We’ve just discovered that one of the more unique tablets – the Asus Eee Pad Slider – is coming to the UK in August, and will be dubbed the Asus 3G Transformer.

Asus has just confirmed that the new Eee Pad Slider will go on sale in the UK in August, although they’ve kept quiet on the price, for now. It’s unfortunate but we still cannot say definitively what this particular tablet will go for. Still, we know it’s going to come with 3G connectivity on board, and as such, will likely command a bit of a price premium. Furthermore, there are rumors that it has received a processor speed bump up to 1.2Ghz, but it hasn’t bee confirmed officiallly either.

Still, it’s definitely a unique piece of tablet goodness, and one that we are eager to get our hands on. Obviously many people have already purchased the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, for its awesome keyboard dock addition, and for the fact that it is currently the best priced Android Honeycomb tablet on the market.

The Asus Eee Pad Slider features a 10.1 inch inch touchscreen IPS display, with Gorilla Glass, and also comes with a built in slide out QWERTY Keyboard. It will be released with the latest build of Android Honeycomb – 3.1, and features a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

The battery performance is rumored to be quite good as well, being somewhere in the 9-10 hour range. What say you, Android lover? Does this form factor appeal to you? How do you think it stacks up to the Transformer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Stay tuned!

Darcy LaCouvee
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  • I don’t really see much of a benefit for this over the Transformer especially since they didn’t seem to increase the battery life in this thing with all that extra thickness. Nonetheless, I’m sure there is a customer base for precisely this type of gadget.

  • acupuncture: Indeed I think the original Transformer is a fantastic idea and concept, but this will win some hearts too, despite the, still respectable but clearly inferior, battery life.

    It looks good and has a reasonable form factor…

    I’d imagine if they remade the movie Hackers, they’d use this badboy ;)

    • Darcy Alexander

      That is hilarious!! I remember that movie so well, and when they were leaning over their latest laptop, talking about how amazing it was, like 200Mhz bus and all that good stuff. Man! Too funny!

  • Actually, as a business device this really does tick a lot more boxes than competing tablets.

    IPS display? Oh yes.
    Keyboard for when you absolutely have to type an email and your BlackBerry has crashed again. Excellent.
    Decent performance so that the non-techie users don’t complain about how slow their Angry Birds loads up. (OK, not exactly business app, but you know how these ‘business execs’ do like to complain about things that have nothing to do with getting their job done).

    I’ll be pressing the boss to sign the requisition chitty for one of these :)

    To ‘evaluate’ it, you understand?

    • Darcy Alexander

      Stefan – i’m totally with you. Long live physical qwerty input – an absolute must for any professional on the move. The question is to 3G or not to 3G?