As requested, the Android Authority iPhone 5 Torture Test Song

by: Derek RossApril 5, 2013
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iphone 5 torture test coffee

After posting our April Fool’s video a few days ago, we’ve had numerous requests for our iPhone 5 torture test song to be released for your downloading pleasure. As requested, here it is. Feel free to download this and make this into your favorite Android phone’s ringtone, we won’t mind.

  • MasterMuffin

    The requests must have been April Fool’s or something :D

  • Shaun Dutchy Davis

    my GOD! thats horrible :/

  • Dylan

    As a massive fandroid, this is horrible even though it is bagging iphones

  • David Brymer

    after hearing that maybe we r all wrong and jedward are great at music after all

  • Jack Parker

    Really is terrible, would of been better if it was actually sung by the Android Authority team

    • Derek Ross

      That was ‘sung’ by Darcy then Songified.

  • Derek Ross

    Am I the only one that has listened to this thing over and over again?

    Damn this beer is good.

    • MasterMuffin

      You mean weed ’cause you’ve got to be pretty high to like that :D

  • Jelly Bean

    This song is a strange compliment to the iPhone 5. XD

  • MasterMuffin

    Bro. Love the song. Shut it, Muffin. Bro.