Official: Asus Transformer AiO is All-in-One PC/tablet running Android and Windows 8

by: AdrianJune 4, 2012

We’ve known for a few days that Asus is preparing something special for this year’s Computex technology expo, but no video teasers could have prepared us for what hit us today. The Asus Transformer AiO is not a simple tablet dual booting Android and Windows 8, as we all suspected, but an all-in-one PC running Google’s and Microsoft’s operating systems, that can turn into a tablet in a matter of seconds.

You heard it right, this new guy is an All-in-One PC and a tablet and will allow switching between Android and Windows to satisfy the user’s thirst for portability, functionality and speed. While there are still a lot of details kept secret about the Transformer AiO, it’s pretty safe to assume that this is yet another very innovative Asus product that will become popular soon.

The device sports an 18.4-inch display, which can be used docked as an all-in-one PC, or detached, as a humongous tablet. By default, the Transformer AiO seems to be running Windows 8, but you can switch to Android Ice Cream Sandwich simply by pressing a button.

In terms of hardware, there’s absolutely no piece of official information right now, but the guys at Anandtech are speculating that the dock will use “discrete graphics and an Ivy Bridge processor”. That’s certainly not enough to start thinking about the AiO’s performance, but we can dream of it blowing away all its competition, can’t we?

The list of things we still don’t know about the Asus Transformer AiO is overwhelming, but hopefully the Taiwanese will let a few features “leak” before the end of Computex.

Besides the AiO, ASUS’s Jonney Shih also showed off a few other devices, sadly all running Windows 8, including Taichi, a crazy dual-screen ultrabook that has an extra display on the back of the lid. Check out our pics below and let us know what do you think about ASUS’ latest contraption.

  • Bradley Larcher

    Is it too early to say “I want one”

  • Darktanone

    Can you say, “toaster-refrigerator?” What a frankenstein monstrosity! REALLY, Asus, REALLY!

    • Stocklone

      That’s a pretty good Tim Cook impression. Can you do Steve Jobs too? Oooo. Say “If you see a stylus, they blew it” next.

  • Cole Raney

    A tablet with an ivy bridge processor? That will definitely be the most powerful android tablet. Unless someone comes out with a more powerful tablet with an ivy bridge processor.

    • Tomas Ubbink

      No, the Ivy Bridge processor is set in the desktop. Not in the tablet…

  • I do want one!

  • Squirrell

    This reminds me of the HP touchscreen thing too much. An 18″ slate would be fine just by itself.

  • Mark Hoog

    Sadly running Windows 8? hmm I think Windows 8 has quite a future or else i misunderstood you

  • paranoidAndroid

    i d rather have a MUCH Cheaper powerful large screen android only tablet. dont need Windows anymore!