard at work to deliver the sequel to the Padfone, called, gasp, the Padfone 2.

The leak that outed the Padfone 2 comes in the form of a slide, supposedly part of a strategy debriefing for ASUS employees. The presentation talks about a 4G LTE Padfone device that could arrive as soon as this fall. Also discussed in the briefing is ASUS’ “Happiness 2.0” campaign, which will focus on:

  • ASUS cloud integration
  • New audio technology
  • Greater mobility
  • Improved design

The leak also reveals ASUS’ plans to  match or even improve upon its impressive first quarter results . The target sales and projected shippments can be seen on the slide above. We found out a while ago that ASUS has big plans for its tablet lineup in 2012, and this new leak seems to corroborate with earlier rumors.

With the “original” Padfone not yet available in most markets (you can get in Taiwan, though), I think it is too soon to start talking about a sequel, and a fall release seems simply unrealistic. Of course, no information on the specs of the device are available, so we could be looking at an US release of the Padfone with LTE capabilities, a la HTC One X (different international and US version).

While the concept of a phone-is-a-tablet-is-a-laptop is quite innovative, the hefty price tag associated with the device is a turn off for a lot of users. Similar to the movies, all we can do is wait and see if the first part is any good, and then make a call on the sequel.

What are your thoughts? Too soon for Padfone 2 or will it release at just the right time? Are there any movie sequels that you liked more than the first part? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Kendiboi7

    seriously? no body commented on this post? The device is so promising that it can only stay as promised. haha.

    On a serious note, I am just wondering why o why they were unable to get the exynos quad or just the tegra 3 if they will be just using the 3G on S4. The reason that OEM’s get the S4 is due to the LTE right? Though this one is not confirmed if it will use the LTE capability of the Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon. That is the processor that they will use on this device right? At least if they got the first 2 processor most likely the shortage will not be experienced. Just saying.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have been waiting for this device for almost a year now.

    • Celestias

      I’ve been waiting for over a year myself, until now I decided not to purchase it. I’m getting an S3.

      The device is outdated (compare to S3), and worst of all, they pice it at more than $900?! Are they f***ing nuts?!

      • Shawn Reza

        $900 is cheap if you do the math. An iPhone/iPad combo or a TF-Prime/One X combo will cost around $1350. Add in the savings from only having to have 1 data plan, and the Padfone literally pays for itself over a 2 year contract. S4 is valuable beyond just the integrated LTE modem, it’s built at the Cortex A15 level while Tegra 3 and exynos quad are still at A9. It’s a much more advanced processor.

        • Celestias

          Thank you for your response :) I thought the same too, but I have found that that it’s not really true anymore. Here’s why:

          1. You can share internet from a phone to tablet wirelessly. So I don’t really need separate data plans in both; I’m always carrying my phone on me anyways.

          2. The Samsung’s processor is actually more powerful than the Padfone’s Snapdragon – a lot. Benchmarks were done:
          The HTC One S uses the exact same chip as the padfone, and as you see, it’s much weaker than the Samsung.

          3. The Samsung has much better features, including a better screen amongst other things. So you’ll be effectively getting a lesser featured tablet and phone for $900+, instead of two top-of-the-line devices, tablet and phone, with the $1350.

          I completely agreed with you previously, and I was totally sold on the Padfone. But the insane pricing, major delays and constant promise breaking (so far, they have missed 4 different release dates) has really put me off, while the S3 is coming out in less than a month.

          What do you think?

          • Shawn Reza

            1: Tethering is a massive drain on your phone’s battery life. Furthurmore, if you tether from an ATT unlimited plan, they’ll downgrade you to a 5 gb plan >_<
            2: The trouble with benchmarks is that they show you a processor's top work load, not its actual speed. Think of it like cars, the Exynos Quad and the Tegra 3 upgrade via buying a second car so you can haul twice as much at one time, while the S4 upgrades by increasing the top speed by 40%. The thing is, when properly optimized, there's nothing that we do on our phones that requires us to need that "second car load" of power. So if you only need a single car load of work done, and your objective is to get as much done as fast as possible, do you buy a second car or do you upgrade to a faster car?
            3: While the Padfone screen is inferior to the S3's, the Padfone Station has a full HD screen. If we want to value features, I think the massive battery power of the Padfone system is quite a strong pull ^_-

          • Anonymous1a

            If you check the information about the Padfone, the battery specs get much more interesting. All the additional systems in the padfone have extra batteries embedded in them. So, if you put your padfone into the Padfone station (the tablet), it has it own batteries which increase your battery life tremendously and also recharges your phone. As if that was not enough, the keyboard dock has its own set of batteries as well, which increase the life insanely!

        • Anonymous1a

          Plus, I am not sure where you got that price as I have only checked the prices for the UK, but 900 is around 670 pounds, the price I checked for the padfone including the keyboard dock so I’ll be assuming that the 900 includes the dock. So, it’s not just an iPhone/iPad combo, it’s also including a netbook for you! The keyboard allows you to convert it into a fully working netbook, as it gives a pointer on the screen as soon as you dock it in and has USB ports! It’s as good as any netbook. Now, the cheapest netbook you could get is about 200, so, it’s not just 1350, it’s 1550! You are saving about $650!

  • Woobaker

    i love the idea, sell my gnex and prime / dock and get 1 integrated device

  • Guest

    make it run windows 8 and i’m there!

  • Here’s the Taiwan spec’d version.

  • Gary681

    i’m just curious on who is gonna be the carriers for the phone service.

  • Domarch50

    Asus padfone can run Window 8?

    • dumbass

    • Abodan09

      hahahaha…kinda fun reading ya bullshit…but, i guess ya question aint dat dumb as CeeGee or anybody reading ya post for the first time will think. WHY and HOW? right, the windows 8 RT( aka handheld /mobile) version will be running on the same processor as the padfone (S4 Krait dual core), which means, somehow somewhat, we should be xpctin various hacks to be able to dual-boot it to install Win8 RT.

      but will still ask u to wait for the padfone 2, with better specs ;)

  • Ahmed Abbas

    i think the best thing they can do to padfone 2 is to give the tablet the ability to work without the phone in it it may have dual-core CPU and the phone dual-core CPU and when the phone gets in the dock we get a Super Quad-Core Tablet ( Fantasia huh ? ) if you agree like pls .

    • Martin Melka

      Not only I disagree, I wouldn’t be glad to see this. Because if that was the case, the already not-so-cheap price would jump even higher, making it even less possible buy…

    • memyself&i

      If the tablet could work without the phone you would essentially have two seperate fully functioning devices, and it would be priced as such. I would rather see a seperate version of the same tablet which is compatible with any phone, so you could get for low price as an accessory to a phone you already have.

  • really really want one! a padfone 1 or 2, but unless it has ubuntu for android on it, its too much of a toy for the price.

    a 11.6″ tablet dock would be nice , and a backlit keyboard for the padfone 2

    • Abodan09

      i guess the backlit keyboard will be great, alongside with the Prime keyboard dock, instead of the outdated tranformer pad keyboard associated with it.

  • Andrew Scott

    I’m glad I’ve been delaying on new phone, but if this isn’t being released in the fall (w/ 4G), then:
    1) it absolutely must have tegra 3 with integrated 4G next Spring
    2) Dynamic Switching issues need to be mostly resolved

  • Colin

    Still waiting.. They should get the LTE version out asap since it needs to capture this market early 2013 in the UK. I will be waiting for the LTE version.
    Price is OK for what you get. Still using old Nokia phone

  • Emad

    It could be a good device only a few things are wrong:
    – The insane pricing…. Young people who are willing to buy these devices do not sit in these seats.
    – Wrong OS. If all there is to it is expanding capabilities then Windows 8 is there for you. All majors applications that really expand capabilities are on Windows. I use android but for conventional use not to sell my laptop and use my mobile instead.
    – Weak specs according to price and LUNCH TIME. You know, when it initially introduced it was looking good as a stand alone phone in front of the Galaxy SII but with bulls like SIII in the market. It’s no longer a good phone.

  • Anonymous1a

    I don’t really think it’s expensive. Of course, 670 pounds (the price I checked in UK for the padfone was this, or somewhere about there) is quite a LOT of money but if you look at the alternatives, seeing that a iPhone 4S is for 499 pounds and the iPad is going for about 399, when you add that up, it comes to around 900 pounds, while you get the padfone at something less than 700 (200 less!) and as if that was not enough, you have netbook of sorts included (the 670 also includes the keyboard dock)!

    If this isn’t a bargain, I don’t know what is!

  • Lizardwithhat

    Its funny we can’t even buy this one yet let alone the next

  • Prime Owner

    Well since the galaxy SIII is already out, they should match the specs with it, give the phone itself a quad-core tegra processor and 2gb (or more) ram, and 32gb-64gb hard drive with micro SDXC compatibility so it can support micro sd’s 64gb and up.

  • I’d be ecstatic if the ORIGINAL Padfone made it to the U.S. on AT&T it’s way to soon to be talking about a Padfone 2 if the original isn’t already out world wide. I have been waiting and saving my money and upgrade till the Padfone is released I NEED a new phone and I want my money to go to Asus but if Padfone 1 or Padfone 2 Don’t hit U.S. soil on the AT&T network soon the Samsung Note will be reaping my upgrade and money.

  • g-parker

    With all that’s included with the padfone, does it even have nfc capability? I think i would rather put my money on the asus transformer pad infinity tf700t. I am seriously considerind investing in this device. The transformer pad infinity has so much more to offer! Better specs, cheaper price tag. The weight would be a deal breaker for me also — padfone sounds like it’s too heavy. I would rather keep the phone that i have without the phone dock. To each his or her own. That’s just my opinion!

  • Raaz Muir

    I’d really like the padfone to come up with HD 720p phone screen and 1080p tablet screen. The configuration is very nice, one never really uses both the phone and the tablet at the same time, so it’s okay to put the phone in the tablet to use it, and it’s a nice way to share resources (hardware and software) across phone and tablet. Also most smartphone data plans in the US do not include tethering, while most in Canada do. So, if tethering is not included in your smartphone data plan, then this device still allows you to use the table to consume the phone data, because you are not really tethering. Tablet is just acting as a blown up screen for your phone.

    One thing I’m still skeptical about is the bus between the phone and the tablet. Is it good enough to deliver the fastest speed, considering the processor lies in the phone, it will see quite a heavy load when using the tablet. Also, the constant pulling and pushing of the phone onto the bus connectors, may reduce it’s effectiveness over time…until some proper benchmarks are done on the tablet comparing it against other tablet with the same processor and memory spec as the phone on this one, I’m not ready to invest on this. I mean my goal of getting this device would definitely be to get a full featured phone, a full featured tablet and a full featured netbook…I’m not going to compromise on the speed and functionality of any of the 3 devices it can morph into, for the sake of having an all-in-one.

    I know an awesome new device comes up like every month or so, but I still buy my device with the hope of being able to use it comfortably for at least 3 years. (I’m not rich)

  • memyself&i

    I don’t understand why this is priced so high when it only has slight advantages compared to a standard HDMI like Motorola’s lapdock, but costs around $900 compared to Razr Maxx (similar specs) plus a Lapdock, which is around $500 on contract, or as low as $300 on Amazon.