Asus announces wired and wireless docks for Nexus 7, $50 and $90 respectively

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 26, 2014


Even though the Nexus 7 (2013) was announced way back in July now, Asus has just released an official wireless and wired dock for Google’s popular 7-inch tablet.

Although many of you have probably have picked up third-party dock already, those that have held out waiting for an Asus-made Nexus 7 dock can now pick up the wireless model from Amazon and a few other retailers. There’s also a wired version, though it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere yet.

The new docks have their own distinct designs, with the wireless above and the wired model seen below. While both of the docks are fairly attractive looking, neither of them come cheap. The former is $90, while the latter comes in at $50.


Paying these prices for official docks might be a little hard to swallow, especially when you consider that many 3rd party wired docks are only around $20-$30, and you can find wireless 3rd party docks somewhere around the $50-$60 mark. Of course, there’s something to be said for the quality and reliability that usually come from 1st party accessories. 

What do you think, anyone planning on picking up an official wired or wireless dock?

  • This is a tablet that is at the fraction of the cost of most tablets out today. People buy this tablet for two reasons… 1. It is a great tablet and 2. it is priced very reasonably. so what in the world is ASUS thinking by putting a $90 price tag on this changer. In what world do they live in that they think people that bought this tablet (because of its price) will buy this thing. It is almost half the price of the tablet itself….this boggles my mind

    • Dynamite

      Asus is screwed by google so hard on the nexus 7 that they are losing money on every one they sold… So it’s just kind of natural they are trying to make at least some money out of nexus 7 by offering these ultraoverpriced docks… Last time the dock for nexus 7 2012 cost 40$ to buy and less than 3$ to make… Add a very thin coper coil for let’s say (greatly exagerated) 2,5$ and you got an 90$ wireless charging dock.

      The nexus deal not only doesn’t give any profit to asus it also makes everything from charging adapters and cables in the package to accessories very cheaply made and highly priced as asus is trying to make some money out of this.

      • Tony Hoffman

        Because big businesses are into doing things for a loss, year after year after year, right?

  • A_Ware

    No information about the docks other than price and picture? No features, review, anything? That hardly seems worth an article.

  • AndroidBoss

    What’s up with these very late releases of accessories?

  • iTriune

    What exactly does the dock do……..?

  • AsakuraZero

    amazon price is 70 for the wireless one and the wired is 50 pretty much on the spot, give it a few weeks and the price will be near the half on amazon

  • Christopher Buteau

    Seeing as this tablet either lives in my lap in bed or charging in the kitchen…um NO…I don’t need to drop $90 bucks on it.

  • pablouk

    Can guarantee that this will break within a year.