Intel’s Dual-OS platform in trouble, Asus Transformer Duet reportedly canceled

by: Andrew GrushMarch 14, 2014


At CES earlier this year Intel officially took the wraps off its Dual-OS platform, promoting the idea of Android and Windows running side-by-side in convertible laptops and tablet PCs. At the time, Asus even showed off its plans for a 4-in-1 hybrid device that could act as a Windows laptop, Windows tablet, Android laptop or an Android tablet.

As it turns out, neither Microsoft or Google is too keen on the idea, and Microsoft has reportedly adopted a new policy of not supporting dual-OS devices. A new report from the Wall Street Journal says Google is also interested in an “all-Android approach”. Of course, companies don’t necessarily need to have Google’s support to use Android, but they do need Google Play certification if they really want to make the most out of the experience.

So what does all of this mean for Asus? The WSJ claims that Asus has now canceled the Transformer Book Duet altogether. Asus is also said to be getting ready to shelf its two existing AIO PCs that run dual-OS technology. It’s unclear whether or not Intel will follow suit and scrapping the Dual-OS idea, or if the company will attempt to reach an agreement with Microsoft and Google to keep the concept alive.

What do you think, are you bummed to see the Dual-OS concept shot down so early? Or do you feel that the Dual-OS concept would have caused more confusion and issues than it was worth?

  • Michael McGrade

    I would actually like a dual boot device like this.

    • Ryann

      Believe me, it would have been AWESOME. Why? I have the Asus Transformer AIO 18.4″ one and it is amazing, instantly switch os with one click of a button, check out the youtube videos of it, I actually got mine really cheap as it was on sale for $699 with asus rebate and my local store discount on black friday. The only problem is I cant really take it outside lol as it’s too gigantic, so the duet would be awesome for that. Guess it’s all down the drain now.

  • Clint Weiss

    I would like to see the dual OS in a transformer style tablet/laptop combo, if it used a full version of windows… I could see the potential in that. Meanwhile, huawei is planning on releasing a windows/Droid hybrid phone, and I see no point in that context for dual OS.

  • Rijoenpial

    So, THIS is why the ATIV Q was shelfed… Samsung knew it before Asus… Sorry, Asus… I like the concept, but these days, everyone either has a laptop, or a tablet, or a PC, or all of them (I am talking about the already out Transformer Trio)… To me, the ATIV Q was a wet dream, but way too costly for someone who already has an ultrabook and a tablet… Cheers

    • MasterMuffin

      ATIV Q was so amazing, I want to buy one of the showcased prototypes T_T

      • Ryann

        My thoughts exactly! Why people would deny their freedom of choice of such devices is just plain sad.

        I was so excited for this device especially since I gave up hope in ever getting the Samsung Ativ Q, but now even this one too! Plus all hopes of ever getting a proper dual booting windows/android convertible laptop or tablet is gone the drain.

        Sad to see that consumers are getting screwed again.

        PS. I know there’s bluestacks but try it yourself and you can see that unfortunately about probably half of android apps doesnt work on it plus it’s still riddled with a lot of bugs seeing as it just randomly crashes on you.

        • MasterMuffin

          Yea bluestacks really isn’t the same

      • The display alone led the pack.

        • MasterMuffin

          If only Nexus 10 would have that screen. Would have to be called Nexus 13 though :D

    • Heisenberg

      I think the Ativ Q would be compelling device even if it ran one OS – the hardware was equally impressive and the dual OS!

  • giovanny

    very disappointed, i was looking forward to more devices with this type of tech in it. would be very convenient for me to have a device like this.

  • iamtravis182

    As a geek, this is cool. But to market such a device to the public would be suicide. The public wouldn’t have any idea what dual booting was. Hell, most of the general public doesn’t know the difference between a Droid and Android.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Dual OS laptops have been around for a long time. Parallels is a program that runs a Windows machine inside a window on Mac OS. The technology actually will allow you to run any OS that is supported by the Intel Architecture (Linux…). They even include a module called Convergence that runs Windows programs on the Mac desktop. The program runs smoothly and allows cut & paste between environments and shares access to files on the hard drive. Too bad Microsoft and Google won’t play nice together.

    • Cal Rankin

      I know you get the point, but there is a difference between virtualization (i.e. one OS runs inside the other) and dual-booting

      • W. Paul Schenck

        The cool thing about Parallels is there is no need to dual boot. The Windows Virtual Machine is not emulated, it is native code on the Intel chip set. They started with emulation and created memory partitions to run each of the different possible OS sessions, like the old multi-user mainframes. I’m not a fan of having to restart my device every time I want to switch programs or apps.

        • Cal Rankin

          If I remember right, the virtual Windows machine can run in its own partition, right?

        • W. Paul Schenck

          Yes it can

  • Pollde

    I like both Android tablet and Windows tablet/laptop, but I’m not fond of Dual-OS concept. I don’t hate it, but I will not miss it either.

    • Ryann

      Try one first before you say you dont like it. And I dont mean dual booting android to windows in a desktop or laptop or anything but buy ones from Asus like the transformer aio that with one button you can instantly switch from android or windows and then let us know if you like it or not.

      I have the Asus Transformer AIO i7 and it’s a beast! Best computer I know, 1080p, 18″ touch screen convertible with windows desktop that can be used separately by connecting to HDMI to either other monitors or in my case my TV, all aluminum construction, 4 usb 3.0, 2gb dedicated nvidia graphics card, can use both windows and android as a 18″ tablet which has about 5-6 hours of battery life and you can use the tablet separately from the desktop, and the 18″ screen is awesome!

      Dont tell me having an 18″ tablet screen is stupid before you even try one.

  • shar

    that’s a terrible news, dual-os (not dual boot) devices might not appeal to everybody, but it would attract a big chunk of tech individuals, I had my eyes on AtivQ which was canceled and now asus. I just hope intel gets done. it’s a shame how they are being bullied out of this.

  • Ivan Kodjabashev

    Ah… This makes me sad… and mad! I really want one of these hybrids! Ativ Q being one of them. Why they don’t like this idea? Support or updates? It’s not like we don’t own a dozen of android and windows devices already. There’s nothing frustrating in one device running them both. Battery life concerns? Maybe, but I don’t really mind some battery sacrifices as long as I know I have both OS-es in one device. Really, should we have to wait for the Chinese manufactures to get what we want?!? …

    • Mason

      Well, if you think about it, Microsoft more than likely want all of the app revenue in their store, not the Google Play store (and vice versa). At least that is how I see it, but I could be wrong.

  • Cal Rankin

    At least there’s the Android x86 project. Since the Google apps are baked into the iso (so i’ve been told), you could try to install Android on a Windows tablet (if you can get through all the crap in the BIOS), or possibly build your own Intel-based tablet and install both WIndows 8 and Android on it. Then those who want it can have it. Most people who want a dual-boot tablet know how to do it anyway.

  • haha

    just make a dual boot yourself

  • litolindo

    Not a good idea…probably Ubuntu dual with Android will do….

  • That_Guy

    this was the best thing since sliced bread and they killed it!!! WHY!!!??!?!!!!?!!!!???