ASUS will enter the Chromebook market in the fourth quarter

by: Adam KoueiderAugust 15, 2013

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After dropping support for Windows RT, it looks as if Asus will be looking to replace the much maligned Windows RT with Google’s Chrome OS.

According to Digitimes, Asus will be joining other Chromebook vendors Samsung, HP, Acer and Lenovo, in the 4th quarter of 2013, in order to boost sales in the education industry after seeing poor back-to-school demand in the third quarter.

Asustek has reduced its notebook shipment forecast for 2013 from 22-24 million units, down to 17-19 million units, and it’s hoping to open new markets in the IT and Chrome OS market.

Asus already has a good relationship with Google through Android and the Nexus program, and the Chromebook market is an obvious step for it to further its relationship with Google.

Often known for it's weird and wacky designs, could Asus bring a Transformer Book-like hybrid Chromebook?

Asus is known for its innovative and often wacky designs and we can only wonder whether the company will be bringing a Transformer Book-like hybrid Chromebook, perhaps with the ability to dual-boot Android when it is taken out of its dock.

This all speculation for now, but Asus joining the Chrome OS ranks will only strengthen the Chromebook market and add some much needed competition to the market. I’m only hoping for some mid-range Chromebooks from Asus, as the current offering are either budget-orientated or high-end.

Would you buy an Asus Chromebook?

  • Renaud Lepage

    YES. I would. SO MUCH.

  • ZombiePete

    Offer something halfway between the ARM Samsung Chromebook and the Pixel then shut up and take my money.

  • Ray

    motherfucker…. Ive been waiting all summer for a chromebook refresh, now im probably gonna have to settle for a windows tablet. ARRGGHHHHH!!!!

    • ZombiePete

      Don’t do it man! Stay out of the light!

      • Ray

        lol, but I gotta admit I was hoping for an android-book, or a $300~ chromebook with better specs and 6hrs of battery life. All the same, the vivo tab smart w/ keyboard doesn’t seem too bad.

  • songti


  • abazigal

    Asus is also known for their crappy build quality.

    Are they actually going to do something to differentiate their offering from the competition, or will it simply be another “me-too” device?

    • vosg

      I agree. I’ve had two Asus tablets and both sucked. Their build quality is terrible.

  • Yvan Philogène

    Don’t expect too much from this first model. First of all, if what Digitimes says is true, it may be exclusive to education market, like the Lenovo model.

    I don’t think it is going to be a Transformer. It’s too fancy for the education market. So we’ll probably get another 11,6″ budget-oriented chromebook.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  • Andreas Arambasic

    I was planning to get a refreshed Samsung ARM chromebook. But then Samsung announced no refresh until 2014. Damn.
    The ARM one is perfect. Form factor, keyboard, weight. I was just hoping for a 4GB RAM option and 5420 as new CPU.

    • Pablo Cortez

      Do you have a link where it states that Samsung announced no refresh until 2014? I am deciding on buying a Chromebook or wait for a new one, I actually think of buying mine tomorrow.

      • Andreas Arambasic

        Just type it in. Samsung Chromebook 2014. Samsung said at their June event there wont be a refresh of the Series 3 Chromebook till 2014.

  • Dude O

    If Chrome becomes touch-friendly and Asus makes a Transformer-like Chromebook and sell it for less than half a grand, they’ve got a winner.

  • RoBoat

    Touchscreen! 2-4GB RAM, Dual DIMM slots – one empty. 16GB SSD. (No warranty voiding for adding memory, or changing SSD!). Ivy Bridge 1007U/1037U CPU. At least one USB3.0 port. HDMI. 11″ to 13″ IPS with between 768 to 1080 lines.