If you purchased your Nexus 7 from Google Play, don’t look to Asus for your refund

by: Robert NelsonNovember 12, 2012

A few days back Asus came forward with details on a coupon offer for those who purchased a Nexus 7 tablet before October 29. The offer was rather simple, if you purchased before that date you would be eligible for the coupon. The coupon was for €30 (or ₤25 for those in the UK). Either way though, it looks like that initial offer announcement lead to some confusion.

Thankfully though, Asus has returned with an update that should help to clear things up. The company posted the message by way of Twitter and noted that “the ASUS Nexus 7 coupon offer is not available to customers who purchased their device from the Google Play store.”

In short, if you purchased your Nexus 7 direct from Google Play — you will not get any voucher from Asus. But on that note, Google does offer price protection. According to details coming from Google support pages;

“If we reduce the price of a device on Google Play, we’ll refund the difference in price if your purchase occurred within 15 days of said price reduction. To be eligible, requests for a price protection refund must be submitted within 15 days of the price reduction occurring.”

Bottom line here, if you recently purchased a Nexus 7 direct from Google Play (as opposed to with Asus), you will need to visit this page. Finally, those who did purchase from Asus and are just now learning about the voucher offer — you need to follow this link.

  • aj

    dis is da only reason y i h8 companies lik asus.. dey r just too cheap
    i guess dat even crappy hardware would hav done but dey shld hav had some dignity
    deir products r gr8 but dier services r poor.. i too h8 apple but it is d truth dat dey give better services

    • William Shakespeare

      learn to type English fella !

    • Eurisko Pebenito

      What are you saying!

  • giaps

    what’s wrong with it?
    you buy from google- google pay
    you buy from ASUS – Asus pay.