First look at the Archos Oxygen 50 (video)

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 9, 2013

Archos Logo aa

At IFA 2013 we were able to go hands-on with quite a few new Android-related products from the Note 3 to the QX lenses, and beyond. While most of our time was spent checking out bigger players like Sony and Samsung, we didn’t forget to check in on the little guys.

One such smaller player is Archos, which announced numerous new devices just ahead of IFA, including their new Oxygen 50 flagship handset. Over at the Archos booth, our own Josh Vergara was able to briefly play around with the Oxygen 50, and noted that – for a budget device – it actually looked and felt pretty nice.

Looking a bit deeper at the specs, the Archos 50 Oxygen features a 5-inch full HD IPS display and is powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz MediaTek CPU. Some of the devices other specs include 16GB storage, a 13MP back cam, a 5MP front cam and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Enough talk, let’s jump in and look at the video:

So when’s the Oxygen 50 coming and how much will it set you back? No exact word on pricing, release or exact launch markets at the moment. Considering Archos’ target demographic, we can expect the device to be as budget friendly as possible, though.

For more details on the Oxygen 50 and other upcoming Archos products, hit up the company’s website. What do you think of the Archos 50, if the price was right, would you consider picking it up?

  • James Blunt

    This is by far the 3rd phone with wonderful specs that I had saw within the IFA week . The 1st being the Nexus 5 ( we all know that its cheap and wonderful ) , Xiaomi phone . This three companies can dominate the low-cost budget phone sector .

  • Mike Reid

    I always stop reading any article as soon as it says “MediaTek”.

    “Archos” provides a 2nd reason.

  • Ryan Castle


    Nope. Qualcomm / Nvidia or gtfo.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    This phone sounds pretty awesome! If this ends up supporting AT&T bands, I would totally get it. Those MediaTek chips do wonders for battery life :) I’m tired of paying $500-$600 for some unnecessarily powerful PHONE. I’ve definitely moved to the budget side of the mobile industry and I’m loving it. Never been happier with my mobile devices :) Other than the “cheap” MediaTek chip, this phone has better specs than most phones out there.