As requested, the Android Authority iPhone 5 Torture Test Song


  • MasterMuffin

    The requests must have been April Fool’s or something :D

  • Shaun Dutchy Davis

    my GOD! thats horrible :/

  • Dylan

    As a massive fandroid, this is horrible even though it is bagging iphones

  • David Brymer

    after hearing that maybe we r all wrong and jedward are great at music after all

  • Jack Parker

    Really is terrible, would of been better if it was actually sung by the Android Authority team

    • Derek Ross

      That was ‘sung’ by Darcy then Songified.

  • Derek Ross

    Am I the only one that has listened to this thing over and over again?

    Damn this beer is good.

    • MasterMuffin

      You mean weed ’cause you’ve got to be pretty high to like that :D

  • Jelly Bean

    This song is a strange compliment to the iPhone 5. XD

  • MasterMuffin

    Bro. Love the song. Shut it, Muffin. Bro.