Archos’ new Neon range looks a bit too low-end

by: Gary SimsJanuary 31, 2014

archos-neon-tabletsArchos has often been seen as the champion of low priced Android devices yet with reasonable specifications. However the French company has quietly updated its website to include a new range of tablets which frankly look a bit dated even before they go on sale. The new Neon range comprises of three tablets: the Archos 90 Neon the Archos 97 Neon, and the Archos 101 Neon. The numbers in the model numbers represent the display size. So the Archos 90 Neon has a 9 inch display, the 97 Neon a 9.7 inch display and the 101 Neon a, yes you guessed it, 10.1 inch display.

Although the Neon series offers a good range of display sizes unfortunately the screen resolutions aren’t very competitive. The 9 inch model uses an 800 x 400 display, which for a 9 inch tablet is very low indeed. The 9.7 inch model has the highest resolution at 1024 x 786, while the 10.1 inch has a resolution of 1024 x 600.


Processor wise two of the tablets feature an unnamed quad-core Cortex-A9 processor running at 1.4GHz, while the Archos 101 Neon is clocked at 1.6Ghz. The 1.4GHz processor is said to contain a quad-core GPU and the 1.6GHz model has a quad-core Mali 400 GPU. It is likely that these will be a Rockchip processors of some kind as Archos has used those before, for example in its Platinum range.

All three models come with 1GB of RAM, Android 4.2, 8GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot, which can take cards up to 64GB. Each model also has a front facing camera and the Archos 97 Neon also has a 2MP back camera.

There is no information about pricing at the moment but the UK retailer Argos has a listing for the Archos  101 Neon (with 16GB of storage) for £149.99 which is around $240.

With such low specs these devices need to be priced much lower as there are lots of alternatives out there with much more to offer.

What would you pay for one of these devices?

  • Ben Jowett

    In Aussie, you can get a 7″ android tablet with better specs for (AUD) $99…. For that I’d pay maybe $85 (AUD)

    • tocsin

      Yes I too live in Aussie, any way mocking aside what tablet is that I’ve seen terrible 65 $ unamed tablets from Harvey norman

      • Ben Jowett

        Look in Kmart that’s all I know but its screen is 640×480 and has petty specs..

  • Mr. Mark

    Yeah no. Would rather buy a Nexus 7 with superior specs for cheaper.

  • Jack Parker

    Archos 80 titanium had a 8″ 1026×720 resolution dual core 1.6ghz A9 and 1gb of ram and 2 cameras. Which brand new are about £120 here in the UK but if you go to the right place they are £80 brand new

  • Jayfeather787

    GARBAGE!!!! Get a Nexus 7 or even a Kindle Fire is better than this.

    • Ben Jowett

      Its such a piece of garbage…, Its like we are back in 2008 again.

  • apianist16

    These tablets are over-priced, have crummy specs, and will most likely never see an update. What’s the point?