Asus delivers a rather odd press conference [video]

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 26, 2013

Asus MWC press conference

Press conferences often attempt to hype up and oversell new products and ideas, but Asus has really taken it up a notch. Asus has uploaded some highlights of its MWC presentation to Youtube for us all to see, but it’s not quite what you might have been expecting. The video is definitely worth a watch, but be prepared to cringe in places.

The presenter is clearly convinced by the products, but the slightly hesitant clapping at the end suggests that the audience may have been a little more bewildered by the whole experience.

Apart from the slightly confusing names, and general over eagerness of the presentation, there are some pretty interesting looking products hidden behind the message.

The Asus cloud stuff probably isn’t going to pique the interest of many people, but the PadFone Infinitely seems like a fantastic high end device. Powered by a beefy Snapdragon 600, with full LTE support, packing in a 13Megapixel camera, and a full 1080p display, it seems like they’ve done everything right, apart from the rather ludicrous €999 price tag.

Similarly the FonePad seems to be a good looking product. All the specs are just right for a premium tablet experience, and it’s actually much more sensibly priced.

What did you think of the conference? Did Asus’ questionable method of presentation undersell what seems to be a decent product line-up? Or is the quirky nature of this press conference preferable to the sometimes dry formula of unveiling new products?

  • Yoel Feuermann

    The Padfone Infinity looks Great… exactly what I need, shut up and take my… 1000 euro??? no way.

  • kascollet

    I still don’t understand how a Tegra 3 powered tablet can be considered “premium” in 2013…

    • George T

      What are you talking about?

      This has a Snapgragon 600.

      • kascollet

        My mistake (I was talking about the Fonepad), an Atom with a PowerVR SGX540…. also a much outdated GPU in fact.

  • [email protected]

    Oh GOD, i don’t even understand what he’s saying.
    and i’m chinese!

  • RarestName

    I like the concept of converting the phone to a tablet, but if you’re carrying around the bigger screen which is useless without a phone, you might as well just buy another tablet.

  • Valentin Xulescu

    Is it that hard to find a decent english speaker?! I’ve seen this bad english also on other asian manufacturers…too bad since they have great products

  • Mike Arthur

    The crowd had to put their phones away to clap. That is why the hesitation. I like the idea of a 7″ phone.