Asus made Nexus 10 coming soon according to PC World inventory list

by: Gary SimsSeptember 19, 2013

Google NexusSince Google refreshed the Nexus 7, focus has turned to the other devices in the Nexus range. There is lots of talk about the next Nexus smartphone and now it seems that Google are definitely going to refresh the Nexus 10. The news comes via a photo posted by @Rage06 on Twitter. The image shows what appears to be an inventory listing on a computer in a PC World store in the UK. The listing describes the new Nexus 10 as a “Google Asus Nexus 10” with a retail price of £349.99.

The current Nexus 10 is made by Samsung and currently costs £319.00 for the 16 GB model and £389.00 for the 32 GB model. In the US the prices are $399 and $499 respectively. Doing a quick bit of maths shows that the new Nexus 10 will probably cost $449 in the USA, however since there was only one model listed it isn’t possible to tell how much storage will be included.  Hypothetically this could mean that Google could release just a 32 GB model but $50 cheaper than the current 32 GB version and with better specs. However since the new Nexus 7 was actually more expensive than the previous generation this is by no means guaranteed.

Asus Nexus 10 listing at PC World

This isn’t the first time that Asus has been tagged as the manufacturer for the new Nexus 10. About a month ago ‘multiple sources’ suggested that the next generation of the Nexus 10 will be manufactured by Asus, not Samsung.

In terms of specifications, little is know. However it is expected that the device will have  a cool high resolution display (at least 2560 x 1600), a Snapdragon 800 processor, and 2GB of RAM. It is also possible that the new tablet will run Android 4.4 KitKat. Since Google is rumored to unveil the Nexus 5 alongside Android 4.4 KitKat in mid-October, it is possible that it will actually launch the Nexus 10 (2013) at the same time.

However Google recently dropped the price of the Nexus 4 to clear out its stocks before it releases the new Nexus smartphone, but it hasn’t made a similar reduction in price for the Nexus 10. This could point to a later release, maybe some time in November.

What are you hoping for from the new Nexus 10?

  • Bone

    I want a big Google bang with the new Nexus phone and large tab, as well as a major 1BIL activation discount in Play Store heh.

    New Nexus 10, gimme dat too!

  • Micheál Walsh

    Samsung Nexus 10 was on sale yesterday on
    for €339.95 (+€12.95 delivery) as opposed to £319 (+£10 delivery) from GooglePlay UK.
    This might suggest that the clearout has begun in advance of the new Asus!

  • MasterMuffin

    I just want KLP to have the feature that lets you change system wide colors. Not so important, but it’s still cool :)

    • Daniel DS

      There’s no such thing as KLP, you mean KK

      • MasterMuffin

        Oops, I’m so used to writing KLP that I didn’t even notice that :D

  • Blowntoaster

    Asus, please bring the goods on this one. The Samsung Nexus 10 was good, and needs a good follow up to be even better. I’ve been wanting to get a Nexus 10 for a while now. Hopefully the new one will be even better…and come in at the same decent price…

  • Jaun Lombard

    So the new Nexus 10 wont be based on the Note 10.1 2014 edition? Such a shame…

    • Wavefunction Collapse

      I know. We knew this a while back though. Just for screen quality, that would be good news.

      And it works both ways. If they were making both, the Note 10.1 could be influenced by the Nexus 10 (2) which would make it (10.1) a better tablet, have a newer OS and so on.

      I will definitely buy one of the two, and storage is a big decider for me.

  • Omran Terro

    I hope they use ipad aspect ratio.

  • Олег Александров

    will snap800 be enough for such a high resolution? 3d games might be laggy… anyway asus is much better than samy

    • Humberto Hernandez

      Very important question (in my opinion)

  • GuiltMachine

    Please please please, I want a TRANSFORMER like Nexus 10 :D

    • ramurphyjr


  • V-Phuc

    1. Snapdaragon 800
    2. 3GB RAM
    3. 32/64 GB internal memory
    4. Micro-SD slot
    5. Back/front camera (8MP/2MP?)
    Am I asking too much? LOL

    • Wavefunction Collapse

      There won’t be that much RAM, there won’t be a microSD slot, unfortunately. I just hope that there’ll be options to have 64 GB internal.

  • anon001

    This is the 16GB Wifi version. As someone else pointed out, the price may not yet be finalised.

  • Dan

    This will probably be a great product in most ways. But if it doesn’t have a removable SD memory slot, I’ll probably not buy one. In large part out of principle. In the battle of stubborn customer vs. stubborn merchant, the customer is likely to eventually win. Google’s reasons for not including removable memory are terrible. Deliberately leaving out an inexpensive feature to force people to use your cloud services who don’t want to do so? That sucks. Google – give the customers what they want.