ASUS announces colorful Google Nexus 7 covers

by: Derek RossJuly 8, 2012

ASUS took to Twitter on Friday to let the world know that they’ve “got things covered” for the upcoming Nexus 7 tablet. As seen above, their announcement showed a wide variety of colorful cases or covers including black, teal, pink, light grey, orange, and blue. This is a welcomed addition as the official Play Store cover for the Nexus 7 only comes in dark grey.

The official covers from the Google Play Store run $19.99 USD and allow simultaneous charging and headphone port access while keeping your tablet safe.  The official covers are also pretty lightweight coming in at 4.oz. The covers attach to the rear of the tablet and have a swinging front cover that folds behind when not in use.

The official Play Store versions also have extra large ‘nexus’ branding on the rear as well as a small ASUS logo on the bottom. There’s no word if the ASUS variants will sport the same logos on the back. We aren’t aware of any pricing details or when these guys will be available for purchase. We suspect they will be similarly priced and offer similar functionality for the ASUS versions.  One things for sure, the sooner the better as the covers from the Google Play Store are currently sold out. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear from ASUS.


  • VitreousTabard64
  • Put me down for an orange one (so I can find it easily in my bag :)

    • derekross

      You know what, I’d like a Red one. Since they don’t have one, I’ll probably go for the light blue.

  • EddieT

    if they have a case that looks like a book on all sides.. i’ll take that :)

  • When do they come out? I need one!!! I got the Nexus today and I do not have a cover!

  • biscombe

    Does the case have the magnet in it to wake and sleep it when it opens and shuts though

    • Limbonik

      The ASUS branded cases DO have a magnet. The Play Store “official” cases do NOT have a magnet. >.>

  • jim kinder

    I want me they look awesome

  • jim kinder

    I want one they look awesome I wld get orange :-)