The current best selling Android Honeycomb tablet in the world, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, has just received the formal treatment, courtesy of Asus. As of a few hours ago, they’ve taken the liberty of putting up an official product page, which is virtually identical to the one of the Wi-Fi only variant, but with one small, important detail. 3G.

According to NetbookNews and NotebookItalia, both of whom we have a lot of love for, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 3G will be going on sale in Europe for 499 Euros for the 16GB version, and for 599 Euros for he 32GB.which sports a TF101G model number).

Another important thing to note is that Asus has altered the battery time of the Eee Pad Transformer TF101G (with keyboard dock) to be only 14.5 hours, versus the 16 hours of its non-3G brother. According to our sources, we can expect to see these go on sale in Europe first towards the end of August, with the US and Canada to follow shortly thereafter. There’s no word yet whether any of the major carriers will be picking any of these up, but we expect at least one of them to. Either way, expect the 16GB 3G Transformer to go for $499, and for the 32GB to go for $599.

Any takers? Does 3G connectivity matter to you, or is Wi-Fi enough for a tablet? Lots of financial analysts are saying that WiFi only tablets sell between 5-8 times as well as those with 3G. Why do manufacturers charge more for 3G variants when it only cost them a few dollars more to manufacturer?

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • Mark M

    Why pay extra for built-in GSM when you can tehther your phone and use it’s data plan?

    • Psouk

      Because my wife cannot do this.

      • Kp


    • Anonymous

      Why tether, when you can just put in a SIM card and have a great internet connection? Many people still wish to use their mobile phone as a mobile phone, without a need to have a data plan for it.

      • Cor

        I’m not sure you can just put your mobile SIM card in your tablet. Your provider will notice this (and will charge you for it). I read somewhere that it’s not entirely the same kind of SIM that goes into the tablet.
        I hope I’m wrong as it would be the ideal way to go for.

        • Anonymous

          I live in northern Europe, where 3G tablets are unlocked and not carrier tied. We can get a separate SIM (make it data only) for less than 15€ a month, with unlimited data transfer and avg. speeds around 15mbps. Plus we don’t have providers controlling how we use the 3G, no limitations or extra fees with tethering etc.

          There’s a video on YouTube of some Spanish dude inserting a regular sized SIM card to the 3G Transformer, and the tablet then asks for the pin number. Seems to me like it works, but he was in Taiwan so he didn’t use the internet with a Spanish SIM (expensive). Hopefully, there’s videos of the 3G TF in proper use.

    • mat

      Why drain two batteries through tethering when you can just rely on one?

    • Niels

      so you do not have to always have your phone

    • Rbell

      KISS principles: ease of use, simplicity of operation, no external dongles etc.etc.

    • why pay for this when the Transformer Prime (majorly upgraded hardware) is out next month?????

  • AJ

    3G is the killer bit of tablets as is USB, makes “in car” very possible and this will give me the laptop replacement I need (at present Asus 15″ + ADSL via 3G HTC Desire), SAT Nav (Google), Child location (Latitude) wi-fi connectivity, Remote Desktops…… bring it on!

  • Anonymous

    I am waiting for the 3g version of the transformer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it needs to have this or I will be thinking what if.

  • austin512tx

    how about the upcoming lenovo thinkpad tablet? it comes with either wife or wife+3g too

    • Austin512TX

      i mean wifi sorry for the mistypo

  • Fuck

    Где блять 3джи?

  • Fuck

    ну например евросеть уже блядует ими за 30 тысяч

    • Guest

      … и дал ссылку на “Связной” ;-))

  • Guest

    Seriously, no 3G, I will switch motorola

  • Derek

    I love the ASUS Eee range and the Transformer 3G is high on my must have list, but it would have been higher if it included a SIM deal which allowed Skype, otherwise you have to wander around looking for a network that will allow VOIP.

  • HeckFlosse1961

    Is the SIM card installed in the tablet or inside the keyboard?


    TX 3g on youtube. When can we get it????????

    • Mohawk Guy


  • lmm

    So what’s the bloody release date then?

  • Nick Lockett

    Have given up waiting … and bought a Lenovo Tablet – arrived in 5 days and its really well built! and comes with a pen and a bluetooth Keyboard case – only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a battery in the keyboard

  • MATT


  • Dee

    Where can you purchase the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101G?

  • BehavingVirus

    do u need a dataplan to get apps?

  • Jimbi

    Your “sources” must be Mystic Meg because its now end of November 2011 and still no release of 3g version.

  • Wowwwm this is so amazing …….

  • ecookman

    Gonna wait for the 3G variant to hit stores, then a few months, then I’m going to get a basic data plan. 600 bucks is a bit pricey… COME ON 400$

  • Carly M

    Do you think the release of the TF700 will cause the price of the TF300 to drop?