Astrid bought by Yahoo!: three great alternatives for keeping to-do lists on Android

by: Bogdan BeleMay 2, 2013

Astrid alternatives

Astrid has been acquired by Yahoo!, the startup announced, but there are some good Astrid alternatives out there that you can use on your Android device.

The announcement that Astrid, one of the most popular to-do apps for Android, has been bought by Yahoo! was posted recently on the company’s blog. All signs point to the service shutting down soon and the app becoming part of another Yahoo! service or app (the same happened to Summly, which provides news summaries for the Yahoo! Android app, starting with the latest update).

The service will continue to work normally for the next 90 days, but premium subscriptions will no longer be accepted and users will be contacted to be told how to download their data. A note at the bottom of the announcement adds that Yahoo! will be refunding users who have paid for for annual subscriptions, Power-Pack, and Locale Plugins.

Good for the Astrid team, but what do you do if you use the to-do app on a daily basis on your Android device? Fear not, there are some good Astrid alternatives out there. Here are some of them.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a very straightforward note-taking app that also features a to-do list component. It is very easy to use, free, and syncs your notes and to-do lists over your Android devices, while making them accessible via a web interface as well.

To-do lists can be started  from both the app’s main interface and the widget, and the items on the list can be ticked off when the task has been taken care of. More than that, lists are kept in sync over your devices so, for example, your wife can know whether you forgot to buy bread or not.

While it’s pretty basic, Google Keep does get the job done and it’s extremely easy to use. If you’re not already using it, you can check out our full review to find out more about it.

Google Keep on Play Store



Another great Astrid alternative is Any.Do. The system is somewhat similar to the one on Google Keep, in the sense that the app syncs your tasks over a bunch of your devices.

Any.Do works on Android, iPhone, and has a Chrome extension, as well as a web version, so you can keep up with what you need to do, no matter where you are. The Android app has a very simple interface, that will make you like it from the first second.

Basically, you just add tasks (which can be separated in folders – default is “Personal” and “Work”), but you can also set reminders for some of them, should you wish to do so. Tasks can be shared with friends, you can search their name on Google (which can be quite useful at times), and it’s also possible to add notes to a certain task. Widgets for easy access are, of course, available.

Any.Do is easy to use, free, well-built and, more than anything, you can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes.

Any.Do on Play Store

EasyNote Notepad

Astrid alternatives

Last but not least, the third of our Astrid alternatives is EasyNote Notepad, an app we’ve looked into a few months ago. It has a more familiar look, as it is designed somewhat similar to a classic notepad (I’m talking about the paper kind).

It’s also easy to use — you can create a checklist of things to accomplish in a certain day, and attach alarms to them. That makes it simple to have, for example, a list of topics to discuss right in front of you before a meeting, without the need to search for them. Notes can be color-coded, as well as shared, and you can also add a post-it widget to your home screen.

Password-protecting the app is an app, and so is backing up your lists and notes to your SD card, to make things safer. EasyNote Notepad is free on Google Play.

EasyNote on Play Store

These are our Astrid alternatives, but if you have a better one of your own, feel free to share it with everyone in a comment.

  • Pepper Ferguson

    Another option is wunderlist – I actually just switched over from wunderlist because I wanted something that synced with Google tasks. It is a nice option if you don’t mind not syncing to tasks

  • Kevin

    I prefer GTasks – syncs with my Google Calendar and is really straightforward.

    • Kernschatten

      My preferred to-do app also.

    • Rob Mickus

      same here.

    • Timmy

      I use GTasks as a centralized location for tasks and then interact with them through Tasks N Todos (paid version) on my phone and Informant (also paid) on my iPad. It’s too bad Google doesn’t expand the capabilities for GTasks.

  • Hmmph. I’ve just started using Astrid on my Android phone and iPad as it’s the better of the to do apps I’ve tried, including the ones mentioned. It was a toss up of this or Awesome Note anyway (used the extracted apk from the Note 8.0 and installed it so not a viable option for everyone). Out of all I’ve tried this did the most of what I wanted to do. Admittedly not everything so I’m still searching for the one but, this was going to do until then. Best keep looking and not get tied into it then :(.

  • DerMeister

    I prefer Catch…

  • These are all great alternatives but I’m still looking for the app that can give me location based reminders without having to make a new formula every time in Tasker. Is there anything like this on Android. Basically I’m looking for an equivalent to the app Checkmark which is on iOS only. For just lists though I would also recommend Wunderlist, I like it a lot.

  • I have tried Astrid, Any.DO and Keep. Believe me that Keep has been just perfect. any.DO and Astrid would be just too messy and cluttered my notifications bar with a lot of crap I didn’t care about. Google Keep the most simple and yet the best tasker there is.

    • If you looked in the settings, you’d find a way to turn notifications off in Astrid.

  • Evernote is my Go-to but I am slowly switching over to Keep as they add functionality.

  • mymorna

    Not sure bout, but the other two are note taking apps which is really not the same as a task app. I love Astrid and I’ll be really sad when it’ll shut down. I like the options for collaboration, prioritizing and due dates. Almost no apps have all of these options and so far I found none that offer the same possibilities for free. If Yahoo won’t offer a good alternative I’ll seriously consider boycotting their services altogether. Not customer friendly at all.

  • If you’re still looking for an alternative, I’d suggest Wrike as one more app to take a look at. We’ve developed an importer for Astrid tasks, so migrating your work should be quick and easy. There’s a web version + a free Android app with features both for personal productivity and collaborating on tasks with your peers (

  • rank_tyro

    I use so many recurring tasks, both recurring from due date and from date of completion that I discarded a lot of the other alternatives–I didn’t realise that was so rare…
    But now I’m looking at Toodledo front ends, since the back end (web) supports it. If I were more up on GTD I’d be looking in that direction, but in the meanwhile I need my rent to be paid the start of every month, and my hair cut two months since the last time I cut it, etc.

  • Tabby_J

    For those who are still looking for alternatives to Astrid,
    I’d strongly recommend Tasknik. I was using Astrid until I came across Tasknik,
    which, I have to say, seems quite superior. It is still developing, but it
    already has the majority of features I loved about Astrid (batch editing, shortcuts,
    drag and drop…) and much more. It’s the first app I’ve ever used that has actual
    task dependencies and the option to set both a due date and a deadline to a
    task. And it’s totally free, which Astrid wasn’t.

  • katie Mark

    I am a long time proofhub user and I agree with many of your findings. But I am really shocked not to see proofhub ( on the list. It has all the features that are required to manage the project. It is also available with 30 days free trial.

  • Jimmy

    In today’s life there is no need to become platform dependent when you can work independently with that has features like proofing, gantt chart, time tracking etc.