Archos officially announces its new budget smartphone line

by: Andrew GrushApril 18, 2013


Late last night we reported that Archos was preparing to launch a new smartphone line for the European market. The news is now official. The three budget-oriented handsets are the 35 Carbon, 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum. The phones are priced outright at $100, $220 and $250, respectively.

Although neither of these handsets are going to blow you away, they aren’t half bad considering their low costs. All three handsets feature 7.2Mbps HSPA 3G, 4GB storage, microSD and dual SIM slots. All three phones also run stock Android.

The entry-level 35 Carbon has a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon S1 with 512MB of RAM. Other specs include a 3.8-inch HVGA display, a VGA camera and ICS.

Next up is the 50 Platinum, which has a much bigger 5-inch qHD display, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear cam, 2MP front cam and is powered by Jelly Bean.

The last of these is the 53 Platinum, which has the same features as the 50 Platinum, except for a larger 5.3-inch display.

The phones are expected to hit Europe in late May. No word on if they plan to move outside of Europe, though here’s to hoping they make their way over to the North American market.

Show Press Release

Denver, CO – April 18th, 2013 – ARCHOS, a pioneer in AndroidTM devices, is pleased to announce its first line of GoogleTM certified smartphones. Each smartphone will feature a super slim design, IPS screen with amazing viewing angles, a powerful Qualcomm CPU and the flexibility of dual SIM cards which allow the user to manage two providers simultaneously.

The ARCHOS 35 Carbon ($99.99), ARCHOS 50 Platinum ($219.99) and ARCHOS 53 Platinum ($249.99) will be the first in a new line of smartphones to be released and will be available starting in Europe at the end of May 2013.

“The smartphone market is shifting, as SIM-free sales versus subsidized sales are increasing, and ARCHOS is prepared to respond, as we can offer retail channels affordable, unlocked and feature-rich smartphones without the need to subsidize,” says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “Furthermore smartphones and tablets are interrelated markets that have quickly crossed over with the arrival of “phablets” – half-phone, half-tablet devices. It only makes sense that this should be our next phase of products as this would be a natural fit for our brand and long term growth.”

Ranging from 3.5″ to 5.3″ in size, the first three smartphones to be released in Q2 will include a range of features, connectivity, CPU’s and storage. The flagship device, the ARCHOS 50 Platinum, features a stunning 5.0 inch full black IPS display paired with a quad-core CPU at 1.2GHz and 8 M Pixels camera. End-users will have an experience similar to a Samsung Galaxy S3 for half the price.

In addition, all smartphones in this new line will include:

* Pure un-skinned Android OS
* Google Certification for access to Google PlayTM and Google Mobile Services including Google NowTM
* Dual SIM flexibility to manage two providers simultaneously from one phone
* An IPS Screen with amazing viewing angles
* Full Black Screen Process
* ARCHOS Media Centre Apps for music and videos
* Cloud-Based Contacts and Storage
* Front and Back Cameras for capturing the perfect picture

For full Smartphone technical specifications please visit:


53Platinum :

35Carbon :

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  • kascollet

    “…1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor…”
    No. This is Snapdragon 200 (Cortex A5 cores).

  • Dave Weinstein

    Ummm… why bother. Designing pre-obsoleted phones seems like a waste of time. I didn’t even know that Jellybean could run on a HVGA display. Certainly I DO know that I didn’t want know that it could, nor do I ever want to try it that way. Oops, it’s not even running Jellybean, it’s running ICS. Even the 2nd tier Chinese manufactures are ALL running Jellybean now, how come Archos is so incompetent? And where’s the LTE support?

    They should be pushing the state of the art, highest speed, highest resolution, best features. Then later, they can continue to sell the obsolete devices at a discount when they come put with next years device.

    This is Apple’s model. And one of the things that they do well.

    The reporting is unclear also. Are those subsidized or unsubsidized prices? And yes they ARE half-bad. Actually, much worse than being bad (which would have at least shown some attempt at original thinking) they are 3 years LATE! Old and obsolete, horribly out of date from the start, and targeted to sell to uninformed consumers.

    I feel exploited, even just having listened to their product offering, and I want the time back that I used thinking about it.

    • Crankyguy

      Just shut up richfag. Some people don’t need a f**king expensive state of the art phone. They just need something that works properly, and doesn’t cost a ton of money because of a bucket of useless features.

    • balmpots

      Sounds like these phones are for mature adults. Only school kids waste their money on the latest models. They end up holding them all day as status symbols of their immaturity with no idea as to what they can do.