Asus unveils new Chromebox line, pricing starts at $179

February 4, 2014


    We first caught wind of the Asus Chromebox back in September, where at the time all we really knew about the device is that it would run an Intel processor. Months later, Asus has officially taken the wraps off their Chromebox line.

    The Asus Chromebox series will come in three models: a entry model with an Intel Celeron 2955, a mid-range model with a Core i3 4010U and a higher-end Core i7 4600u model in selection models. Aside from the difference in processing power, all the models will come with up to 4GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, display ports, SD card slot, and USB 3.0 ports.

    Although the idea of a desktop machine that only runs Chrome OS is clearly a niche, there are areas where such a product would make sense, including libraries, schools, homes with basic PC needs, etc. Best of all, the Asus Chromebox line looks to be very affordable, with prices starting at just $179.

    An exact release date has yet to be released for the new Asus Chromeboxes, but they are expected to ship sometime this March. What do you think, anyone interested in picking one of these up?


    • ErroneousPower

      I think my pc gaming habits would be satisfied.

      • MasterMuffin

        No space to install games, only 4GB of RAM, GPU is probably really bad and just simply put: no

        • Dwight Flakus

          I think you’re confusing RAM with ROM
          You have no clue what you’re talking about

          • MasterMuffin


            • Dwight Flakus

              He can install small games. Obviow that can’t run battlefield

            • MasterMuffin

              Nice editing of your comment there ;)

          • Tuấn Ankh

            “No space to install games” means too little ROM storage. Yes, 16gb is too little.
            “Only 4GB of RAM” was his second point. Weak GPU was the third.

            • Alex Ohannes

              Four gigs of RAM is enough for anyone to play any game on at least some sort of setting. The space isnt a concern at all, as I assume the disk is not soldered onto motherboard (this isn’t an Apple product, people). The GPU is the real bottleneck here. And, I assume the GPU will not be upgradable…

            • Tuấn Ankh

              PC Gaming on a 16gb machine? You gotta be kidding me.
              As for ram, 4GB is fine for PC gaming most of the time unless you also run other programs or other game clients while gaming. And hey, that up there wasn’t my point. I just explained what MasterMuffin meant. xD

            • Alex Ohannes

              When I said “I assume the disk is not soldered onto motherboard” I was trying to imply that the SSD uses some sort of common I/O standard (SATA). I meant that sentence to imply that there would be no problem upgrading to 2+ terabytes, an action that anyone attempting to game on such a device like this would obviously have to do.

        • Mike – Construction Contractor

          How much RAM and GPU is needed to play Old Maid on this?

    • gils001

      If it’s priced just right I think I’ll pick one up. Hopefully someone will port linux or an android build after that I’ll be using this as an xbmc machine.

      • RanRu

        It’s possible to run full Ubuntu on Chromebooks. I don’t see why you couldn’t do so on a Chromebox.

    • RanRu

      Are there any functions in Chrome OS that could utilize an Intel Core i7 processor? Legitimately curious.

      • MasterMuffin

        Facebook is pretty tough to handle sometimes!

      • Andrew Grush

        Perhaps not yet, but think how future proof such a device would be. Especially as Google expands its “Chrome desktop apps”. :)

        • Tjaldid

          didn’t they already provide the SDK to bring them to Android? then what is the point of Chrome OS?

          • Andrew Grush

            Yes, there is such a toolkit in beta that will bring these apps to iOS and Android.

            As for the point of Chrome OS? Honestly, Chrome OS might not be for everyone in its current form — but it’s very lightweight and secure OS. Chrome OS also boots quicker and the desktop UI is better suited for laptops and large-screen monitors than Android.

            In other words, they are still very different animals. Can some folks get by (and enjoy) Android on a desktop or laptop? Probably so, but for others — Chrome OS is going to be a better fit. To each their own, I suppose. :)

    • Mystery Man

      What about XBMC? I’m guessing you can just put linux on these? Would be cheaper than a nuc or brix if it already comes with ram and 16gb msata ssd

    • Paul Cortissoz

      I think of it as the ultimate Google TV/media player box for home entertainment vs a home computer.

      • Mike – Construction Contractor

        I agree. HDMI passthrough would be great. I’d be on it then.

      • stingyTV

        All you need is a wireless keyboard, HDMI cable, and and you got yourself a powerful cord cutting device!

    • MrMagoo

      I think with Asus putting units out there like this, it will open up the software devs to putting all kinds of more intense programs and games. Just inching a liiiiiil closer to the complete demise of Microsoft and Windows.

      • Mike – Construction Contractor

        You say that as though you are ready for Google to have complete control over everything. Poor guy…

        • MrMagoo

          Look, I’ve been working with technology and computers my whole life. I was born just as it was starting to get interesting, with the gaming systems that came out in the early 80′s. Life started to change quickly for everyone in the world as fast as everything tech is concerned. CD’s, tapes, Nintendos and what not. It’s been studied and documented the gen x ers are pretty much the first generation to be acustomed to the rapid change welcoming it and ebracing it year after year. I am truley one of those people. Microsoft with all due respect to the all mighty that has entertained me from a young age as i first got my hands on a gui! Windows 3.1! I’ll never forget it, the geek that I am. Things are a changin budy and theres no stopping it! I welcome the dethroning! It’s change and I love it. I love my little and play with Chrome all the time and use windows less and less. Gaming is about it really. But there will always be that lil spot in my heart for Windows ;-)

    • Jayfeather787

      Intel i7. Wow.

    • Ray

      I’m just incredibly confused by the i7 in it, I would have thought an i5 would have been a reasonable step up

    • mr Dave

      nice. I’ll take one!!!

    • mr Dave

      does it support flash? Many sites waven’t moved to html5 yet.

      • Kingofdaydreaming

        Yes it does, full flash support, very smooth by doing so too : ) typing on an Acer C720P chromebook, best chromebook yet up-to-date

        • mr Dave

          Thanks. I asked because on Android Chrome browser doesn’t support Flash. I wish they’d release Chrome OS as a ISO Cd so I could load it on an old laptop to play with it. I know you can do it with a USB drive but the laptop is finicky.